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The Keto Diet – My 3 Week Update

Basic Green Thickie Recipe

The Keto Diet - My 3 Week Update (Blog Post)I’ve now been on the keto diet for just 3 weeks but I’ve had some really interesting things happen in such a short space of time.  

In this post I reveal whether or not I’m enjoying the food…

What I’m eating…

The very interesting health improvements I’ve noticed…

What it means to be ‘fat adapted’…

The problems I’ve had…

Why it’s important to do a healthy ketogenic diet – the type and quality of your food really matters, not just how low your carbs are!


Hi, Katherine here from GreenThickies.com.

Today I wanted to give you an update about my new diet.

I am on a keto diet and I wanted to give you a three week update.

What do I think so far?

Am I enjoying the keto diet?

I would wholeheartedly say, “Yes, I am absolutely loving the keto diet.”

It isn’t really that different from the food that I was eating before, just slightly different.

I am still drinking my green thickies in the morning.

I am still having a soup at lunchtime or a salad at lunchtime, and I’m still having my stews in the evening.

It’s just very slight subtle changes, but basically just increasing the fat in all those meals just makes them so much more tasty.

I definitely do not notice the carbs have gone.

I don’t notice that the greens have gone.

All I notice is the food is more satiating, that it’s tastier.

For example, the other day we made … I’ve got this recipe book and I’m making these Paleo meals in my Insta Pot.

There’s a curry recipe that I usually make that my whole family loves.

I used to make it with rice on the side.

Now I have it with a cauliflower rice on the side, and that’s just as tasty to me, but I add more fats into the curry.

Just, the taste is just out of this world, amazing!

It’s like a proper takeaway.

Here in the UK we get really, really good Indian restaurants.

Especially when I used to live in Manchester, we had something called a Curry Mile, which is like a whole mile of Indian restaurants one after another, after another, and the quality is out of this world amazing, the taste is so good.

When you find a really good curry house it’s just so good.

I mean, I’m not sure, if you live in a different country, whether you have anything like it.

But if you come to the UK you’ve got to try out the curries, they are so delicious.

But, the only problem with the curries, I mean, they are really fatty, which is the thing that makes them really tasty, but the problem is that most of the fats that they use is not good quality fats.

It might be things like canola oil.

So when you make them yourself at home and you use really good quality fats, that makes a difference.

You feel so good after it. you don’t feel like you’re running to the toilet afterward, because you just feel amazing, like you just can tell that it’s had such a good impact on your health.

So we’ve all been loving that.

My whole family has really enjoyed all the meals I’ve prepared for them.

I do make extra carbs for them, but generally it hasn’t been an issue at all.

The only thing really I’ve changed, sometimes I would have, in the evening after I’ve finished my evening meal, sometimes I would have a big bowl of fruit, like a big bowl of watermelon, and I don’t have that anymore.

Although, I might still experiment with that in the future, having it every few days as a carb up, and I’ll tell you a bit more about that in a minute.

But I have not been having those at the moment.

I have been making something called fat bombs, my husband really laughs when I say that, he thinks it’s hilarious, and I’ve been making these for me and the kids, we all adore these fat bombs.

They’re basically like, you get like coconut and cocoa butter and coconut oil and other kind of powders like carob powder or if you can tolerate it cacao powder, which I don’t use.

You mix it together and you can put different flavours in, or nuts and nut butters and things like that.

They’re very high fat little sweeties and they just taste gorgeous.

They don’t have any sugar in them and they still taste sweet and beautiful.

My kids, they go crazy for them, they just keep asking for them, “Have you got any of those little sweeties?” They just love them.

I just feel so good knowing that I’ve made something that my kids love and they’re healthy and we all adore them.

So I love these fat bombs and they only take me five minutes to make, so they are great.

Yes, I’m definitely enjoying the keto diet.

I love the food.

Food is so delicious.

So, what health improvements have I had since I started keto diet.

Well, first thing I noticed was that my nails got so strong, especially my thumbnails, they were like rock.

I have never, ever felt them so strong in my life, and to me that is a sign that I am definitely getting healthier, that if my bones are getting stronger that means the bones in all of my body is getting stronger, not just my nails.

