How 7 Women Lost 258 Pounds With Very Different Real Food Diets

How 7 Women Lost 258 Pounds With Very Different Real Food Diets

Hopefully you’ve heard about the benefits of eating real food for your weight and your health.  But how do you begin a ‘real food’ diet and which one should you choose? 

Read how these 7 women lost a total of 258 pounds by following very different real food diets.  You can read their personal story and learn more about the tools they used to lose the weight so you can have the same success that they did. 

1) 50 Pounds Lost and Health Recovered On A Primal Diet

Kim Finnigan from Nearly Natural Momma

Kim Finnigan from Nearly Natural Momma lost 50 pounds on a Primal Diet

After being diagnosed with a serious condition that could lead to blindness, Kim was told by her doctor that there was correlation between her condition and excess weight and that she had to lose weight.  

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After trying and struggling with various weight loss diets, she was introduced to The Primal Diet and effortlessly shed 50 pounds.  The best part is that she was able to come off her medication and get her health back.

‘My best friend Jessica then introduced me to the Primal Diet.  Within two weeks of starting, I lost 10lbs and successfully cut my medication in half.  By cutting out two main systemic inflammatories (grains, and sugars) I was able to maintain my cranial pressure on just 500mg.  Thrilled, I kept at it and the pounds just kept coming off. ‘

Read Kim’s amazing story of health recovery, weight loss and doctor’s tears! 

The Primal BluePrint:  Reprogram Your Genes For Effortless Weight Loss, Vibrant Health, and Boundless Energy

The Primal Blueprint for effortless Weight Loss and Energy Gains

If you want to lose weight and recover your health like Kim did, why not try the Primal Blueprint.  Click here to read more about it and buy the book.

2) How I lost 35 lbs. without exercise or counting calories

Danelle Wolford from Weed em And Reap

Danelle Wolford from Weedem And Reap Lost 35 Pounds On A Real Food Diet

Like most of us, Danelle had tried a lot of different diets to try and regain health and lose weight.  Although she had some weight loss success, she didn’t feel too good on certain diets.  

That all changed when she began a real food diet and she felt amazing within 2 weeks.  She was able to shift those last stubborn pounds to reach an ideal weight on a real foods diet.

‘Within two weeks of bringing back real butter, cream, meat & desserts, I began to feel amazing! My energy improved, I was happy again, & my health issues started to resolve.  And the most surprising thing of all?  I lost even MORE WEIGHT! From eating BUTTER!’

Read Danelle’s incredible journey from sick and fat to healthy and slim.

 Have Your Cake & Lose Weight Too!


Danelle also has a great book to help you achieve the same success she did!  She says ‘Don’t you want to lose weight & get healthy naturally and easily? Don’t you want to
enjoy ALL foods and toss out all those crappy diet plans?

You’re in luck!

My book is the ultimate guide to teach you how to stop restricting and start living! I lost weight naturally while enjoying ALL food groups, and yes, I even ate delicious fats & carbs! I promise you that my book will open your mind to why you’ve had so much trouble losing weight in the past,
and how you can start losing the weight today!’

Click here to learn more!

3) Dropped 2 Dress Sizes in 30 Days on The Whole30 Diet

Kirsten McCormick from Cheerfully Imperfect

Kirsten McCormick From Cheerfully Impactfull dropped 2 dress sizes in 30 days on the Whole30 Diet

After having her fourth baby, Kirsten struggled to lose her pregnancy weight despite eating a healthy diet.  

She finally came to the conclusion that eating grains was stopping her body shed the pounds.  When she cut out grains and sugar on the Whole 30 Diet, she was finally able to drop 2 dress sizes and reach her ideal weight.

‘I simply couldn’t shake my baby weight. I am eating healthy??? What the heck is wrong? I didn’t drink soda, eat junk food or candy. Everything in my diet was nutrient dense and wholesome. I don’t even eat a lot! Then it dawned on me.Maybe it was the grains!’

Read her story – bacon and butter and weight loss oh my by clicking here

The Whole30 Diet

So many people are having success with the Whole30 Diet.  You can buy the book and read more about it by clicking here.

Drop 2 Dress Sizes in 30 Days With Whole 30

4) How I lost 10 Pounds in One Month With My Fitbit 

Ann Marie from Cheeseslave

Ann Marie from Cheeseslave lost 10 pounds in one month with her fitbit

When Ann Marie began to focus on health rather than dieting, she got healthy but struggled for a long time to lose her baby weight.  Although her diet was healthy, she wasn’t doing any exercise.  

But one day she woke up and had a desire to exercise again.  Her body had gone through the necessary healing and was now ready to get her fit.  

Sometimes when you change your diet, your body has to rest so that it can heal.  But once the healing has taken place, you’ll find yourself full of loads of energy that you’ll just HAVE to burn!  

