How I Got Rid Of My Asthma By Removing One Thing

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How I got rid of my asthma by removing one thing

I had asthma since I was 12 years old and little did I know there was just one thing that was causing it.

I removed just one thing from my diet and my asthma completely went.

What was that one thing?


According to FoodIntol, 75% of all people are intolerant to dairy and completely unaware. If you get regular headaches, cough or asthma, cold or ‘flu, skin problems, stomach bloating, sinus pain, Irritable Bowel, depression or low iron levels, this may be indicative of a dairy intolerance.

Do you have any of these health problems?

My daughter has been dairy free for a long time as she was having stomach cramps and being sick when she ate dairy. But my little boy was still eating some dairy, not in the house as I never use dairy at home. But out of the house we didn’t stop him eating dairy until lately.

One day, I had to keep him off nursery due to breathing problems so I took him to the doctor. The doctor prescribed him an inhaler and said it was a bit too early to diagnose him with asthma, but he might have it and continue to struggle with breathing issues.

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I told the doctor that I used to have asthma myself and the minute that I gave up dairy, my asthma completely went away, and only starts to return when I eat dairy again. The doctor said he actually has asthma himself but he likes to eat what he wants so he’d never be able to give up dairy and would rather put up with the asthma.

But that was it for me – It is heart breaking watching your little boy struggling with his breathing, so I vowed that I would put him on a strict dairy free diet from now on.

I was chatting with my hairdresser about it and she said that her little girl is on a dairy free diet. I asked her how she knew she was intolerant to dairy and she said she’d be violently sick whenever she ate it. She also said that her daughter used to have asthma, and when she stopped eating dairy, her asthma went away.

FoodIntol says:

Humans are the only mammals on earth to continue drinking milk after weaning at 2 years of age. And even then it is not our own human milk – but the milk of another species – cows. Western nations consume enormous amounts of cow’s milk in products like ice cream, probiotics, butter, yogurt and of course cheese – and in thousands of processed foods like cookies, confectionery and cakes.

Lactose Intolerance is the inability to digest Lactose, milk sugar, which can only be broken down by an enzyme called lactase. In all mammals including Humans the production of lactase stops after weaning. There are some however – generally of Northern European descent who continue to produce lactase after weaning. This minority is known as ‘lactase persistent’.

Dairy Intolerance like any food intolerance gets worse with age. So for many people – alternating bouts of nausea, diarrhea and constipation have become an everyday thing (Irritable Bowel). But it is not normal and can lead to serious health risks.

Left untreated, problems with malabsorption (like iron deficiency, bone density loss or chronic dehydration) can arise. Further neglect can lead to anaemia and even osteoporosis.”

When I gave up dairy, not only did my asthma go away, but my hayfever and eczema completely cleared up too.

My asthma used to prevent me from doing any exercise in school, and I would often get chest infections over winter, and numerous times I would wake up with such severe breathing I thought I was drawing my last breath. It was terrifying.

I had suffered from hayfever and eczema all my life. My hayfever made every summer miserable for me. I couldn’t play with my friends properly outside as my eyes would be an itchy mess. I couldn’t see properly and my nose would be constantly streaming. My hayfever eventually became something I had all year round. I was put on steroids to treat it, but they didn’t make any difference to my allergies.

My husband used to have to hold my hands down every evening to stop me scratching my entire face, as I would end up in hospital after scratching my eyeballs. The itching was so bad my whole face would swell up like a balloon. It was horrendous.

Once I gave up dairy, I started to feel better immediately and within 2 weeks all my allergies were completely gone.

I can’t tell you what a difference this has made to my quality of life. I am over the moon I finally found out what the problem was.

I never thought I could live without dairy but I find it a lot easier than I thought I would and I rarely miss it now.

My daughter, who never eats dairy – also never gets sick. She’s never once been off nursery with a cold or flu. But my little boy on the other hand always seems a bit run down, often has a runny nose and seems to catch a lot more bugs.

So this is the very reason I don’t include dairy in any of my meal plans.

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And if you do have any strange symptoms, I challenge you to give up dairy for 2 weeks and see if your symptoms clear up.

I love hearing all of the success stories from people who have used my meal plans and not only have they lost weight, but strange rashes have vanished, pain has melted away, and congestion has gone for good.

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Katherine ‘asthma free’ Kyle

p.s. tomorrow I am sharing a weird health study with you that involves a mirror

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