So that is such a good sign and that’s exactly the kind of diet that I know is a healthy diet if you can feel these kind of benefits.

Another thing is that I really, like when we’re talking about bones, I notice my teeth getting really, really glossy.

When I run my tongue over them, they just feel so smooth and so shiny.

Usually even when I’ve cleaned my teeth they feel a little bit kind of rough, you know, like the surface is a little bit rough.

I just thought, you know, my enamel is all worn down, the years of abuse, and all that.

But enamel can spring back to life again, and this is the first diet that I’ve ever been on where I’ve thought, “Wow, I can really feel a difference in my teeth.”

It’s not just my nails, my teeth as well.

So I am just so happy.

Because, if you know, I’ve had lots of teeth problems, and I will do anything to keep the teeth that I have got left and keep them healthy and avoid any more teeth problems in the future.

So I just love that it’s keeping my teeth healthy.

What else? My skin.

My skin is so soft.

It’s unbelievably soft.

When I was a raw vegan, that was a time that I felt that my skin was the softest.

You know, I thought, “Wow, my skin is so soft as a raw vegan.”

But on this ketogenic diet my skin is even softer than that, and it feels amazing.

I just cannot stop running my hands over my skin because I just think, “Wow, I’ve never felt skin as soft as this before.”

What else?

My blood sugar levels have finally stabilised.

I don’t whether you’ve watched any of my other videos, but I’ve had some major health problems lately.

I was eating gluten and just occasionally.

I went on holiday, had some gluten, got diagnosed with celiac disease, and that has completely messed up my digestion, my body.

I had severe adrenal fatigue, just felt absolutely dreadful, you know, chronic fatigue syndrome, couldn’t move, couldn’t do anything, absolutely anything, completely wiped me out.

With that, my blood sugar levels just went haywire, even though I was on a really healthy diet before that most of the time, whenever I was in the house I would eat really healthy food.

Before I got sick my blood sugar levels were absolutely great.

I never needed to snack, I could go from one meal to another and sometimes even fast because I just sometimes didn’t feel hungry, which was a very good sign that I had quite a lot of fat in my previous diet, not as much as I’m having now obviously, but still quite a lot, and that makes a really big difference.

I think my blood sugar levels used to be amazing.

But when I got all these health issues out of the blue then my blood sugar levels went absolutely crazy and even when I went onto the healthy diet I had to snack, I had to have a morning snack, afternoon snack, evening snack.

Any time I felt even slightly hungry, I had to eat immediately because otherwise I would get really low blood sugar, I’d start feeling dizzy.

It didn’t seem to matter what kind of food I was eating, it was just going crazy.

So I just couldn’t wait for that to be stabilised.

Thankfully, now over the last few days it has finally just stabilised.

It has made such a big difference to me just to not feel that kind of shakiness, that weakness and just dependency on eating food all the time.

So I can finally last form one meal to the next now without snacking, which is great.

So I’m so, so happy about that.

Also, I feel like over the last two days my energy has just returned, which is amazing. I don’t want to speak too soon, because it might be too soon, but I’ve been doing lots of other work on my health and I’ll share that in another blog post.

But just two days ago I was doing this meditation and I just decided, I am healed, I’m healed.

I’d kind of been writing down affirmations like that as well.

So I do not want to go against my affirmations by saying that I have this and I have that, because at the moment I feel really, really good.

So I’m going to enjoy that because I feel good right now.

So it has made a big difference on my energy levels.

Now, there’s something that when you’re on a ketogenic diet, there’s one thing about being in ketosis which I know that I have been in ketosis, because I’ve got a ketones blood monitor and I’ve been checking that on a daily basis, sometimes every other day, and every single time I’ve checked it I have been in ketosis, not massively in ketosis, but maybe like 1.2 or 1.6 in ketosis, which is a very healthy level to be in ketosis.

So I’m so happy about that.

So I’m definitely in ketosis.

What was I saying? Oh yes, fat adapted.

There’s one thing about being in ketosis which is good for you.

But there’s another thing about being fat adapted which means that your body switches and burns fat as its primary fuel.

