Sweet Green Apple & Vanilla Juice Recipe

Today’s guest post is from Sabrina from Living, Learning Eating.  She shares a great very fast green juice recipe that can be made very easily in your blender.  Make sure you check out her blog.  She has some great recipes and is an author of a children’s book!

Hi! I’m Sabrina from Living, Learning, Eating.

While I am not vegan, I eat a more plant-based diet diet than the typical standard American diet.

I’ve been vegetarian for about five years and I just love my fruits and veggies – and how they make me feel!

I don’t tend to drink many smoothies during the fall and winter, but once the weather warms up in late spring smoothies come back into the rotation! I usually prefer thick smoothies, made of my go-to combination of one frozen banana, a handful of spinach, a tablespoon of some nut butter, and whatever protein powder is around.

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My Bananas for Almond Chai smoothie, using Vega’s protein powder (which is vegan and contains powdered greens, so it’s a great green smoothie option when you’re out of greens) is probably my favorite.

Bananas for Almond Chai Smoothie in a tall glass – so creamy and delicious!

But sometimes I like to mix it up!

This morning, I realized that I was all out of bananas – quelle horreur! 

I was really hot and really craving a green smoothie to cool me off before breakfast, so I improvised. And while this smoothie was closer to a thick green juice than a creamy shake, it was still delicious!

* 1 handful spinach

* 1 cup apple juice

* 1 handful ice cubes

* 1 scoop Oriya Organics SuperGreen Medley

* 1/4 tsp. vanilla

* 2 tsp. agave syrup

Blend it all together and enjoy!

Best enjoyed with a NYC backdrop, like many things. :)

What’s your go-to smoothie recipe?

Do you prefer thick, creamy smoothies or crisp, refreshing ones?


  1. Mmmmm! I want one of these!! Congrats on the new baby!!

  2. Hello Sabrina, nice to meet with you and your creative recipe about Sweet Green Apple & Vanilla Juice Recipe. I really like the texture of that juice and all ingredients of this juice is nutritive as well. Thanks for a special presentation.

  3. Lovely post – This recipe sounds like a dream! :)

  4. Yum!! This looks amazing. Great recipe. :-)

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