Ann Marie used the Fitbit to find out exactly how many calories her body needed to lose weight.  Even though she had been eating healthy food, she’d been eating too much and doing too little exercise.  She used the fitbit to turn workouts into a game and to track her healthy diet.  This combination was successful in helping her to achieve her weight loss and fitness goals. 

 ‘I eat WHATEVER I want. I do not count calories or carbs. That NEVER works for me because I feel restricted and then I want to binge. And it’s not sustainable anyway. I don’t want to spend my life counting calories or avoiding foods I love. I eat what I love now, I just eat less of it.

All I do is enter what I eat into the FitBit dashboard but that is it. Then I just stay under the limit. At the end of the day, I know whether I can have a little ice cream or another glass of wine.

And this really motivates me to be more active. I don’t mind doing an extra 10 minutes of kettlebell if I know I can have another glass of wine and a couple chocolate chip cookies.’

To read Ann Marie’s story about how she used her fitbit to lose weight, click here

Fitbit Personal Trainer For Weight Loss

Lose Weight With FitBit Personal Trainer

Fitbit users on average take 43% more steps each day and have lost an average of 13 lbs. Fitbit’s super sensitive 3-D motion sensor tracks your day down to details a pedometer can’t catch, giving you access to the exact steps you take, calories you burn and distance you travel.  

In addition to all the data gathered by the tracker, you can use (or Fitbit’s free mobile site) to log what you eat from our database of over a 100,000 foods, or log workouts from like Pilates, yoga, cycling etc. You can also track your weight or health indicators like blood pressure, glucose, and blood pressure over time.

Read more about the FitBit Personal Trainer here

5) 47 Pounds lost on a Traditional Food Diet

Allison Goines from Our Small Hours

Allison from Our Small Hours

A lot of people find when they change their diet for a truly healthy, real food diet, that the weight loss is effortless and they don’t feel hungry.  

This is because when you eat food that is designed for the body, every cell in your body is nourished and it stops craving more food.  This means that you just don’t feel hungry.  

Allison lost 47 pounds said that a traditional foods diet was the easiest and most pleasurable diet she’s ever been on.  And she wasn’t even trying to lose weight!  

‘I don’t know many people who eat a traditional foods diet who are doing it in order to lose weight.  Weight loss is sometimes a nice side effect of such a way of eating, but I don’t think that it is often the main goal. ‘

Allison wrote this post about her traditional foods diet, and then followed up with this great post after losing 47 pounds.  Read her amazing story now.

6) I’ve Lost 40 Pounds (So Far!) with Ketosis and a High Fat Diet

Kim Knock from Eat Fat Lose Fat Blog

Kim Knock had always struggled to lose weight, even on a healthy real foods diet.  It wasn’t until she discovered a Ketosis diet that the weight finally started to shift.  

Despite many set backs, Kim was able to drop 40 pounds.  The best part for her was that even when she wasn’t able to stick to her diet, she didn’t put the weight back on as she had done previously.  

‘The weight began FALLING off of me again, and I’ve lost a total of 40 pounds. No one is more surprised than I am because I’ve never lost more than 10 pounds on any diet in my entire life. And the best thing is: I CAN SEE MYSELF DOING THIS FOREVER!!! I’ve basically been doing it for a year now and have only had a few minor lapses.’

Click here to read Kim’s amazing low carb success story

Kick the Weight with Keto

by Kim Knoch of Eat Fat Lose Fat


 Kim has put together a book to show you exactly how to kick the weight with keto.  She says ‘Are you having trouble losing weight on a Paleo Diet? Learn about how to eat a Paleo Ketogenic Diet, lose fat and feel great!’

Click here to learn more!

 7) Dropped 5 Dress Sizes With Green Smoothies

Katherine Kyle from Green Thickies

How I lost 56 Pounds on the Green Smoothie Diet - find out how you can too

Of course there’s my own personal weight loss story.  I lost 56 pounds on the Green Smoothie Diet.  I cut out all processed foods and other foods such as dairy that I was intolerant to.  I really enjoyed all the energy that leafy greens and fruit gave me and it gave my body an amazing detox.  

You can read my personal story here

I also wanted to help people to have a healthy detox eating real food and learning to incorporate filling green smoothies.  So I developed a 7 Day Diet Plan to give people the exact recipes they can use to lose weight and kick start their healthy diet transition.  You can read more about my 7 Day Diet Plan For Weight Loss and Improved Health Here. 

 Have you lost weight eating real food? How did you do it?

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How 7 Women Lost 258 Pounds With Very Different Real Food Diets

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  4. It is so refreshing to see true stories of women who have lost weight in different ways. Sometimes, it seems like people want to shove one type of eating/diet plan down your throat as the “right” and “only” weight loss plan. This was an inspiring post, thank you for the wonderful reading material. :)

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