Why I’m Doing A 3 Day Water Fast

Why I'm doing a 3 day water fast (Blog Post)I have decided to do a 3 day water fast where I drink nothing but water for 3 days! This is the first time I’ve ever done a fast like this.  

Watch my video to find out exactly why I’m doing this fast.


Hi Katherine Kyle here from Green Thickies.com and today I am going to be sharing something with you that I am doing a three day fast.

I’ve decided to do a three day fast.

So why am I doing a three day fast?

Well first of all what is a three day fast?

So a three day fast is three days were you drink nothing but water and why am I doing this?

Well, there are two reasons really that I’m doing this and one is because I wanted to start doing it anyway.

I think fasting is really, really good for your health and I intended to start doing three day fasting anyway and this seems like a good time as any and I intend to do it four times a year.

It’s really good to detox your body, to give your body a break from digesting food, to give your body a break from the chemicals that might be in the food that you’re eating, even healthy food that might contain certain things that have an affect on the body.

It just completely resets the body and allows it to heal.

It prevents diseases and it just gives you the determination to really stick with something.

It gives you that feeling of achievement because you have managed to do something that is quite hard.

We all find it really hard to go without food, so when you have achieved something that you find difficult it empowers you and makes you feel like you can achieve anything.

It also helps you to avoid eating foods that you don’t want to eat because it gives you a better sense of self control.

They’re the reasons why I wanted to fast in the first place and the reason why I chose now to fast is because I know that fasting can make you feel a little bit weak and a little bit tired and to be honest I feel like that at the moment anyway, because I’m currently having issues with my teeth.

I will not tell you the whole story because that’s on another video why my teeth ended up in such a mess but I have got two implants at the front of my mouth and this happened when I was eight years old and I have now got my implant, it’s been infected which, supposedly is quite common with implants, which I didn’t know when I had it put in.

So that got infected and the dentist said it’s a very severe infection that’s probably been there for quite a long time and I’m feeling really wiped out as a result.

I’m feeling like I’ve got chronic fatigue syndrome again.

I’ve felt like this for about a month so far and I have surgery in about a week and I’m really, really hoping that I will recover quickly from the surgery and I did ask the dentist is there anything else I can do to heal from the tooth infection and he said no, that it is too severe, that it needs surgery, that nothing is going to work, antibiotics will not work, nothing will work for it.

Before I heard the dentist say this I spoke to a different dentist and he said it might just heal up on its own.

So I was trying so many natural things to try and heal this infection.

I was taking all these herbs, these supplements, these natural things but I was taking so many of them.

Because every time I read something I got so desperate not to feel like this anymore, I thought I’ll do anything it takes not to feel like this anymore.

So I was taking all of these supplements and in the end I just thought, I wonder if my body is even absorbing the nutrients in these things because the infection, it feels like it’s taking over my whole body and my body is shutting down because the infection is so severe.

I suddenly thought well I might not be able to heal the infection but I think that if I give my body a break from digesting not only all the supplements but all the food that I normally digest then that is going to help my body.

It might not necessarily heal my infection but it will give my body a rest and hopefully it will stop making things worse than they already.

The last thing I want to happen is for things to get worse because I remember last time I had an infection, which was a few years ago in the same tooth it took me, even after I had the infection removed, it took me six months to recover my energy after I had the surgery and I don’t want that to happen again, so I am determined to do whatever it takes and I don’t want it to get worse than it already has, so I thought I’ll just give my body a break and I will just do a three day fast.

So that is the reason why I am doing the fast and I will record a video every day and let you know how it goes because this is the first time I’m doing a fast and it’s very nerve racking when you first do a fast because you don’t know what to expect and you think am I going to be able to cope with the hunger, am I going to be strong enough.

So we will see and I will share it all with you so stayed tuned and watch my other videos.

Take care, bye.

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