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How I Healed ME With Hypnotherapy

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How I Healed ME With Hypnotherapy

Have you ever thought about doing hypnotherapy?

I have done a couple of sessions when I was a lot younger and forgot about how powerful it is.

Things in the hypnotherapy world have moved on a lot since I last did it, and now it’s even more effective than ever.

If you watched my last video you’ll know that I have now healed from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome yay!

And it was all down to hypnotherapy.

In this video I share more about what happened when I went to see 2 different hypnotherapists and how it has left me absolutely fascinated by the workings of the subconscious mind and the positive changes it can bring.

I don’t know whether you saw the blog post that I wrote recently about the Benefits of Pink Himalayan Salt, but I have been going crazy with pink Himalayan salt and I have been using it in all my cooking.

And also, I have recently bought this Himalayan Pink Salt lamp and I absolutely love it because not only does it look beautiful, it looks beautiful turned off and turned on, but the benefits are amazing.

I don’t know if you’ve heard of these salt chambers that people can go into and it clears them of their breathing problems and allergies and stuff like that.

Just in the last few days that we’ve had it on, my husband, who has been suffering awfully with hay fever and kind of breathing trouble as a result has said that his breathing problems have really cleared up.

I think hopefully that’s working plus it’s so pretty.

I also have this mist diffuser and I absolutely love that as well because I’ve got my essential oils in there and this is like my own little chill out haven over here and I just love it.

I put whatever essential oils in there that enhance what I want to feel for the day, so at the moment I have got peppermint and eucalyptus in there, which gives me energy and helps to clear the air and detox.

That’s that, I just thought I’d show you what was behind me before I tell you about hypnotherapy.


Now, I don’t know whether you saw my last video, which was all about how I have now healed from chronic fatigue syndrome, yay!

SO I am back to normal, back to feeling amazing again and I’m so happy and so grateful. So happy to be alive!

My positivity is through the roof, mostly.

But what happened? I want to tell you all about my experiences with hypnotherapy now and what was the trigger that kind of pushed me over the edge to recovery with the chronic fatigue syndrome.

In my last video, I told you about how I was healed and how I’ve been doing things for my physical and my mental health and I was noticing a very small improvement every day, but I was getting so frustrated and I was just like, “I just want to be healed now.”

I was pointed in the direction of this guy who offered a money-back guarantee for healing of chronic fatigue, so I thought, “Why not? What have I got to lose? I’ve got absolutely nothing to lose.”

I started that day; we had a session over Skype (he does Skype sessions) and it was a bit of an intrigue.

I didn’t really know exactly what to expect.

But when he started the session I thought, “Yes, I recognise this now”. I’ve seen this years before, although I’ve never actually had a session where it’s been used on me before so it was all new to me, which is great.

Really exciting stuff!

Basically what he did and the techniques he used was, kind of like muscle testing or kinesiology.

I don’t know whether you’ve heard of that before, but basically, it’s a way that your subconscious mind can communicate with your body to give signals and let you know what your subconscious mind needs and what it wants and what has affected it.

Basically, it lets it talk, because we’re kind of stuck in our conscious minds a lot of the time, stuck in the kind of monkey brain of, “I’m hungry, I need something to eat. I’m tired, I need to go to bed. What was that conversation I had yesterday?”

It’s all this kind of surface level stuff that we don’t really get behind the scenes.

There’s a whole new computer back there that’s programming our whole lives.

Whenever you get scared about something or you get stuck in a rut, or you think, “Why on earth do I always behave like this? I’m so sick of myself. I always set myself up for failure and then, when it’s here, I’ve ruined it.”

It’s because the subconscious mind has been programmed and it does try to protect us, in a way, but it gets programmed in the wrong way and it doesn’t actually set up free and let us live the lives that we want to live.

Basically, I’d had this subconscious mind programming.

I’d been programmed in a certain way and basically my programming was around my kids.

I had this subconscious mind programming that was so deep that I wasn’t even aware of it until this happened, until this hypnotherapy happened.

But basically, my subconscious mind was telling me that children, having children, looking after children, kind of any contact with children basically, being responsible for children, was exhausting and it was so tiring that I would be unable to cope with the children.

I won’t go into the reasons why I had this programming, but basically that was what my programming was.

This hypnotherapy session helped me to realise why I had this, not only that I had this programming around children but that why I had it, and that actually was able to release it, which was amazing.

What happened in the session was, it went through this muscle testing and this kind of communication with my subconscious mind that basically asked the subconscious mind whether it was willing to let me heal from the chronic fatigue.

