Starvation Mode Doesn’t Exist

Starvation Mode Doesn’t ExistYou may have heard about a new method of eating that enables you to eat what you like and still lose weight.

If you missed my story I will copy it below so you know what I’m talking about.

I have been getting quite a few emails from people telling me they are worried if they use intermittent fasting and the Eat Stop Eat method, their body will go into starvation mode.

So I’m going to address that today…

The theory of Starvation Mode is something that leads people to obsessive compulsive eating throughout the world.

To use a very basic definition, Starvation mode is when your metabolism supposedly slows down when you don’t eat enough calories.

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More often than not this definition is used to support very complex diet programs.

These diets will tell you that not eating enough food will cause you to store more fat.

Right after delivering this pseudo-science message of fear they then tell you the only solution is to keep eating, and here is the catch, you must eat the special foods they recommend.

This is just another example of fear mongering and confusion created by the food, diet and supplement industry that ultimately leads to obsessive compulsive eating.

They are actually trying to tell you that eating less food won’t help you lose weight, and in fact might actually cause you to gain weight – Fear mongering at its best.

The truth is that there is a great deal of scientific research that shows you can eat very low calories for extended periods of time with no change in your metabolism and, no decrease in muscle mass, as long as you do some form of resistance training (A large part of this research is covered in Eat Stop Eat).

This is one of the major reasons why so many people are afraid that eating too much food or too little food will have a negative effect on their metabolism.

In my opinion the scientific research is clear, you can eat very a low calorie diet for an extended period of time.

As long as you do some weight training the only thing that is going to happen is an impressive amount of fat loss.  

And if the existing research wasn’t enough to convince you, here is more proof that you can lose significant amounts of weight without losing muscle mass or damaging your metabolism as long as you are using resistance training as part of your weight loss plan.

In a study just published in the Journal of Obesity, researchers examined the effects of losing 25 pounds on 94 women who either

A)    Followed a resistance training workout program

B)    Followed an aerobic training program

C)    Did not workout at all

These women were asked to follow a diet consisting of 800 Calories until they reduced their BMI down to less than 25 (The average 25 pounds of weight loss). The women continued this diet for as long as 5 months straight (not something I would personally recommend).

The researchers found that the women who were following the resistance training workout program maintained their Fat Free Mass during the time they were on the diet.  

This means that even though they lost 25 pounds they were able to preserve their muscle mass. Therefore all 25 pounds that these women lost was fat!

They also found the group of women who were following the resistance training workout program preserved their metabolic rate.

In other words they did not see any metabolic “slow down” as a result of losing 25 pounds, or from being on a 800 Calorie per day diet for 5 months!

Interestingly, the researchers found decreases in Fat Free Mass in the women who did not workout AND in the women who performed aerobic training.

More evidence that resistance training while following a weight reducing diet program can preserve lean mass and metabolic rate.

This is yet another example of why the Eat Stop Eat combination of flexible intermittent fasting and resistance training can help you lose fat without losing muscle or lowering your metabolism.

Eat Stop Eat has been featured on national television and helped thousands of men and women around the world lose fat without sacrificing the foods they love.

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And if you missed my previous post, I have copied it for you below.

After a very long period of sticking to my own meal plans strictly and having great results with my health and weight loss, I noticed something interesting happening.

I was feeling so healthy, that I was ready for more fun and flexibility.

Anybody can stick to a cleanse for a week, or even a month, but the thought of sticking to a strict eating plan for the rest of your life can be a daunting process.

After all – life happens.

We all need a social life.

And being social is often structured around food.

Most of us can’t be so strict about our food that we are able to eat ‘clean’ every single day forever.

I have managed to be strict for 6 months solidly but after my health improves and I get down to a healthy weight range again, I don’t have the same incentives that I once did.

I personally do need to socialise with food and have at least 1 day a week where I know that I can go out for a meal, or have a few treats in front of the TV with my husband.

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The problem is, that having these ‘cheat’ days can end up destroying all your hard work that you’ve put in for the rest of the week.

That is certainly the case for me.  

I would eat healthy foods all week, and feel good and full of energy, lose a couple of pounds and feel proud of myself.

