“I Am No Longer Powerless Saying No To Sugary Food”

“I am no longer powerless saying no to sugary food”For some reason the food wasn’t as good as it was previously in Spain.

The first couple of times we went to Spain, I always thought it was very healthy.

But when we were just recently in Fuengirola, I couldn’t seem to find much healthy food at the start of the week.  

A lot of the food was very British – I guess it’s to cater to Brits unhealthy food preferences, but I’d take healthy Spanish food any day of the week.

I couldn’t even find much freshly squeezed orange juice or smoothies, which is something I previously loved about Spain.

So I got myself on TripAdvisor and searched for some specifically healthy places to eat.

And I found some great places that we tried towards the end of the week.

We found this lovely organic cafe. They sold colourful smoothies and juices, delicious healthy pancakes free from refined sugar and other nasty ingredients.

chocolate pancakesEverything is so beautifully presented, topped with mounds of fresh colourful fruit, just the way I like it.

If you make food appealing to the eyes, it does actually taste better too.

Just look at how beautiful this is, doesn’t this make you want to eat healthy?

beautiful smoothie bowlMy kids devoured the food and didn’t notice that it was ‘healthy’ food.

I think they enjoyed it a lot more than the usual stodge that we’d been eating at the start of the holiday.

How I wish there was an organic cafe like this near where I live – I’d never be out of the place.

If I want to eat healthy, I have to make it myself, so a rest from meal preparation inevitably means eating unhealthy food where I live.

And eating too much refined sugar does lead to increased sugar cravings.

I think it’s something we should stay away from the majority of the time.

But I do think we should be able to have the occasional sugary treat, without it causing too many problems for us.

But for most people, one treat leads quickly on to another.

However, when you start eating nutrient dense food the majority of the time, something strange happens.

You find your cravings completely die down.

And a lot of people find they are suddenly able to enjoy the occasional treat without it leading to a massive binging session.

Check out this testimonial I got this time last year when my testers were first testing The Leaf System over Christmas.

Testimonial sugar cravingsIsn’t that fabulous?

Would you like to feel this way too?

The Leaf System is my weight loss system where you get monthly calorie counted healthy meal plans based on green smoothies for breakfast and an abundance of delicious meals made from real food.  

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The leaf system on a phone

Katherine ‘beautiful food lover’ Kyle

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