How to Lose Weight by Eating Cake for Breakfast

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How to Lose Weight by Eating Cake for Breakfast

Have Your Cake And Drink It…

One of the main problems with ‘diet’ food is that it’s just not tasty.  

How often have you eaten something healthy that is bland and boring and afterwards you just need to find something delicious to eat?

We need to remove that blandness from our mouths with something sweet and creamy like ice cream or chocolate.

So even when we’re ‘on a diet’ we still aren’t able to stick to it as the diet is just too boring.

Have you ever experienced this?

Maybe you’ve even made smoothies that are bland and boring?

A lot of fruit we buy these days is bland and tasteless as it’s often been picked unripe.

So what’s the solution?

How can we liven up our meals, make our tastebuds zing again while still losing weight?

I have the solution…

Dessert Thickies

These are a particular type of Green Thickie – they are sweet, filling and immediately eliminate all your sugar cravings.  Why?

Because you are satisfied.  

You have satisfied that sweet tooth.  And you’ve done it in a healthy way, with natural unprocessed ingredients.

And just like I have a formula for my Green Thickies – I also have a formula for making Dessert Thickies taste like dessert.

And I applied it to every one of my recipes in my Dessert Thickies ebook.  

Yes you can actually lose weight by eating dessert for breakfast.  

I just got this lovely email:

‘Over the last 8 days I have lost 5lbs and this is the easiest diet I have ever been on!!  I am never starving myself. On the contrary I am feeding my body what it needs to thrive.  

I feel like I am eating dessert for breakfast and lunch and my constipation has totally gone away.  I have always eaten a salad for lunch and dinner (and sometimes breakfast) but it wasn’t until the thickies that my digestion improved so much.  I have made green smoothies for years but they always tasted horrible.  

I can’t wait to continue this trend and improve in health while seeing my weight basically melt off.  I am so excited about this lifestyle diet that I have been telling everyone I know.  Thank you so much for your help!’

Isn’t that incredible?  I LOVE getting emails like this.  

Here’s the best news…

This month you can get my Delicious Dessert Thickies book completely free when you buy the 7 Day Diet Plan.  

This is a special bonus that will only be available this month.  After that you can purchase it separately for $16.

But this month you can get it free.  

Your tastebuds will be thanking me when you taste how good dessert thickies are.

Just buy a copy of the 7 Day Diet Plan and get Dessert Thickies ebook completely free.  (plus all the other bonuses)

Have a healthy day

Talk soon,


Katherine ‘having my cake and drinking it’ Kyle


p.s.  If you have ever uttered the words ‘I don’t have time for healthy eating’ you are going to love tomorrow’s email!



Katherine Kyle @ Green Thickies

Founder at Green Thickies
Katherine lost 56 pounds and recovered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome with Green Thickies.
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