The Perfect Christmas Gifts To Make Fussy Adults Feel A Million Bucks (And Will Only Cost You Pennies)

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The perfect Christmas gifts to make fussy adults feel a million bucks (and will only cost you pennies)Are you all sorted for Christmas?

I don’t know about you but I find it really hard to choose Christmas gifts for other people.

I don’t find it hard to find stuff for the kids, but it’s the adults I struggle with.

Most adults I know just buy what they want when they want it.  

So that usually means I buy them something unwanted that sits there on a shelf.

I often buy books that I think will change their life, but I very rarely hear that they have been read.

Not everybody is a keen reader like I am.

But there is one gift that I give that I can pretty much guarantee will get used.

And not just get used, but I often get requests for more of them in the future, which makes me happy.

What are these gifts that always get used?

Homemade gifts!

Homemade GiftsThink about it, have you ever been given a batch of cookies or some homemade soap?

How much more likely are you to eat the cookies or use the soap just because somebody you know has gone to the trouble of making something special – just for you.

In our society, people investing their time is so much more meaningful than people investing their money.

If you have ever been given a drawing from a child that was drawn especially for you – how special does that make you feel?

My daughter is at a lovely age now where she is doing some beautiful drawings on a daily basis and it’s such a nice feeling when she hands me a drawing and says ‘I drew this just for you mama’.  

This is how other people feel when you make them homemade gifts.

Do you know the other great thing about homemade gifts?

They can actually be a lot cheaper than buying gifts, but nobody needs to know that.

The first year I decided to make homemade gifts for my friends and family, I experimented with loads of ideas and put all the best ones into a book.

The book contains a variety of homemade gifts including tasty treats and personal care products.

All of these recipes contain essential oils, but the essential oils can always be left out if you don’t have access to any oils.  

I specifically chose recipes that were cheap to make and only took a few minutes to make a batch of gifts.  

After all, I’m a busy person.

But it took less time to make my own gifts than it did to sit in front of Amazon choosing presents for everybody. (I stay away from the stores from October to January! Busy shops are not my thing.)

If you would like to create some homemade gifts that will make your loved ones feel really special this year – I’d like to encourage you to pick up a copy of my book.

It is normally priced at $24 but for the next few days I am giving you a special Christmas discount. The discounted rate is just $6.40.

This is such a tiny amount to spend to get everything you need to see your loved ones faces light up, and make them feel so special.

30 Days Of Christmas Gifts


Click HERE to grab your copy before it’s too late.

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