How To Lose Weight Well

How To Lose Weight Well

Guess what?

Green Thickies has now been on TV!

Green Thickies was featured on a major TV channel called Channel 4 on a documentary called How To Lose Weight Well.  

They put Green Thickies 7 Day Green Smoothie Diet Plan to the test to see how well it would perform and whether the lady who tried it lost any weight!

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If you didn’t manage to catch the show, I have transcribed it for you below.



XandvanTulleken: There’s always something to diet for. A holiday, a birthday, a wedding, or that most terrifying event of them all, the school reunion. We all know that to lose weight we need to eat less and exercise more. Of the thousands of diets out there, how do you know which one will work for you?

Speaker 2: Cabbage soup diet.

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Speaker 3: Atkins.

Speaker 4: Raw food diet.

Speaker 5: Copenhagen diet. It’s so bad. You can only do it like once.

XandvanTulleken: What if you decided you wanted to lose a stone in a month? We’re going to try out some of the most popular, and some of the most talked about diets out there, and give you the pros and cons, the rules, and of course the time frames.

We want your help to work out which ones do the business, and which of them are more effort than they’re worth. We’re going to explain how they’re supposed to work.

Speaker 6: The stench is awful.

XandvanTulleken: Whether they work in practise.

Speaker 7: The best crash diet a woman could ask for.

XandvanTulleken: … And whether they work for you.

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Emilie: Stuck in that one dress size. It would just make me feel just ever so slightly less mash potato-like.

XandvanTulleken: Whether it’s for a wedding dress, a pool party, or for that beach holiday selfie, we’ll make sure you know which is the best diet for you.

Speaker 9: The theory they all should work, but what happens when we try and incorporate these into our busy lives?

XandvanTulleken: Welcome to How To Lose Weight Well. My name is Xand van Tulleken. I’m a doctor, and I’m fascinated by how our bodies respond to diets.

I am joined by café cook, Stacie Stewart. She lost three stone on a strict diet and now runs a healthy eating deli. Her challenge is to help our volunteers turn their diets into delicious dishes wherever possible.

This week, can photographer, Emilie and makeup artist, Harriet lose enough weight by crash dieting for a boudoir photo shoot?

Emilie: I would literally have a mashed potato sandwich if I could.

XandvanTulleken: The diets on offer this week are the green smoothie diet, the French woman’s diet, clean eating, Weight Watchers, bone broth, and the Asian diet.

First are the crashers. Photographer Emilie, and makeup artist Harriet from Bath. They want to trim down for their very own boudoir glamour shoot.

Harriet: Oh my God, that’s so good.

Emilie: I just love carbs. I would literally have a mashed potato sandwich if I could, but it’s like morally wrong. I don’t care, I’d have it.

Harriet: It’s the snacking that is making me not healthy at all.

Emilie: We’re not very good in saying no, because we’re both egging each other on.

Harriet: Put one of those upside down on one of those.

Emilie: If I do that, I can feel my spine. I’d love to lose quite a few inches.

XandvanTulleken: How are you doing?

Emilie: Good.

XandvanTulleken: It’s very nice to see you. Why are you here?

Emilie: We’ve basically got a boudoir session booked.

Speaker 9: You want to be in front of the camera feeling good about yourselves and owning it in your lingerie?

Harriet: Exactly, yeah.

Emilie: Yes.

XandvanTulleken: Do you have a target in mind? Is there a kind of number that you’re aiming for?

Harriet: For me it’s more of like looking in the mirror and saying, “That’s what I’m happy with.”

XandvanTulleken: How long have we got before the boudoir shoot?

Harriet: It’s pretty much two weeks.

Emilie: Two weeks.

XandvanTulleken: Emilie, Harriet, we have chosen for both of you liquid diets.

Emilie: Oh, exciting.

Harriet: Cool, cool.

XandvanTulleken: I’m going to start with you Emilie. You are going to be on a green smoothie diet.

Emilie: Nice.

XandvanTulleken: From Drew Barrymore to Colin Farrell and Anne Hathaway, everyone who is anyone in Hollywood is said to be hooked on the green smoothies. They’re high in fibre and typically consist of 40 to 50% green vegetables such as spinach, kale or broccoli.

This version comes with one smoothie for breakfast, one for lunch, followed by a decent vegan dinner, and promises you can drop a dress size in a week.

Our café chef, Stacie is going to show us how to prepare the drink.

Stacie: Easy to do. Easy to prepare. Your liquids go in first just to get the blender going.

Then everything else just goes in. I would have one of these everyday. We have a delicious green smoothie.

I know it looks like pond water, but I promise you it tastes like dessert. Thank you.

Emilie: Get ready guys.

Harriet: Thank you.

Stacie: Yeah, absolutely.

Emilie: I like that. That is doable.

XandvanTulleken: The makers of this diet say you can drop a dress size in a week.

Emilie: Dropping that one dress size would just make me feel just ever so slightly less mashed potato-like when I’m laying there looking really unsexy.

XandvanTulleken: Emilie, so you’re going to replace almost all of your meals with green smoothies.

Emilie: Yes.

XandvanTulleken: Meanwhile best friend Emilie is stocking up on colourful fruit and veg for her green smoothie diet.

Emilie: Normally my food shops are quite beige. It is so bad.

XandvanTulleken: For two weeks Emilie will replace two meals a day with green smoothies.

For Emilie it’s two smoothies per day containing dark, leafy greens and fruit such as mango or banana to give them a smooth texture. This is followed by a vegan dinner. It’s no to eggs and dairy, fish or meat, and refined sugars.

Also banned are coffee, tea and booze. A day hasn’t yet passed and Emilie’s already bending the rules.

Emilie: I managed to have my breakfast and lunch and did have to have half a cup of cucumber as a little snack. I do feel weird.

XandvanTulleken: Emilie is four days into her green smoothie diet, and who better to support Emilie on this diet than her father, who also happens to be a French chef.

Speaker 12: Oh, look at that.

Emilie: I’m just daydreaming now. Mashed potato, best thing ever. Have it for everything.

Speaker 12: I mean this is good.

Emilie: Thank you so much. You’re the meanest parent ever.

XandvanTulleken: In Bath the crashers have reached the end of their diets and it’s time for Emilie and Harriet’s close ups.

On her diet, Emilie replaced two of her three meals a day with green smoothies. Two weeks ago Emilie weighed 12 stone 9 pounds.

Emilie: I don’t want to go on.

XandvanTulleken: How much weight, if any, has she managed to shift?

Emilie: Twelve stone three, six pounds.

Harriet: Oh yeah.

Emilie: Oh wow.

XandvanTulleken: It seems congratulations are in order. In only 14 days, Emilie has lost six pounds. With the photo shoot heating up, what is Emilie’s final verdict on the green smoothie diet?

Emilie: The smoothie diet was a success for the first week.
Cheers, we did it.

Harriet: Cheers, we did it.


Pretty interesting wouldn’t you say?

I was so happy to get the word out about Green Thickies and that the dietician really believed it was a healthy and sustainable diet!


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