It said yes and then it actually said, Yes, you are now healed from the chronic fatigue”.

Actually, might be the first time I’ve done this. I was a little bit sceptical. I didn’t really know what to expect, whether I had been healed, and I just kind of continued the day.

Usually with chronic fatigue, I’ve started the day a little bit better and gradually went downhill very, very quickly to the point where in the late afternoon, I wouldn’t be able to function at all and after my dinner, I’d have to go straight to bed because I just didn’t have, I was absolutely exhausted.

I’d lay in my bed and a lot of the time I wasn’t even sleeping but I was just kind of laying there because I just didn’t have the energy to get up out of bed or do anything at all.

Not even watch a movie or anything.

So I was waiting for my energy levels to plummet and they didn’t.

They actually rose!

I thought, I’m just going to put this to the test. I’m not going to go crazy, like go for a run or anything, but I’m going to do some normal things that I would’ve liked to do.

So I went for a short walk. I puttered around the kitchen, tidied the kitchen, because there’s so much decluttering in my house that I wanted to do while I was sick and I couldn’t do, so decluttered a bit.

Made dinner.

Picked up the kids, which I hadn’t done for such a long time.

I did all these normal things and by the end of the day, I felt better.

I felt better than I’d felt in such a long time.

It was amazing!

That night, actually, I felt so good.

I was so full of this energy that I couldn’t sleep.

Then, because I couldn’t sleep, the next day I was a bit kind of, thinking, why  didn’t I sleep? What is it?

The next day, I had a full day of looking after my kids.

I was thinking, I just don’t know whether I can cope with this, and all these kind of negative thoughts were coming into my mind.

I learned this technique from the hypnotherapist to ask my subconscious mind for the reason why.

I asked the subconscious mind and I found out the reason why.

It was about my children and I had this belief that I couldn’t cope with  children, basically.

Now, when I look back over my chronic fatigue and the first time I had it, I was burned out while I was teaching.

I used to be a teacher. I was a teacher for six years. I burned out from that and I got chronic fatigue.

I used to be very, very energetic before I did that and then I completely burned out.

Second time I had it, I was a foster carer, we fostered teenagers.

As you can imagine, that was really full-on.

That’s like a 24/7 crazy exhausting, emotionally and physically exhausting, demanding job.

That was just I think, the most stressful thing I’ve ever done in my life.

We did that for a year. Burned out through that, had chronic fatigue the second time.

Then the third time was when I had my own kids.

So I’m thinking, these are all times where I have been responsible for children; looking after them, being responsible for them in one place or another.

I suddenly realised, this is what it’s due to.

It was so freeing in my mind to finally find the reason for the chronic fatigue, because it was so frustrating, especially because I consider myself quite a healthy person.

I eat a healthy diet, I do healthy routines and I make sure I look after myself, most of the time. I’m not perfect.

I was just thinking, “Why, why do I keep getting this debilitating condition? It’s just driving me crazy. I need to get to the bottom of it”.

And I finally have, which is amazing.

So what happened was, after that week, I had one good week where I felt amazing for that week and I was so grateful.

I was so thankful that I felt back to normal again.

Then, the week after that, I started having health problems again and it was different, though.

It didn’t feel quite the same.

It didn’t feel like my chronic fatigue had come back, but I felt really weird.

I felt like I had drunk a million cups of coffee and I was kind of shaking and jittery and I felt anxious and I felt wired.

I just did not feel right at all.

I came to the conclusion that maybe on the first day that I felt like this that it was maybe my supplements that I was taking.

I was taking some biocompatible hormones to try and raise my energy levels up.

I suddenly thought, when I was healed of chronic fatigue, at that point, I probably didn’t need these hormones anymore.

I kept taking them for a week, and then I think I got to the point where I was taking too much.

So I stopped taking them immediately as soon as I realised that, but I still had a week of feeling like this even though I stopped taking them.

I was Googling this and finding all horror stories of people who had taken hormones and years later, they were still feeling the negative side effects of taking too many hormones.

So I thought, “Oh no, I don’t want to get stuck in this negativity again”.

“I’m not going to feel their fear. I am going to recover from this. Not sure exactly how, yet, but I will recover”.

I started going out again. I was doing all my normal kind of things.

I went to a business mastermind group where we get to chat business and help each other with businesses and encourage each other and stuff.

It’s quite like a fun kind of social gathering, as well.

There I met this guy called Lester who also happened to be a hypnotherapist.

We were chatting and I was telling him about my previous experience with the hypnotherapist and how now I was kind of stuck in this new health problem state and didn’t know exactly how to get out of that.

