The Secret to Avoiding the Midday Slump

The secret to avoiding the midday slumpThere was a period in my life a few years ago, when I just couldn’t keep my energy up no matter what I did.

Every single day I would get the annoying midday slump and feel exhausted. It was like clockwork and it used to ruin my day and drive me crazy.

Until I finally found out the secret to avoiding the midday slump.

Is this something you’re struggling with?

It always seems to happen at the same time and you almost get the feeling that it’s about to happen. You’re trying desperately to will it away, but, inevitably the clock strikes 3:00pm. Suddenly, you are exhausted.

The thought of striking the letters on the computer keyboard seems like a daunting task, not to mention you can barely keep your eyes open.

Argh!’ you think to yourself.

When this happened yesterday, you swore it wouldn’t happen again.

As you debate whether to drink yet another cup of coffee, you wonder how to avoid this midday slump tomorrow.

Here’s the good news: there are steps you can take to energize your body throughout the day and avoid this desperate feeling.

The best place to start is with breakfast. Before we even talk about what to eat, let’s recognize that it’s important TO EAT breakfast.

Your body has been in a state of rest, relaxation, and recharging for several hours. It needs fuel in the form of carbohydrates and protein to get going in the morning.

Instead of processed cereal and milk, why not go for oatmeal with almonds and blueberries? Or blend up a batch of my Green Thickies and store in the fridge so you can grab-n-go in the morning while you hurry for work.

It’s also important to remember to drink water throughout the day. Dehydration is certain to cause sleepiness and fatigue. Imagine that a few glasses of water could be the difference between your 3pm exhaustion and vitality.

Don’t forget to put some thought into your snacks.

You want to be sure to stay away from excess fats and sugars, which are in candy bars and most packaged food. The fatty foods will make you feel lethargic and the sugars will provide an initial spike, but then you’ll feel the afternoon slump as you come down from the sugar high. Take a few minutes at home to prepare trail mix with almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, goji berries, and hemp heart. For added sweetness, add in cocoa nibs, dried apricots, or dried cranberries.

The midday madness doesn’t have to continue. You can control how your body feels by nourishing it with healthy food (and water) throughout the day.

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