How I intend to lose 33 pounds: Smoothies for weight loss case study 1

How I intend to lose 33 pounds and what to do before starting a diet

Smoothies for weight loss case study 1

This is the first in a series of blog posts describing my journey to lose my excess baby weight gained during my second pregnancy.   I’ll be mainly drinking smoothies for weight loss and I’ll be regularly sharing my diet plans and progress with you.  Hopefully this will help you on your own journey to get healthy and lose excess weight and I hope we can all support each other along the way.

How I intend to lose 33 pounds and what to do before starting a diet and Smoothies for weight loss case study 1

Well despite losing my appetite during my pregnancy and trying very hard to make healthy meals throughout the last 9 months I’ve still managed to end up 33 pounds heavier after having my baby.

Why I want to lose weight

A lot of people might say that I’m not massive and I don’t really need to worry about losing weight but I want to get back down to my pre-pregnancy and ideal weight for a few reasons:

  • I want to fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes.  My maternity leggins that I’m still wearing have now split down the sides and I don’t want to buy a new ‘big’ wardrobe, and don’t want to be wearing maternity clothes now I’m not pregnant!
  • I don’t like the way I look and don’t enjoy looking 6 months pregnant when I’m not!
  • I am officially overweight and I don’t believe that being overweight is healthy.
  • I want to take my daughter swimming and not be embarrassed about how I look.
  • I feel healthier when I’m a lower weight.
  • I want to stop eating junk as it’s not doing me any good and losing weight is a good incentive to eat more healthily.
  • I’m not the role model I want to be for my children.
  • I want to encourage others to get healthy and lose excess weight and I can’t do that if I am overweight myself.
  • Clothes fit me better when I’m slimmer.
  • I find exercise easier when I’m not carrying around all that excess weight and I find it easier to run around with my kids.
  • I am less likely to break my chairs (yes I broke one of my chairs when I sat on it recently!)

Is it better to focus on weight loss or healthy eating?

A lot of people don’t like to focus on weight loss but just on healthy eating and in an ideal world I think yes we’d all just care about what we put in our bodies and then our weight would sort itself out.  Yes we should be more concerned about diseases and heart attacks than what we look like.  But our weight affects or self esteem and it’s very obvious to ourselves and other people when we’re overweight so it makes us feel worse about ourselves than what is going on in the inside of our bodies where we can’t see the damage we are doing to ourselves.

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Blogging about my weight loss

I am aiming to start a case study to lose my excess weight and do it publicly over my website so that it will hopefully help you to either get healthier or lose weight.  I’m going to tell you what I’m eating and how much weight I’m losing so that it encourages you too.

I’m not sure exactly when I’m going to start yet, only that I know I will do it.  It’s very hard to set an exact date as I have so little time and energy for focusing on myself at the moment.  But I know that things will settle with my baby fairly quickly and that will be the point that I’ll start to lose my weight.

Funnily enough I gained almost exactly the same amount of weight that I did during my first pregnancy.  I also put on about 7 pounds after I had my baby (so much for breastfeeding helping you to lose weight fast!) and it took me about a year to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight.  The pattern after having my second baby seems to be very similar except I don’t want to wait a year to lose the weight this time.

33 pounds to lose on a smoothies for weight loss diet

Why I’m still gaining weight after having a baby

I think I end up putting weight on after giving birth because I’m so tired that I end up craving sugar and giving in to my sugar cravings.  I don’t have time to make any healthy food for myself so I end up eating processed rubbish.  I am also eating a lot of healthy food at this time such as salads, fruit and smoothies along with my meals but I’m also shovelling a good number of chocolate bars down my throat in the evening.  I’m eating them like I eat biscuits, 2 bites and they’re gone!  I could easily eat 10 chocolate bars in the space of about half an hour.  When I’ve only had 2 hours sleep for the past week all common sense and willpower completely flies out of the window.