He offered to give me a hypnotherapy session, so I agreed.

I went for the session with him and he used some similar techniques as the previous hypnotherapist.

But with the previous hypnotherapist, there was something that … when you’re using kind of muscle testing, I can get one type of muscle testing to work, but I can’t get other types of muscle testing to work.

Or sometimes, my body just didn’t seem to be cooperating at all and we were unable to proceed with the session.

The second hypnotherapist I went to see, Lester, he used different techniques and he managed to be like a kind of proxy, if you will, for my subconscious mind so that the muscle testing was through his body rather than my body so he could very quickly tap into my subconscious mind and find out what was going on there, even though my body was not showing any physical signs, which I thought was quite interesting.

That was a great technique he used, and he used all these other techniques.

It wasn’t just hypnotherapy but it was a variety of different stuff too … and I put some of the techniques in the blog post that’s linked to this video and I also linked to both of these hypnotherapists so you can contact them.

And they both do Skype sessions, so you can use them for your own sessions as well.

He used a variety of different techniques which were all so fascinating.

Some techniques actually made me laugh out loud.

Like basically, there’s one technique where he gets you to think about the negative, traumatic events in your life, just a few of them that have weighed on your mind, and he kind of reprograms them in your mind to make them actually funny.

There’s this really funny technique that he used. Basically, this horrible scene that I have from my teenage years; a fight that I got into that I didn’t start when I was in high school.

He turned that in my mind from a horrific kind of scene to a really funny scene with music playing and Muppets.

Everything was soft and funny and everyone was talking in Muppet voices and it was just hilarious.

I no longer see these events as negative anymore!

They have been completely reprogrammed in my mind, which is amazing.

We did work to do with my new health problems and my insomnia and things like that.

I managed to clear a whole load of stuff in the session.

He tries to work on as many health problems as he can.

Because I was so curious, now that I had cleared the chronic fatigue syndrome, I thought, what about this and what about this and what about the insomnia and this.

He managed to clear a whole load of stuff in the one session by using a variety of really funny, entertaining, interesting, different tools.

It was just a really, really good, positive experience and I really enjoyed every second of it.

So that was my two experiences with hypnotherapy.

I have really, really enjoyed hypnotherapy.

I absolutely love it and if I could do hypnotherapy every single week, I absolutely would.

Maybe it’s something I will do in the future.

Maybe I will continue to do it, because I just really, really love it.

It just doesn’t feel like hard work at all.

Somebody else does the work for you and your subconscious mind just says, “Okay, then. Let’s clear all this stuff.”

It is just pretty amazing.

That’s my experience with hypnotherapy and I would love it if you would share this video because that will help other people who might also get positive experiences with hypnotherapy.

I would love it if you could share it, like it, leave me a comment, let me know your experiences, and subscribe to my YouTube channel, because I create videos like this every week and you will get to see all of the new therapies that I try, all of my new experiments with healthy eating, healthy living, healthy mind, all this kind of stuff I’m bringing to you.

Thanks so much for watching and take care and I’ll see you soon.

Resources mentioned in today’s video

  • Hypnotherapist Martin

Martin gives a guarantee of healing from pain or chronic fatigue syndrome or you don’t pay. Pretty amazing if you ask me especially as it DID work for me!

Here is a link to Martin’s Facebook Page where you can message him directly

  • Hypnotherapist and Healer Lester

Lester offers a range of techniques and chooses the best solutions for you.  He also aims to release as many as your blockages as possible in one session and is a lot of fun to work with.

Here is a link to Lester’s Facebook page where you can message him directly

  • Himalayan Salt Lamp

In the video you can see my gorgeous salt lamp and I promised to let you know where I got it from. Here is my salt lamp and it’s a very reasonable price.  If you want to know more about the healing benefits of himalayan salt, you can read my blog post about that here.

  • Essential Oils Diffuser

This is my favourite diffuser and I have these in most rooms in my house. I absolutely adore them because you can match the oils to your mood, the light is so soothing and calming and you can set it on a timer too – plus it humidifies your room at the same time.

  • Essential Oils

My favourite brand of essential oils are Young Living because they are the best quality by a long way.  If you would like to join my team – grab my free goodie bag and get 24% off every order – you can grab your kit, freebies and join here.

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Please leave a comment below and let me know what your experiences have been with hypnotherapy?  

Thanks so much!

Katherine xxx

Katherine Kyle @ Green Thickies

Founder at Green Thickies
Katherine lost 56 pounds and recovered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome with Green Thickies.
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