The Green Smoothie Experiment: How I Lost 5 Dress Sizes With Green Smoothies

The Green Smoothie Experiment: How I Lost 5 Dress Sizes With Green Smoothies

Have you seen how popular green smoothies are lately?

They are all over the internet, in stores, celebrities are drinking them, and for two very good reasons.

Today, I’m going to share what happened when I started drinking green smoothies for the first time…

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One, they help you lose weight and two, they make you look a picture of health.

My name is Katherine Kyle, the inventor of the Green Thickie, which is a complete meal green smoothie that gets results fast.

Today, I’m going to share what happened when I started drinking green smoothies for the first time.

After I got married, I became really, really sick, and I blame this on all of the dieting I had been doing all my life, eating all this processed diet food.

I slimmed down for my wedding.

I was very slim, and then on my honeymoon, my health just fell apart.

I ended up in hospital, and I was like for a couple of years.

The doctors couldn’t help me.

They told me I had chronic fatigue syndrome, allergies, IBS, it was all sorts of things.

I went to them with 50 different health problems and they just couldn’t help me with any of them, so I just thought this is not it for my life.

I am not going to continue to be like this for the rest of my life.

I couldn’t get out of bed.

I couldn’t do anything.

I had to quit my job.

I could barely even take a bath without having to lie down.

I was shaking just after exerting myself physically in any way at all and it was just horrendous.

I just thought, I can’t live like this.

I have to find a way to improve my health somehow.

I just started reading books.

I went to the library, I went on Amazon, and I read hundreds and hundreds of books on every single topic that I could find related to health.

Not dieting, but health, because that is what I really needed to improve.

During my search, I came across green smoothies, which I had never heard of, and I started drinking them.

I just ended up, in a very short period of time, I think it was actually days, I started to feel absolutely amazing.

I could really see noticeable changes every single day when I started drinking green smoothies.

I just continued.

I would drink them most of the day.

I would also drink other foods, as well, but a lot of my intake was green smoothies.

My health recovered in just a few months.

I had got rid of my chronic fatigue syndrome, and I lost all the extra weight that I had piled on.

I had piled on about five dress sizes worth of weight and I lost 56 pounds in just 6 months.

Most of it came off within a few weeks, and the last few pounds took a little longer to come off.

I was as slim as I had been when I was a teenager, and I never thought I would get back to that weight again.

The weight loss was just an amazing side bonus to the fact that I got my life back, I got my health back.

I went from not have the energy to get out of bed in the morning to running for an hour every day.

I was going for a run then I was coming back and then I was doing a weight training workout.

Everything in my life improved.

All of my health problems went away.

I’ve never felt better.

I’ve never felt happier in my life than during that period of time.

It was just such a contrast and I was so, so grateful that I managed to heal.

After a little while, I think it was after I had my first baby, I was trying to drink my green smoothies and eat my normal food at the same time, like my porridge, my oatmeal for breakfast and what happened was she was just crying all the time.

I could not sit down and eat any of my food at the table.

It was all just sitting there and chew as just crying and screaming.

I tried drinking my green smoothies and that’s about all I had time to do was drink my green smoothies.

The problem is, they just weren’t filling me up.

I was just eating all these chocolate bars, just stuffing my face with chocolate all day long just to get the energy and I just thought, I’m feeding this baby myself.

I felt so guilty.

I felt dreadful.

I had lost all my energy.

I’d gained all this weight back during my pregnancy and I was gaining even more weight.

I was just putting on all this weight eating all this chocolate all the time and I just felt dreadful.

One day, I just thought, what am I going to do.

I was just looking at my porridge, my oats, and I was looking at my green smoothie.

I suddenly thought, why not combine the two together and make a complete meal smoothie?

That’s exactly what I did and I called it the Green Thickie.

The Green Thickie has six different ingredients in it that makes it a complete balanced meal.

I started making these Green Thickies and they filled me up.

They kept me going.

They provided all these nutrients for me and for my baby and we both did so much better.

We were both sleeping better.

I just felt so full of energy, even though I was having to feed her during the night and I was losing sleep that way.

I just felt so much better.

Within a few months, again, my weight just went back to what it was before I started to gain weight during my pregnancy again.

I was just absolutely amazed and I thought, this is going to help so many people.

This is going to help people who are busy, who don’t have time to sit down and eat healthy food, you don’t have time to sit down and make food, who are on the run, who are commuting.

It’s going to help so, so many people and I just thought, I need to get these recipes out there.

I need to help people in the same way that it’s helped me, because not only has it given me energy, but also, it’s a complete meal.

With the green smoothies, before, because they were just made of fruit and greens, they just weren’t filling me up at all.

I was having to loads of them and other foods as well and I was spending a lot of time in the kitchen preparing healthy food.

With the Green Thickies, that was literally all I was having was just one Green Thickie for breakfast and one Green Thickie for lunch.

That’s all I needed throughout the whole day, so didn’t need to think about, what am I going to have for breakfast?

What am I going to have for lunch?

Where’s my healthy snacks, and preparing all these mountains of healthy food, and wondering, what am I going to eat when I’m out and about?

I literally just poured it into a smoothie bottle and took it with me.

It just seemed like the perfect solution.

I started sharing it on my website and before too long, other people were noticing the same results as me. I was getting …

I’ve had millions of people coming to my website and I’ve had hundreds and thousands of people telling me the results that they’ve had, of how they’ve had similar results, that they’ve got down to their ideal weight, that they’re slimmer than they ever thought they would be, that they’ve ditched all the other diets because this is the solution that they’re sticking with now because it’s just so easy and plus, it also tastes absolutely gorgeous as well.

Enough rambling about my Green Thickies now, but if you would like to get your hands on nine of my delicious, life-changing Green Thickies recipes absolutely free, I have something really special for you today.

I have put all nine recipes that you can’t find anywhere else, they’re not on my website, they’re not in any of my books, they’re brand new recipes, and they’re only in this book that I am giving you completely free.

If you want to get your hands on that, you can go to to get your download right now.

Go and grab that now and I’ll see you soon.

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