So that’s why I’ve decided not to commit to starting a diet until I’m getting slightly more sleep.  I think sleep deprivation has a lot to answer for.  If you are finding it hard to control your eating then a good place to start is to get to bed earlier.  You’ll be amazed at how much better you feel about eating healthier if you’ve had a good night sleep.

My husband is getting through this tough time with coffee but I can’t drink the stuff, so chocolate it is for now!

I have some great ideas about diet plans that I intend to share with you.  I have 3 weight loss strategies that all involve green smoothies.  I’ve actually written a weight loss diet plan ebook too.  And until now I’ve not needed to use it, so it will be a great start for me to actually put it to the test and see if it works.

How I intend to lose 33 pounds and what to do before starting a diet Smoothies for weight loss case study 1Smoothies for weight loss

I invented Green Thickies (full meal green smoothies) soon after I had my baby for the following reasons:

  • They saved me time making meals
  • They saved me time washing up
  • They saved me time eating meals
  • They didn’t go cold while I attended to my baby (already cold)
  • I could sip them inbetween attending to my baby
  • They filled me up
  • They gave me energy
  • They were very healthy
  • They helped me lose my baby weight

So with all these great reasons for drinking green thickies, why on earth would I want to do anything else this time around.  I get a lot of emails from people asking me exactly what I ate for weight loss so this time I’ll be sharing all these details with you.

Weight loss without counting calories or weighing food

As I’m currently nursing my baby I’m not going to be restricting my calories at any stage.  I don’t actually believe that anybody needs to restrict their calories to lose weight as I don’t think all calories are  created equally.  I think eating the right foods had much more to do with it.  I absolutely love my food and I can stuff down twice as much food that I actually need in a day and enjoy every mouthful of it.  But when I eat junk such as chocolate bars and refined sugar I just crave more and more and I never seem to be able to be satisfied enough to stop.  Regardless of whether I’m hungry there is always a ‘sweet compartment’ in my stomach that is like a bottomless pit for chocolate bars and biscuits.

However when I eat unprocessed healthy plant based food the complete opposite happens, I actually feel full, satisfied and my cravings completely stop.  I’m able to maintain my ideal weight without counting calories or measuring food in any way.

My friend made me this ‘Green Thickie’ baby boy present out of baby boy clothes.  How cool is that?  Such a thoughtful gift.  I love it!

Smoothies for weight loss case study

What you need before even beginning weight loss plan

But for me to be able to start a healthy plant based diet I need the following:

  • Willpower
  • A good night sleep
  • A little bit of time (not much) to prepare some food in advance
  • Accountability

So when my baby starts sleeping slightly longer and spacing out the time between his feeds I’ll be starting my new healthy diet.

I think a big part of losing weight is also accountability so that’s why this blog is perfect for me.  I can stick to things if I have an audience and people that I have to explain myself to.  So I thank you for holding me accountable.  I’d also like to hold you accountable too and I’d love for us to support each other, so I’m think of ways in which we can do this.  If you’ve got any ideas how this might work I’d love to hear about it in the comments or feel free to email me at greenthickies at although I’m afraid I don’t have much time to reply to emails at the moment but I do read every one.

UPDATE: Thank you so much for the suggestions.   I’ve started a new Facebook group so that we can help to encourage each other to get healthy and reach our ideal weights by drinking smoothies.  I’d love it if you joined the Green Smoothies for Health and Weight Loss group so we can all support each other.

You can read my next week’s struggle getting back on to a healthy diet and my battle with sugar addictions.

You can read how I lost my weight previously with green smoothies:


  1. Katherine,

    I am right there with you! My second baby will be a year in two days and I am still 14 lbs above my pre-pregnancy weight from this pregnancy and a total of 32 lbs heavier than my pre-pregnancy weight with my four year old. I didn’t gain an exceptional amount of weight with either pregnancy each about 25 lbs, but I managed to put weight on and keep weight on while breastfeeding from putting anything in my sleep deprived mouth I could get my hands on. I started on Green Thickies and Smoothies earlier this week.

