7 Kid-Friendly Paleo Smoothies

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7 Kid Friendly Paleo Smoothies

My girls love smoothies. But with a Paleo mama and a dairy-allergic kid, we have to be a little picky about our ingredients these days. When the kids were babies, we loved blueberry yogurt smoothies. Now, we almost exclusively use coconut milk as our smoothie base. I hope you love these kid-friendly Paleo smoothies as much as our family does.

  1. Banana Almond Butter Coconut: These our my kids’ personal favorite smoothies. Banana, almond butter, coconut milk and vanilla (sometimes we add a bit of honey, depending on our bananas’ sweetness) all mix up to make a fantastic dairy-free treat. Or, if you want a little chocolate in your life, you can make a Monkey Smoothie instead!
  2. Blueberry Pie: A heavenly combination of blueberries, banana, pecans and goji berries, this blueberry pie smoothie recipe is sure to be a hit.
  3. Frosties: It’s like a Frosty, but you know, not filled with ick. This version is based with unsweetened almond milk and flavored with banana and cocoa.
  4. Banana Berry: Bananas plus strawberries with your choice of almond or coconut milk. Can’t get simpler than that.
  5. Chocolate Avocado: My girls love avocado, but if your aren’t fans, never fear. The primary taste in this treat is of bananas and chocolate.
  6. Hydrating Mango: My kids aren’t fans of coconut water. But they LOVE mango. So when I need them to get their electrolytes in check, I use this recipe for a hydrating blend they’ll gulp down.
  7. Shamrock: Oh yeah, you don’t need to hit up that fast food chain for a delicious green shake. Try this healthy version made with avocado and coconut milk.

Bonus Recipe: Key Lime: My all-time favorite pie made into a smoothie? What could be more delicious?

And, if you’re looking to boost the protein in your kids’ shakes, be sure to check out this post on how to make a protein shake WITHOUT protein powder.

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Kristi Arnold is a former newspaper reporter and editor who is now a gluten-free vegetarian mom married to Mr. Meaty, a “normal” omnivore. The culinary odd couple is parenting two kids, a pescatarian with a hot dog exception and a lactose-intolerant nightshade-sensitive meat-lover. Kristi loves writing and cooking recipes for easy, family-friendly organic meals, learning about nutrition and living the simple, green life.


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7 Kid Friendly Paleo Smoothies

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing my “Frosty Light” recipe on your blog! xo Catherine

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