10 Best Time Saving Kitchen Gadgets

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10 Best Time Saving Kitchen Gadgets

Health In A Hurry Kitchen Gadgets

All the gadgets you need to save time, be healthy and have fun, while you find yourself getting leaner and bursting with energy.
Here are all my all time favorite time saving kitchen gadets so I can spend less time in the kitchen and more time doing things I love.

I hope you love them as much as I do!

1) Zoodle Maker: Vegetable Spiralizer

My 10 Favorite Time Saving Kitchen Gadgets

If you’ve never made ‘zoodles’ or zucchini/courgette spaghetti, you’re missing out!
Making vegetable pasta is the latest craze and for a good reason. It is delicious, healthy and it helps you get shredded as fast as you can shred your vegetables!

2) Multifunction High Speed Manual Food Processor

My 10 Favorite Time Saving Kitchen Gadgets

This handy high speed manual food processor is perfect for chopping a small amount of ingredients very quickly.
One pull of the rope is equivalent to 12 rotations of a normal food processor.

3) Fruit Detox Water Infuser Bottle

My 10 Favorite Time Saving Kitchen Gadgets
Grab yourself a fruit infuser water bottle and make your water taste like fruity bliss? You’ll easily drink enough when your water is sweet and juicy.

4) 6 Piece Rainbow Measuring Spoons And Cup Set

My 10 Favorite Time Saving Kitchen Gadgets

When you’re in a hurry and you want to make a smoothie in less than 2 minutes, this color coded measuring spoon and cup set will help you speed measure your ingredients and throw them into the blender in a jiffy.

5) Pot Heightening Spill Control Little Silicone Men

My 10 Favorite Time Saving Kitchen Gadgets

Bring some fun to your cooking with these hard working silicone men. They work hard all day to keep your pan lid at the right height. Plus your family is going to find this hilarious when they see it!

6) Stainless Steel Watermelon Slicer and Server Multi-functional Tool

My 10 Favorite Time Saving Kitchen Gadgets

All you do is run the tool inside the watermelon and it automatically cuts out a wedge. Then simply turn the slicer upside down and it picks up the watermelon and serves it for you.
No sticky watermelon hands needed. This device does it all for you.

7) Silicone Tea Leaf Infuser and Strainer

My 10 Favorite Time Saving Kitchen Gadgets

Tea infusers are perfect for every moment, whether it is a good cup alone or for afternoon tea with your friends.

8) Orange Finger Peeler

My 10 Favorite Time Saving Kitchen Gadgets

All you do is hook your thumb in the loop of this peeler and run your finger all the way round the orange in one direction. Then do the same in the other direction making a cross.
The peel will magically fall away in seconds.

9) Whole Lemon Sprayer

My 10 Favorite Time Saving Kitchen Gadgets

All you do is cut the top off a lemon, orange or lime, twist the sprayer into the fruit, and then simply spray onto your food. Delicious!

10) Kale and Herb Stripper

My 10 Favorite Time Saving Kitchen Gadgets

Strip kale , collards, chard and herb leaves from stems in seconds with this beautifully simple kitchen tool.
Can you see how much time you’ll save in the kitchen with these nifty little devices?

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Have fun in the kitchen!

Katherine xxx

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