Why I’m Obsessed With Biohacking

Why I'm obsessed with biohackingI’ve discovered something very cool called Biohacking…

And I’m obsessed!

It’s a bit like going to see the most expensive functional doctor in the world and them giving you a personal healing plan…

Without the cost!

If you have any health problems at all and you want to actually heal your body without taking drugs that cause even more problems, then you’ll be wanting to go down the natural route.

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The only problem is, seeing a functional doctor or a naturopath can get very expensive very quickly.

So what’s the solution?

Learn how to Biohack yourself – FREE!

It’s been working wonders for me and I know you are going to love it as much as I do.

Watch this video to find out how.

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Today I want to share with you why I am obsessed with something called bio hacking.

Now I want to share a book with you because this book has completely changed my life.

This book here I hope you can see it, its called the Biohacker’s guide by Anthony DiClementi.

I’ve probably completely said your name wrong but basically this book is all about upgrading your energy, recovering from disease and how to customize your own health plan for fast results.

Now this book is actually free.

All you need to do is pay shipping for this book and you can get it free.

That’s exactly what I did even though it comes from America, it’s still was free shipping for me here in the UK and it’s free shipping anywhere in the world which is amazing.

This is the book that … I bought this book because if you’ve been watching any of my videos you know that I had a health challenge at the start of this year and ended up with chronic fatigue syndrome again after a big period of stress.

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Although I was already eating a very-very healthy diet I had no idea of what was going on or how to heal from this.

So I needed all the help I could get so I ordered this book and I took it on holiday with me and I just laid in the sun and read this book and I learned so much stuff, it was unbelievable.

I learned all kinds of stuff that was missing from my body.

I’ve had major insomnia problems most of my life.

I learned what supplements to take that did actually work, and I’ll do a video on some of those some other time.

I learned about supplements to take for energy, for adrenal fatigue for stress relief, for breathing, all kinds of stuff. In here you’ve got nutrition, movements, stress management, sleep supplements, hydration, oxygen and light, mindset and habit.

You’ve also got troubleshooting sections if you’ve got problems with your gut, nutrition imbalances, toxic overloads.

You’ve got problems with your hormones, you’ve got adrenal fatigue, you’ve got thyroid problems, you got blood sugar problems, you’ve got problems with your neurotransmitters, chronic infections, brain inflammation, immune deregulation, impaired methylation, mitochondrial dysfunction, circulation and oxygen deliver-ability, movement patterns, estrogen dominance, elevated androgen and PCOs.

Ways to boost your brain power, all kinds of stuff.

There’s everything that you could possibly need.

The bible for health, this is what I would call it.

This is a book that I would use to look up any kind of health problem I had or if I wanted to improve my health in Anyway.

If I think I need more energy, I need to sleep better, I need to whatever it is I need I would look it up in this book because it honestly has changed my Life.

I started taking a lot of supplements.

I started doing some of the techniques that he has suggested and I pride myself as being somebody that’s interested in health and I have actually done a lot of research into health before, and almost all of this stuff was new to me.

This is brand new stuff, it’s things that you just wouldn’t have heard anywhere else because Anthony’s completely up with new technology and new supplements and it’s a brand new book that’s got all the latest stuff in it.

What I really loved about his approach was that he uses nature where possible.

For example, he says when you wake up in the morning to wake yourself up what you need to do is look at the sunshine and you need to stare at the sun ,you need to be outside, ground yourself, you know, use nature wherever you can to reset your body because your body works with nature.

He also recognizes the limitations of our lifestyle and we can’t connect with nature all the time.

We can’t always go outside into the back garden and stare at the sun.

We’re often in a rush in the morning.

We’ve got to get out, we’ve got to get to work so he uses modern technology as a substitute for nature that has a really powerful benefits as well.

There’s a lot of things in here about technology and if you can’t use nature you can use this technology over here.

So there is just so much stuff.

It is such a powerful, jam-packed book.

It is just amazing.

I started to use some of his strategies and I do feel better and better everyday and it’s really a guide especially if you can’t get to see a functional doctor or a natural path or somebody that’s going to work in a natural way and help you heal your body.

I actually did go and see a functional doctor a couple of months after I started to read this book and I told her what supplements I was taking and she said, that’s exactly what I would’ve prescribed for you with your situation.

I really did feel like this book was like the functional doctor that I needed.

So if you can’t afford a functional doctor I would really recommend that you go and get this book because there is everything in this book that you could possibly need and this is definitely a book that I will never stop dipping in and out of my whole life because it is so packed with so many things.

It’s literally list upon list upon list.

You can just pick, you don’t have to try everything.

You just pick a couple of things that resonate with you and they will work.

He just gives you so many options for different budgets and it’s just Amazing.

Go over to get your free copy of The Biohacker’s Guide.

You can go to HERE and get your free book there.

I can’t wait to hear from you and find out what has worked for you in this book because I know this book is going to work for your health problems.

If you know anybody with health problems I would love for you to share this video and to like it and subscribe to my channel because I make videos like this

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So take care and I will see you soon.

Resources mentioned in today’s video

BioHackers Guide

The BioHackers Guide

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Why I'm obsessed with biohacking

Why I'm obsessed with biohacking

Why I'm obsessed with biohacking

Why I'm obsessed with biohacking

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Please leave a comment below and let me know what natural solutions you’ve tried for your health problems?  Thanks so much!

Katherine xxx

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