How To Lose Weight Without Going Hungry

Basic Green Thickie Recipe

How To Lose weight without Going Hungry

Here’s my typical Sunday evening routine.

After a fun afternoon with the kids, it’s chores time so that means sorting out clothes for the week ahead, making batches of healthy food including Green Thickies, packing Lowenna’s snack box and making her some healthy homemade flavoured milk, as she was so upset she couldn’t drink the sugar laden, artificially flavoured processed dairy milk that her classmates were drinking every day. (so glad she can’t drink this stuff!)

I also sit down with my meal plans and decide what we’re going to eat as a family the next week. We usually have a variety of different dinners during the week, and every weekend for breakfast I make healthy pancakes, my favourite, With some poached eggs and maple syrup. Yum!

Planning a week’s worth of meals on a Sunday night is my secret to success when it comes to sticking to a healthy diet and losing weight.  

That way, you always have your ingredients, your plan, your recipes are done for you and it’s so much easier to just make the food.  

Do you plan your meals?

I recently got this lovely testimonial from Penny.  

“I have lost 3 lbs. and 3.25″ in 3 weeks of doing the Leaf System. The recipes are easy and make a good serving of food, and I always feeling full after eating.”

~Penny Baumann

I totally agree, I make the Leaf System meals for my whole family and I serve extra potatoes and fruit in case anybody is extra hungry or wants a healthy dessert. And this food is perfect for the whole family. I am amazed my fussy kids actually eat a lot of the recipes.

Are you ready to lose weight without having to make special diet food for yourself?

Today is a very exciting day because I’m doing a limited time free trial of The Leaf System where you can get 30 days free access to The Leaf System.  

The Leaf System is my weight loss system where you get monthly calorie counted healthy meal plans based on green smoothies for breakfast and an abundance of delicious meals made from real food.  

This offer is available until Sunday evening, so if you want to join us doing the 28 Day Leaf System Challenge and lose 1-2 dress sizes within a month, you will want to take me up on this special deal.

And that’s not all.

I have just posted a giveaway in The Leaf System members Facebook group, and you can take part too.  

But it’s for members only, so hurry and join us and enter the giveaway, grab your bonus and 2 other bonuses, all completely free.

Click HERE to get your free trial.

Katherine Kyle

p.s. and if you’re already a member, you can enter the giveaway in the members Facebook group.

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