    • Hi Alivia

      Glad I’m not the only one who manages to gain weight while breastfeeding. Most of my friends seem to lose weight very easily while breastfeeding. That’s great you started on Green Thickies and thank you for your support. Hopefully we’ll get there together!

  2. Michelle Padrelanan says

    Hello! I have been reading your blog for a few months now and am not drinking green thickies, thanks to you. Though I haven’t lost weight from doing so because that wasn’t my goal when I started. I just wanted to get more fruits and vegetables in me.

    But now, my goal is to lose weight and it is a large amount of weight that I have to lose. I’m 5’5″ and over 200lbs. I’d like to be a healthier weight for all the same reasons you mentioned and more.

    I blog over at about our homeschool and reviews. I plan to share my weight loss journey to my readers on the blog for the same reason as you – to keep me accountable. What’s exciting is that I’m taking my whole family along on this journey. We are all overweight.

    We have started working out and it’s been great. I’d love to share with you and be an encouragement also.

    Here’s to losing weight, drinking green thickies, and a virtual friendship!

    • Hi Michelle

      Great to hear from you. I’m so glad you have started drinking green thickies and I really hope you can still use them in a healthy diet plan and lose weight too. I hope I manage to share something that will work for you and I’m just finishing off my ebook too and will be looking for testers very soon. It’s great you’ll be sharing this on your blog. I just had a look at your blog and left a comment. Very inspiring and it seems like you’ve been through an awful time of it. I’m so sorry to hear about your son. My heart goes out to you.
      Thank you so much for getting in touch.

  3. Michelle Padrelanan says

    Hi! Sorry, I mistyped the word ‘now’ to ‘not’ and that totally makes the statement different. I meant –

    “I am NOW drinking green thickies, thanks to you.”

  4. Hi, I am so excited for you to start this new journey and I would love to go on it with you and everyone else interested. I dont have baby weight to lose (my daughter is 12) but I do have weight to lose. I have been drinking greem smoothies to aid in weight loss and I really notice a difference when I drink them compared to junk. But I have been searching for a more detailed plan to follow and doing it with someone would make it even better. I agree with you that being held accountable is key. I was thinking that we could all comment on your blog updates of your progress with our weight loss numbers and things we found that worked or didnt work etc. kind of like a network of people all losing together while following your plan. Even though its all through cyber space it would be great to see your progress and everyone else’s. Just a thought, anyway please do let us know when you start and what the plan looks like. I will wait patiently for it and pray your baby starts sleeping longer and longer!
    Thanks for all you post and do,

    • Hi Lisa
      Thank you so much for your prayers, I think they’ve been answered as my baby is now going a lot longer between feeds, 3-4 hours and my toddler is currently napping too (and she very rarely naps these days) so I’m actually getting time to start this diet now and blog about it. I’m going to start my diet tomorrow and will hopefully keep you updated and will be sharing my plans with you very soon. I have created a facebook group so we can all support each other. It is if you’d like to join. Thank you so much for your support, hopefully we’ll both achieve our goals.

  5. How about a facebook group? That might be a great way to stay accountable together. I will for sure be following you on this, and joining you on this journey! I love your reasons for losing weight, and totally agree with them all! I have the issue of looking 6 months pregnant right now also, but from stupid gluten exposure! Oh well. I fully believe that we can both reach our goals. Congratulations on your new baby!

  6. I am really hoping you’ll be able to do this soon. I have about 30 lbs to lose myself and would like to follow your meal plans to see how it could work out for me – not just for weight loss but for feeling better as well. Half the battle for me is just figuring out what to eat, so it would be great to follow how you go about it. Thanks ahead of time for all your efforts!

  7. You mention that you have written an ebook about three different diet plans and that is what you plan to follow. I can’t seem to find the ebook anywhere on your website. Or have you not finished putting it together. I am just wanting to follow it as well. Thanks

  8. Hi,
    I’m from the Netherlands, so excuse my English…
    I’ve been having GT for a while now. Drinking them as breakfast/lunch. Love them and love your inspiring website! I prepare them in the evening for an overnight soak.
    Now i am overweight too and I find it difficult to dress nicely. It wouldn’t hurt me to lose approx. 20kilos.
    I’m excited to follow you in your journey.
    Creating a FaceBook group is an excellent idea btw!
    Good luck!

