How I Learned To Let Go With Laughter Yoga

How I Learned To Let Go With Laughter Yoga

Have you ever heard of laughter yoga?

I hadn’t heard of it until very recently and I knew I just had to give it a go.  

What kind of images come to your mind when you think of laughter yoga?

Let me tell you it’s more about the laughter than the yoga, and it’s a very powerful tool to have in your toolbox.

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Starting your day with laughter really puts you in such a good frame of mind for the rest of the day.

Watch this video where I share my experience at my first laughter yoga class.

Today I want to tell you all about my experiences with laughter yoga.

I first heard about laughter yoga when I joined a local business mastermind and there was actually two lovely ladies in that group who practised laughter yoga.

I thought, “What on Earth is that? This sounds really fun.”

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They both ran local sessions but unfortunately I could never go to them. One thing or another, I was too busy with work and then I had chronic fatigue syndrome for six months after that, so I was really unable to pretty much do anything.

I couldn’t unfortunately go to their sessions and really, I still want to get to one of their sessions; but, because I had chronic fatigue and now I’m recovered, thankfully – yay – I managed to join a chronic fatigue syndrome support group and the guy that runs that group is called Sandy.

At the end of this blog post I will leave a link to his sessions there.

He runs the group and he also did a laughter yoga session for everybody in the chronic fatigue group, which was really kind.

I went to one in that group and thankfully, I had just recovered from chronic fatigue at that time but I thought, “I’m going to go along anyway.”

I always wanted to do laughter yoga so I went to one and I just thought I would share my experiences with you because it’s a pretty unique thing.

I think it’s quite a new thing that I never heard of it before. Maybe you haven’t heard of it before either so let me tell you what happened in laughter yoga.

What is laughter yoga?

You might have images of doing all sorts of crazy yoga poses and then laughing along side them but it’s not quite like that.

I haven’t been to a kind of normal session but the session I went to was specifically designed for people with chronic fatigue so it wasn’t very energetic but you do do some movement and it’s quite gentle.

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You do some basic stretches and some basic movements and stuff. Basically, you do all these activities and then you kind of laugh in between them.

You clap your hands and laugh… Wave your hands and do a stretch up to the ceiling and then laugh and kind of everybody takes turns to say something and everyone laughs at them.

It’s quite a strange thing to be honest with you.

At the end, you do a really nice – well, we did anyway – we did a really nice long guided meditation where you laugh constantly for the whole time.

You just laugh, laugh and laugh. I think they said you normally laugh for 10 minutes solid, but I think we cut it down to about 5 minutes.

I think it was because the session was for people with chronic fatigue and you know laughing is actually quite a strenuous activity and it uses quite a lot of muscles and it uses your belly.

But it does absolutely wonders for your physical health and your mental health.

The guy, Sandy who ran it, said that he went to a training course to do laughter yoga and the instructor would call him up and everyone else at seven o’clock in the morning and they would all laugh (I think he said for 2 minutes) every single morning. They would all laugh together.

That just sounds amazing to me; starting your day with a phone call with somebody just laughing at you and you laugh at them.

He said that he always starts his day in a really positive way because he’s gotten in the habit of just laughing for a few minutes everyday or 10 minutes every single morning.

How did I feel in these sessions?

To be honest with you, I’m quite a serious person.

Laughing doesn’t come that easily to me. I do laugh sometimes with my friends and I laugh with my children. My children are really funny but I’m not the kind of person who would sit and watch a comedy show and just laugh all the way through it.

It’s quite hard to get me to laugh on purpose.

And forced laughter doesn’t come naturally to me.

I can laugh at things that are unusual or unexpected. That’s usually the things I laugh at, but I don’t usually laugh at comedy shows. Some things I do but not very often.

I don’t really laugh that much especially when I had chronic fatigue.

I never laughed then because it was just too much hard work.

I hadn’t laughed in like half a year.

For me, I thought “this will be really fun. It will be really like … I’ll just have a good laugh basically”.

Actually, I found it quite hard, to be honest with you. I did feel quite self conscious. I’m kind of forcing a laugh.

It does feel really strange because it’s the first time I’d ever done it.

But I did feel really positive and revived and you do kind of feed off of other people’s laugh so you kind of laugh because someone else is laughing

When you kind of just sat there laughing, it gets to the point where you’re like laughing. I really struggled to do it.

I thought I’m going to persist with this because things that are worth persisting with don’t always come easy at first so I looked on YouTube and I put some of these videos that I found underneath but I found this one from the founder of laughter yoga and he is going through a laughter yoga session in the morning when all his family is sleeping so he’s trying to be quiet.

He’s laughing all the way through it but he’s like, “Shh. You got to be quiet.”

You kind of laugh along with him just because he’s so funny because he’s trying to be quiet but he’s giggling all the way.

I found that really funny so I use that as a kind of video to get me to laugh in the morning and I started to use laughter yoga and I’ve now incorporated it into my morning routine and it really does make you positive and laughing does get easier.

You start the day on such a positive note.

It makes you feel energised and healthy because you can’t feel ill when you’re laughing. You just can’t.

You can’t feel tired when you’re laughing. It’s just not possible.

If you want to start your day with laughing, then I highly recommend that you check out the video underneath and laugh along and do it every day and let me know how you feel because I got a lot of benefit from it and I hope you do too.

I’d love it if you would love to share the laughter and the joy with other people.

Please share this video, like it and comment on it and let me know what you think of laughter yoga.

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You can google local laughter yoga classes in your area (if you live in Edinburgh see below for the classes I recommend) but if you can’t find a local class, why not follow along with a laughter yoga video.

Watch this Ted Talk to find out the benefits of laughter yoga and do a guided laughter yoga session.

I just love this video from the founder of laughter yoga, it is hard not to laugh when you watch this!

Resources mentioned in today’s video:

  • Local laughter club that I went to

If you happen to live in the Edinburgh, Scotland area, go to a local laughter yoga class.  Click here to go to Sandy’s class. He is very good at this!

Here are my friend’s local clubs too.  You can find classes in Falkirk here.

  • Laughter Really Is The Best Medicine

Try to find more ways to make yourself laugh everyday.  Why not start with a book of funny stories?  Click here to take a look.

  • The Laughter Yoga Book

Find out more about laughter yoga and how to apply it in your life with this book.

  • The Laughter Club in Real Time

Follow along with a laughter club real time in this DVD.

  • Patch Adams

The night before I went to the laughter yoga session I watched Patch Adams for the first time. It’s great if you want a laugh and to understand how laughter can actually heal you, this is a great feel good movie.


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