But after weighing myself over the weekend, I was always disappointed that I was still the same weight.

At least I wasn’t gaining weight, but I wasn’t losing weight either.

Although I was pretty much back in my healthy weight range again, I wasn’t at my ideal weight and it was really getting me down.

I still had about 28 pounds to lose to get to my ideal weight and I was never making any progress towards it.

I was beating myself up for not being strict and sticking to my own eating plan every day of the week.

I’m as human as the next person and I love my food, love to socialise with food and I want to enjoy my life now that I am healthy again – and for me that does mean going out for a meal each week and eating exactly what I want to eat.

Do you feel the same?

Have you managed to follow a strict diet for a week or even a month and then struggled to keep it going after that?

I must admit, I do struggle to stick to a strict diet forever.

I’m just being honest with you. I’m not one of these supermodel type people who has completely removed any junk food from my life and can effortlessly look perfect 24/7.

It’s time for a true diet for life.

A diet that allows for the ups and downs and social patterns of everyday life.

That’s why I have personally changed the way I am following my own diet plans and my new structure is working like magic for me.

So it’s time I shared this with you too so you can have the same success that I’ve been having lately.

How to eat what you want and still lose weight

If you’ve been searching for a diet plan that you will not only lose weight with, but have a chance at making a change that will last a lifetime, then you might want to look into short term fasting as part of a sensible plan that can help you reach these goals.

If you’ve always dismissed fasting as something that’s only suitable for spiritual or religious people, then you are in for a surprise.

There are so many misconceptions surrounding fasting, and I’m going to share with you how it can help you not only in your weight loss program, but help you achieve a better overall you!

In order for any diet plan to work, there is really only one “magic” secret for it to work: eat fewer calories than you burn off. That’s it!

Think about it – all of the current fad diets rely on teaching you to eat certain proportions of whatever they think is best.

Ornish promotes low fat, Atkins low carbs, The Zone a more balanced ratio, but in reality, they all preach smaller amounts, which will lead to weight loss.

The only question with them is can you sustain yourself on these diets?

Not many can. People report struggling to stick to many of these diets simply because of the restrictive nature of these diet plans.

One thing that is interesting, however, is that any of these kinds of diets will cause you to lose weight, (by restricting caloric intake) proving that it really doesn’t matter what you eat, only that you eat less of it.  

The Leaf System works on a similar basis.  It is a calorie restricted diet, but with a difference. I believe it is the healthiest diet you will ever find, and for that reason it does truly make it a diet for life.

But even The Leaf System is a diet that some people do struggle to stick to for the rest of their lives.  And who could blame us? We are surrounded by junk food calling to us 24/7.

I take an 80/20 approach to healthy eating. I make The Leaf System meals from scratch 80-90% of the time and 10-20% of the time I eat what I want.

The problem is that 10-20% of eating what I want is enough to completely stop me from losing any more weight because I’m taking in too many calories during the entire week.

So it’s time to find a new way of doing The Leaf System that still allows me to be a little bit flexible when I want to eat out, but the weight will keep falling off.

I believe that short term fasting, a 24-hour fast once or twice per week, can be a great way to get you into total caloric deficit for the week.

Eliminating two full days of eating helps us consume fewer calories than we use, and that in turn can help us reach our goal of weight loss.  

Short term fasting is not only the fastest way to achieve caloric deficit, but also, contrary to popular opinion, can actually increase your metabolism during the first 24-36 hours.

Short term fasting can be a great aid to helping you lose weight.

It has been working like magic for me. My weight has been going down and down since I started doing this.  

I have finally found a way of eating that works incredibly well for me.

I can feel good about my health because I’m eating a diet that gives me tons of energy and I don’t have to worry about health problems.

But I can also see that this is something I will do for the rest of my life because I can have a weekly meal out and a few treats, and I am not yet at the stage where I want to cut those out.

If you want to have your cake and eat it, get healthy, and still lose weight, this might be the ultimate solution for you too.

I have been following a structure called Eat Stop Eat to finally achieve sustainable weight loss.

Eat Stop Eat has been featured on national television and helped thousands of men and women around the world lose fat without sacrificing the foods they love.

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