Homemade Coconut Butter recipe

Homemade Coconut Butter recipe


Have you ever tried coconut butter before?  It’s absolutely gorgeous in loads of recipes such as on top of pancakes or toast, and it’s especially good in smoothies.  This coconut butter recipe is so easy to make as it only uses 1 ingredient.  There is a lot of confusion surrounding coconut products so I’m going to try and explain the differences between some of the coconut products.

The difference between coconut butter and coconut oil

Coconut oil is just the oil extracted from the coconut where as coconut butter is the whole coconut ground up into a butter.  Coconut oil can be used in place of other oils and has a very subtle coconut taste.  Coconut butter tastes very much of coconut and is a lot thicker and creamier so it’s nicer used as a spread if you enjoy the taste of coconut.

COCONUT BUTTER IS ACTUALLY THE SAME THING AS CREAMED COCONUT (Not coconut cream.  Confusing I know!)  Coconut butter is often sold in a jar where as creamed coconut is usually sold as a block.  Both are the same thing.  Coconut butter/Creamed Coconut will melt at high temperatures and will normally be a solid block especially if you keep  it in the fridge.

The difference between creamed coconut and coconut cream

Coconut cream is the cream that is left on top of the whole blended coconut when it’s been sitting a while, and is a thick liquid the same consistency as dairy cream, where as creamed coconut/coconut butter is the whole coconut blended and is usually solid, the same consistency as a butter kept in the fridge.

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So today I am showing you a recipe for coconut butter which is the whole coconut usually in a solid state.  Sometimes when I haven’t got round to making this myself I buy Creamed Coconut from my local store.  This is kept in the Asian section as it’s often used for making curry.  You can also buy the Creamed Coconut I use online, or you can buy Coconut butter.  They are the same thing even though they have different names and look completely different.  Coconut butter is often a lot more expensive so look out for creamed coconut if you want to save some money or make your own for a lot less.  The main thing to look out for when you are buying coconut butter is that it’s made with 100% pure coconut.

Homemade Coconut Butter Recipe

This recipe is so easy to make and the best part of all is it only has 1 ingredient which is dried coconut.  Where you live this might be called shredded coconut, dried coconut, desiccated coconut or coconut powder.  They are all fine but it has to be the fine grains of coconut, not flakes as it won’t process properly.  You can see what it looks like and buy it on Amazon here.  You can use either a food processor or a high speed blender to make this.  I’ve tried both and my high speed blender was a lot quicker, about a minute in total.  The main thing is you’ve got to add enough coconut so it covers the blades properly when they’re spinning round.

As this is warm when you make it, it will be a thick yet soft consistency.  You can store it in an air tight container such as a jar.  You don’t actually need to keep this in the fridge and it will go rock solid if you do keep it in there.  Depending on how warm your house is, the consistency will vary when it’s kept out of the fridge.  If it’s totally solid when you come to use it the best thing to do is to place the jar in a bowl of boiling water for just long enough for it to melt a bit.  Then you can add it to your recipes.

Coconut butter in smoothies

Coconut butter is absolutely gorgeous in smoothies.  It gives it such a rich creamy flavour and texture and make a much creamier smoothie than simply adding the dried coconut to your smoothie which can be a bit gritty depending on your blender.  So any recipe that you find on this website that calls for dried coconut, you can use coconut butter instead.  Start by adding 2 tablespoons and then add more to taste.  Here are some of my favourites:

Wet Summer Watermelon Smoothie

Morning Mango Smoothie


Homemade Coconut Butter recipe


Coconut butter is absolutely gorgeous but it can be very expensive to buy. This coconut butter recipe will save you so much money and is fairly quick too.

  • Author: Katherine Kyle
  • Prep Time: 10-15 Minutes
  • Total Time: 10-15 Minutes
  • Category: Smoothie Ingredients
  • Method: Blender, Food Processor


  • 4 or more cups of dried coconut (small grains not flakes of coconut)



  1. Process the coconut in the food processor stopping to scrape down the sides when required. This may take 10-15 minutes depending on your food processor.


  1. Blend the coconut on medium to high power stopping to scrape down the sides. If you use a vitamix you can use the tamper to make this even faster. This may take 1-3 minutes.



  1. Great explanation about the different coconut products. I have learned a few things from this.

    • Thank you Sandra. It can be so confusing. I thought I had never tasted coconut butter before I made my own. I had no idea that the creamed coconut I had been buying for years was the same thing! There’s so much you can do with coconut. I adore it in everything!

  2. What a perfect looking butter my friend :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  3. Great! I was looking for coconut cream. I never saw coconut grains here though. Do you think I could use fresh coconut meat? Should I dehydrate it first or could I use it fresh?
    Thank you!

    • Hi Marie, from what I’ve read I don’t think you can make this from fresh coconut because the fresh coconut has to be milled and perhaps dehydrated first. I’m sure it can be done but I can’t find any information about how to do it sorry. You can always order some dried coconut online if you can’t buy it locally. I’ll add a link to my post now. I’m not sure which country you live in but here is an example on Amazon.con https://www.amazon.com/ Bobs-Red-Mill-Shredded-Unsweetened/dp/B002YR7A9Q/ref=pd_sbs_hpc_1

  4. I need to try this! Thanks for the post! Happy Healthy Vegan Friday!

  5. Sonya Berson says

    do you use the processor followed by a blender? or do you have a choice between the 2? Couldn’t work it out from your method. Can’t wait to try this!

  6. One of my friends told me that coconut butter has a particular saturated fat that is actually healthy and helps with the bad cholesterol. Is this true? Thanks. The recipe looks gorgeous. ML E

  7. elan sun star says

    Aloha I have been making this for almost 50 years now with fresh Use a champion juicer to get a consistent cream without any graininess
    After you make stright cream in the champion juicer you can actually freeze that as ice cubes and store and use in smoothies later.
    Elan Sun Star kailua Hawaii



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  8. I’m looking to see if you have put a homemade recipe for coconut face cream up? I’m having a terrible adult acne problem and have tried hundreds of things. I don’t like chemicals that work for a while and then stop completely and I refuse to take a medication that is gonna work only as long as I stay on it. I’m hyper sensitive about keeping my face clean and I rarely wear makeup but still breakout. I’ve tried coconut oil on my face but a tiny bit goes a long ways and I feel too greasy and feel like it looks yucky and rubs off on my pillow, etc.
    Suggestions? Or a creamy recipe instead of a oily one?
    (email me your response if possible)

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