Sometimes people can get fat adapted within a week, sometimes it can be three weeks, sometimes six weeks, sometimes longer.

You know, I feel finally that I’m fat adapted, and that means that’s why my blood sugar levels have stabilised and that kind of thing.

You know, there’s lots of signs that you are fat adapted, and I will leave a link to a video that you can watch to check whether you are fat adapted on a ketogenic diet.

I finally feel like I’m fat adapted, so I am over the moon about that.

Have I had any problems?

Yes, I have had a million health problems over the past few weeks.

But as I said, I had these previous health problems and I can’t say that these are anything to do with the ketogenic diet.

Things like diarrhoea, I had awful, awful diarrhoea.

I also went for a colonic, you know, because it got really bad, I was worried about the gluten affecting me and things like that.

But I actually think that things I was doing as well wasn’t helping, like I was drinking kefir, and I was thinking, “Is this what’s causing me to have this digestive problems?”

Then I cut it out and I’ve been fine since.

So I think my system is far too sensitive at the moment to drink kefir, even though it’s supposed to be amazing for your digestion, at the moment my system is just messed up somuch I can’t handle it.

So I think that was related to the kefir rather than the ketogenic diet, because it’s improved now.

Other things, I’ve had insomnia for the last four days.

I’ve had insomnia my whole life, it’s not a new thing, especially like you know, with my cycles, it just goes crazy at certain periods of time.

Also, another thing is, we live under a flight path, we’re really close to an airport and they’ve just changed the flight path.

You might actually be able to hear it in the background right now as we speak.

Plane is going over right now.

You know, it changes depending on the weather.

Like, if we get a clear day the planes start going over our house.

Sometimes they switch it and sometimes it doesn’t.

It’s so loud, honestly it’s like an earthquake, it’s like thunder, and this really affects my sleep.

You know,when it’s a nice day and it’s hotter and I want the window open and I can’t have the window open so I’m too hot and I feel all stuffy and I have to have earplugs and white noise and all these things to block out the noise of the planes going over.

So that has been affecting my sleep.

Also, I’ve been messing around with hormones because I’m lacking in hormones and stuff.

I’ve been messing experimenting with different things, so I think that might have also affected my sleep.

Sometimes people can get insomnia on a ketogenic diet, which is the only reason that I mention it.

I’ll leave a link to another video or resource that will help you if you are having insomnia as well on a ketogenic diet, and it might be to do with maybe you’re not having enough carbs, because even though you are on a lower carb diet, some people still need a lot more carbs than they think they do.

I am definitely one of them, because I just wouldn’t cut out my vegetables and my leafy greens, I just couldn’t.

To me, no diet is worth that to me, because I know that I get so many nutrients and fibre, which is needed for healthy digestion.

A lot of people have problems on a ketogenic diet and it might be because they are not eating whole foods, they’re not eating healthy foods, they might be eating packaged foods, they might be eating too much dairy, the dairy might be causing them problems.

Maybe they’re not having any leafy greens, maybe they’re not having any vegetables or hardly any vegetables.

These are all problems that can surface on a ketogenic diet.

That’s why I don’t like to label myself as just any old ketogenic diet, it’s a very, very specific healthy ketogenic diet that I’m following.

I will leave a link around this video for you to go and check out the exact diet that I’m following.

But the link is GreenThickies.com/startketo.

If you want to get started with the exact resource that I am using then you can get started there.

I’ve been experimenting with different things, different carbs, and last night I had an amazing sleep, I had a great nine hours sleep with my earplugs and my white noise in the background.

So hopefully my problems will resolve and I’ll start feeling better and better as each day goes on.

I will keep sharing these updates with you. Let me know if you are also doing a ketogenic diet.

I would love to connect with you.

I wish you all the best.

Take care.


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  1. Hello. Can you share a keto friendly green thickie/smoothie that wont taste bad since fruits are not allowed on a keto diet?

    • You can eat fruits on a keto diet, they just have to be lower in sugar. It also depends whether you are counting net carbs. I prefer net carbs as I believe we shouldn’t be restricting our fibre. Here is one of my keto recipes without fruit: /cucumber-lassi-complete-meal-green-thickie/

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