The Thought Of Green Smoothies Makes Me Feel Sick

The Thought Of Green Smoothies Makes Me Feel Sick

Roses are red

Thickies are green

Time to lose weight

With the green smoothie queen

Cheesy I know, but I couldn’t resist….

It’s a sad day when I get an email from someone who says they can’t stomach the thought of putting leafy greens in their smoothies.  Even if they don’t taste them and even if the smoothie is delicious.  

It just makes them feel a bit sick knowing the greens are in there.

I can understand in a way.  Once I almost got convinced to put liver in my smoothies (don’t ask!  That’s a story for another time).  But even if I couldn’t taste it, I would still know it was in there. I just couldn’t go through with it.

Maybe you feel the same way about leafy greens in your smoothies?

Did you know that thickies don’t actually have to be green?

You can always leave the greens out…

But then you’d be missing out on all that extra energy, and benefits from the greens such as clear skin and suppressed appetite.

But if you really can’t stand putting your greens in your smoothie – and some people really can’t.

Here’s something else you can do.

Leave your greens out and drink your ‘Thickie’ as normal.

Blend your greens with a little water and knock it back – as quick as you can.

Or buy some green powder and mix that with a little water and do the same thing.

Or eat a salad.

Or take a green powder capsule if all else fails.

Whatever you do – try to think a way of getting some leafy greens into every meal – your body is going to be soooo thankful.

If you’re ready to embrace the greens and all the benefits they can bring you – without having to taste them at all, I encourage you to join the FREE 7 Day Lean Green Smoothie Challenge and drop a dress size this week.

Have a healthy day


Katherine ‘always greening it up’ Kyle


p.s. tomorrow we’ll be looking at whether my method of making smoothies causes a loss in nutrients AND whether it matters.

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