Are Our Pregnancy Cravings Determined By Our Kids?

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Are our pregnancy cravings determined by our kids? I noticed something really interesting when I was pregnant with my kids.

Most people say that kids eating habits are determined by what you eat in the womb.

But for me, I think it was the other way round.

I think my eating habits while I was pregnant was determined by my kids preferences.

I believe this because I have always had a sweet tooth, I’ve never ever gone off sweet things in my life, until I was pregnant with my son.

When he was in the womb, I completely went off sweet food, I only wanted to eat very plain savoury food.

And that’s exactly how he eats now. He doesn’t have a sweet tooth at all.

He likes plain, savoury food and doesn’t like much fruit (apart from his Green Thickies).

But it was a different story when I was pregnant with my daughter.

My sweet tooth went through the roof.

I craved mountains of fruit, but also chocolate too.

She is a fruit fiend and would choose a meal consisting of only fruit any day, and really struggles with savoury meals.

kidsIf you have ever been pregnant, did you ever notice anything like this?

We all have different preferences for food which is what makes us unique.

But like it or loathe it, some food is just essential for all of us, such as leafy greens.

And if you’re not a fan of chewing a big pile of raw leafy greens, that’s exactly the reason I invented the Green Thickie to hide the taste of the leafy greens and avoid you having to chew them.

If you have a sweet tooth like me and my daughter, you will adore Green Thickies as they are naturally sweetened with the goodness of fruit.

And if you don’t have such a sweet tooth, you can still enjoy Green Thickies but perhaps you could leave out any dried fruit and switch out half of the fruit for something like an avocado which has more of a neutral taste.

If you’d like to try Green Thickies, why not do my cleanse and see for yourself how tasty they are?

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Katherine ‘not sweet enough’ Kyle

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