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Healing Benefits Of Himalayan Pink Salt

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Healing Benefits Of Himalayan Pink Salt

I am in love with this pink stuff!

There are SO many healing benefits of Himalayan pink salt it’s unbelievable.

Today I’m sharing the many benefits of this gorgeous pink salt, the reasons why we should ditch the table salt ASAP, 5 healing benefits of Himalayan salt and 5 unique ways to use Himalayan salt.

What’s not to love?

What is Himalayan Pink Salt?

Himalayan salt is so incredible because it is a substance formed by a sea salt bed which was then covered with lava in Asia.  That salt bed has been completely protected from the pollution in the earth because it has been trapped under a layer of snow and ice for over 200 million years!

Can you imagine how pristine the world would have been that long ago?

We can capture some of that purity by eating Himalayan pink salt.   

What’s so great about Himalayan pink salt?

Did you know that the human body contains 84 trace minerals, and these need to be replenished for good health?

As luck would have it – or rather here’s another example of how perfect nature is…

Guess how many trace minerals are contained in Himalayan salt?


So I can’t think of a more perfect food for the human body – can you?

Another great thing about pink salt is that because of the way it is structured, the minerals are small enough for our bodies to absorb them very easily. And if a food is absorbed easily – we don’t need so much of it.

We we should give table salt a miss

Now a lot of people are worried about eating too much salt because of the sodium content.

But what they don’t realise is that table salt is refined salt and almost all of the trace minerals have been removed.

What’s worse – they have been removed by using solvents.

Then – to stop the salt from clumping they add anti-caking agents which are not good for the body.

Another thing that happens when table salt is created – is that the sodium content becomes a lot higher.

So when we are told to lower our salt intake, what is really meant is the sodium content.

It is really easy to eat more table salt than we need because our body is still looking for the nutrients that it hasn’t found in the salt – and also, table salt happens to be in all processed foods.  So when you eat a diet made up mainly of processed foods, chances are you’ll naturally eat more salt than you need to.

If you eat a diet made up of whole foods, you’ll have to choose to add salt to your meals, and you won’t add as much as you would have if you had eaten processed foods.

5 Healing Benefits Of Himalayan Pink Salt

1: Helps You To Balance Your Blood Sugar Levels

In one particular study, one group was given 2 grams of salt and the other group didn’t.  Those who had the salt had an 8% reduction in their glycemic response.  

In some hospitals doctors actually give their patients with high blood sugar and IV solution of sodium chloride so that their blood glucose levels return to normal.

So when salt is increased, blood glucose is reduced.

However a fine balance is needed as too much salt can be equally harmful so it’s important to get the right amount and the right type.

2: Improves The Digestion

By getting enough pink salt AND drinking enough pure water, this can help to improve your digestion by stimulating the organs into action, balancing the stomach acid, helping to produce more digestive fluids in the liver and pancreas, regulates the metabolism and balances the acidity of the body.

3: Improves Sleep

It is really important to get enough minerals in your diet or your sleep can suffer – so this is how Himalayan salt helps to improve your sleep.  

Sometimes people cut out too much salt from their diet and they have trouble sleeping.  Studies have shown that people with low sodium wake up twice as often as those who had enough sodium.  

 4: Improves your breathing

 If you are suffering from hayfever, allergies, asthma or other breathing problems this might be something worth trying.

Himalayan salt helps to remove mucus and allergens from the air.

Studies have shown this is also beneficial for bronchitis.

Many people claim this is also good for snoring as it clears the airways.

You can actually visit Himalayan salt caves where you can go into the cave and feel the benefits. I just had a look for a local salt cave near me and they actually give you your first session free!  I’m putting this on to ‘to go’ list – along with a floatation tank which is where you float in a tank of salt!

Pretty exciting!

 5: Purifies the air

In the same way that the salt caves help to improve breathing, you can also use pink salt to purify the air.  You can get yourself a lamp like this one which is absolutely beautiful in your home.
The way these work is because the salt attracts air pollutants to it which remain inside the salt instead of in your body.  Win win!
There are SO many other benefits of Himalayan salt and believe me you’ll be so much better with this in your life.


5 Ways To Use Himalayan Pink Salt

1) Make a pink lemonade

Simply add ¼ teaspoon of Himalayan salt and the juice of 1 lemon to a large glass of water.  You can sip on this throughout the day to keep your body in great health.  I do this every morning and I used this as a way to recover from low blood pressure.

2) Add it to your food

I usually add 1 teaspoon of pink salt to my stews and savoury meals, and believe it or not I also add a pink to all of my smoothies to help make them a balance meal – and it also helps to balance the taste buds and make the taste more satisfying.

3) Make Sole

Sole is a great economical solution because it lasts forever.  Basically what you do is take a jar and fill it ¼ of the way up with Himalayan salt and fill the rest of the jar with pure or filtered water.  Shake the jar to mix the contents.  
After one day the salt will be absorbed into the water which makes it much more available to the body.
Take 1 teaspoon of this every morning and feel the difference.
When the water runs out – simply replace it!

4) Detox Bath

Add Himalayan salt to your bath to purify the water, remove the nasties from the water and your body and provide the body with a great detox.
I do this every night and I’ve never felt better.
Add 1-2 cups of pink salt to a warm running water and then relax and listen to some guided meditations.  When you get out you’ll feel unbelievably relaxed.

5) Salt Lamps

I am getting myself one of these salt lamps ASAP as I am getting more and more concerned about EMFs and the damage they do to our bodies.  So anything we can do to protect ourselves from them is good.

They are really reasonably priced and last forever, you just have to replace the bulb.

Plus, because the light is an orange glow, it will help you feel tired before bed, so it’s great to have one of these in your bedroom, and anywhere else you spend a lot of time like your lounge or your office.  

These salt lamps work because they contain a large amount of negative ions which are found in nature.  They reduce the amount of positive ions in the atmosphere. Although it sounds ‘negative’ we do want the ‘negative’ ions because these are the beneficial ions for our bodies.  That’s why we always feel so much better outdoors as it contains a larger amount of negative ions.

Which type of salt therapy are you going to try to get more of this great pink stuff into your body?  

Where to buy pink Himalayan salt

You can purchase good quality Himalayan salt here on Amazon.

And now we’ve got the salt sorted, if you’re looking for some recipes to add the salt to, I’ve got some great ones for you.

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Healing Benefits Of Himalayan Pink Salt

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