Does Lack Of Energy Stop You Getting On With Life?

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Does lack of energy stop you getting on with life?

I just wanted to share something that I started doing about 2 years ago that changed my life.

I have suffered a lot of depression and mood disorders in my life, and one thing I never did at all was work on personal development.

So I decided to dedicate a year to personal development and it absolutely changed the way I think and my level of happiness.

In all the books I read that year, I kept hearing the same advice over and over again.

Write a gratitude journal.

Writing a few lines every day about what you are grateful for does actually make you feel so thankful and a lot happier in life generally.

When I start to notice my mood decreasing, often it’s because I stopped writing in my gratitude journal.

If you don’t want to write in a journal, another way to do this is to think about as many things as you can think of that you are grateful for. If you do this right before you go to sleep, it’s a sure fire way of getting to sleep quickly.

Let me know if you try this?

If you want to try something else that is going to change your life, I have something exciting to share today.

I recently got this lovely testimonial from Tabea.  

“Just a short month I have tried this system and I loved it. I used to be tired all the time and could not do anything. I already had cut out all the bad things in my diet, but it didn’t help. Now, combined with some exercise, I feel better than before. I can just get on with my life, I have energy every single day. I love it!”

~Tabea Baelack

A lot of us try to cut out the bad things in our life, but what the world tells us is bad for us, may not actually be true.

The world tells us to cut out fat and eat a low fat diet.  It tells us to cut out all sugar including fruit.

But that’s not actually what your body needs.

What your body needs is real foods, a diet free from packaged processed foods.

I also tried to cut out the ‘bad’ stuff and it didn’t work. But when I started eating The Leaf System way, my health improved more than I ever thought imaginable, and I lost a ton of weight.

The Leaf System is my weight loss system where you get monthly calorie counted healthy meal plans based on green smoothies for breakfast and an abundance of delicious meals made from real food.  

Click HERE to get started with The Leaf System:

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