Top 10 Fitness Trends For 2018

Top 10 Fitness Trends For 2018

I always find it fun to try and predict the future…

And as someone who sells fitness products, I find it easy to see certain trends emerging.

So based on my predictions, what are the 10 fitness trends that are going to be popular in 2018?

1) Kinoki Detox Foot Pads

Top 10 Fitness Trends For 2018

Kinoki Detox Foot Pads are the newest detoxification therapy. It helps to prevent the accumulation of toxins in the body, thus substantially reducing the chances of illness, disease and removing harmful body toxins.

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2) Weight Loss Therapy Ear Magnets

 Top 10 Fitness Trends For 2018

Using the magnets – there are two different self-treatment methods, which should be chosen according to your own lifestyle, needs and personal preferences. The two methods are equally effective.

3) Foam Rollers

 Top 10 Fitness Trends For 2018

This Foam Roller is great for Physical Therapy, before or after Exercise, Yoga, and Massage. Foam Rollers helps to relieve Muscles Tension and increase Muscle Flexibility. Perfect for balance, posture and muscle re-education, spinal stability, body awareness and coordination and strengthening activities. 

4) Resistance Bands

 Top 10 Fitness Trends For 2018

100% natural latex. Perfect for crossfit, yoga & fitness classes. Textured surface for professional gym use. To develop the balance and coordination. Perfect for stretching and flexibility and to provide a total body workout. Perfect for weight training. Easily maintainable.

5) Five Finger Yoga Socks

Top 10 Fitness Trends For 2018 

Are you getting too cold doing yoga bare foot?

These socks are the perfect solution. As each toe is separate in these socks, you still have the same unrestricted range of motion just like you had bare feet. The anti slip pads on the sole of the sock will give you the perfect grip while you are balancing and stretching.

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6) Cellulite and Fascia Blasters

Top 10 Fitness Trends For 2018 

The real reason for cellulite is a build up of fascia within the tissues, which causes a lumpy appearance.

With this Cellulilte Blaster you can massage the fascia which leads to a smoother appearance and reduced lumps. It is also a great way to relieve the muscles and prevent soreness after a workout.

7) Ab Muscle Stimulators

Top 10 Fitness Trends For 2018 

This muscle stimulator can help to tone, and strenghten your muscles. You should start to see noticeable definition after 2 months of daily use. 

8) Neoprene Slimming Sweatbands

Top 10 Fitness Trends For 2018 

The sweat band increases the amount you sweat when you work out which detoxes your body and removes the toxins from the stored fat. This will help you become lighter and healthier. 

9) Waist Trainers

Top 10 Fitness Trends For 2018 

This waist trainer corset will make you look slim and beautiful. With 3 columns hook-and-eye closure this classic design will allow you to adjust the size as necessary.
High compression. It helps to reduce 4-5 inches in waist when you wear it.
Best of all, this corset is super comfortable. 

10) Wobble Boards

Top 10 Fitness Trends For 2018

Improves core strength, posture, coordination, and balance. Great to strengthen muscles, and increase the flexibility in the ligaments, tendons and joints. This Balance Board provides a grip for safety. With the lightweight, portable design, this balance board is great for home use or taking with you to the gym. It can be stored easily as it won’t take up much space in your home.


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There you go!  I was quite surprised at the trends too.  Meditation and yoga are emerging forms of fitness for 2018.

This year it’s all about the zen and de-stressing for good health, and less about killing yourself at the gym when all you feel like doing is sleeping.

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Top 10 Fitness Trends For 2018

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Top 10 Fitness Trends For 2018       Top 10 Fitness Trends For 2018     Top 10 Fitness Trends For 2018

Leave me a comment below and let me know how you are going to get fit in 2018.

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