The Secret to Reversing Your Weight Gain Habit

The secret to reversing your weight gain habit

Gaining weight is a habit.

Today we’re going to reverse that habit for good.

We’re going to switch your habit of gaining weight for a new habit of losing weight.

What do I mean?

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Most things we do every day, we do completely on autopilot, especially when it comes to eating.  

For example, this is my own habit that I quickly fall into when I’m in a cycle of gaining weight.

I sit down on my sofa at the end of a hard day’s work. I am feeling nicely full because I just had my dinner. But I feel tiredness creeping in, and I am also bored. I need entertainment. I need something to treat myself for a hard day’s work.  

So I find myself quite unconsciously in the kitchen searching for chocolate.

Even if I haven’t bought any myself, my husband always has some in the house, or the kids have some left over from Christmas, birthdays or the numerous parties they get invited to. And even if all that fails – I still have all the ingredients I need to make my own chocolate.

So if I am unconsciously eating, I find myself eating chocolate before too long.

The main reason this happens is because this is my default state when I’m tired, bored and not hungry. This is my weakness.

What’s your weakness?

Where are you when you are unconsciously eating?

Why are you doing it?

Take a moment to really think about it.

Because once you are clear in your own mind, you are in a better place than most other people trying to lose weight. Why?

Because now you can actually take control of this situation.

Here’s the trick to changing your automatic behaviour.  

You have to plan it in advance…. In your mind, or better yet on a piece of paper.

If you can get out a piece of paper right now (or your phone) and write out what alternative action you are going to take instead of this automatic behaviour, you are much more likely to succeed.

So here is my own personal solution to my automatic eating problem.

When I’m sitting on the sofa feeling in need of something to reward myself with, and I find myself in the kitchen looking for something sweet, this is what I will do from now on. I will go into my cupboard and take out some natural chewing gum. I will go back and sit on the sofa, read my book and chew my chewing gum feeling like I have satisfied my sweet tooth without having to eat anything. Reading a book gives me something to take my mind off it. Going for a walk also helps. I then reward myself with an early night so I can feel refreshed tomorrow, with more motivation to stick to my new plans.

Does this make sense?

Can you now write out something similar?  

The key is to either change your location so you avoid the unhealthy food, change your activity so your mind forgets the junk, or change the food so you eat healthy food instead of junk when you are actually hungry.

I really urge you to try this because it works amazingly well.  

Do you feel better already?


Now that you have replaced your habit of gaining weight with a habit of losing weight – all you need is a healthy meal plan to follow, and viola, you will have the habits you need to stick to it and lose the weight.

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Katherine ‘habit switcher’ Kyle

P.s. tomorrow I have a video for you, where I explain why clean eating doesn’t guarantee you weight loss

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