  9. Hi! I am trying to lose this stubborn weight that just seems to stay there no matter what fad diet I try or what different DVD or As Seen On TV equipment I buy. I was wondering, do you have any meal plan you have followed? Maybe some sort of ‘better in the morning, better in the afternoon, perfect for dinner’ type break down? All of these recipes seem fabulous, and exactly what I was looking for.

    Thank you so so so much!!!

    • Hi Carrie

      Thank you for your interest. Yes I have actually just written an ebook and I’m making the finishing touches to it now so I’ll be making that available asap. First of all I’ll be looking for testers for it though so watch out for a post soon asking for testers if you’re interested.

  10. Hey Katherine,
    I think it’s great that you are going to blog about your weight loss journey! I agree with you that sometimes you need to do more than just eat healthy. I’ve only ever been able to lose weight when I’m tracking my food intake.

    Remember that fruit is super easy to grab and eat throughout the day -maybe eating more of it would help with those nighttime chocolate cravings? It would probably help with the energy level, too. Though you are so right about sleep!

    Good luck! I look forward to hearing about your progress.

    • Thank you Adria
      I used to track my food intake but felt too restricted doing that but agree it’s definitely a good strategy for losing weight. I like to eat as much as I like of healthy food and that suits me fine. Fruit in this country doesn’t taste very nice to me, it’s tasteless and often picked too unripe so it’s hard to get motivated to eat it which is why I prefer to blend it up so I can’t taste it. I still do eat it though. I’m still intending to snack on it if I get hungry as my cravings will go once I start eating healthy I’m sure. I had been having a big bowl of fruit followed by a load of chocolate but if I can just stop eating chocolate I’ll be a lot better off and probably won’t feel as tired too.

  11. Sounds like you have a solid plan! That’s great. I keep thinking I need to lose my muffin top, but I haven’t tried very hard and my last child is 8! I just want to wear low jeans without having a “bulge” around the middle! :)

  12. Hi Katherine,

    I am ready to join you on your weight loss journey through green smoothies. My baby girl is going to turn 1 next week and I fluctuate with taking care of myself/making time for me. I first came across your Green Thickies website and Facebook page around the beginning of this year. I love many of the recipes. I will be making one of my favorites to fight my cold symptoms later tonight. Hope you and new baby are doing well. Hope the big sister is loving her new role in the family.

  13. That is awesome and very brave of you to post the pic and do this online with everyone. I don’t know that I would have that kind of courage, and can’t wait to try some of the recipes.

  14. thank you for this free guide to a healthier lifestyle. my second baby is now 5 months an im just tired of feeling unhealthy and unattractive.. ive been reading your blogs for the past few days now and you’ve inspired me to start the smoothie challenge!!! i am just waiting to get a blender! ASAP!! and i will try to get my husband into the smoothie challenge, as he also gained pregnancy weight too! haha. thank you again! please continue to inspire others around the world!

  15. Just came across your website……read your story. And will be staring it on monday. I have a 5 year old and since i got pregnant have not been able to loose all the extra weight. Im 25 years old and 5’4 and have 163 lbs and is difficult to dress with nice clothes because middle my section. I have lost weight before but now i just cant,i have tried it all and it has been a waste of time and money. Thanks for sharing your story. Keep you posted. Happy holidays!!!

  16. My 2nd son will be 3 in November and I’m still 20kg over weight (went right up to 93kg at 9 months! ). I have an online health store and I’m studying plant based nutrition, so I don’t have a real excuse! My excuse I use is time… but .let’s do this thing!!!

    • Lets do it! :o) Green Thickies are a nutritious and healthy meal replacement which should give you all your daily nutrition requirements if eaten in conjunction with one healthy main meal each day. For this reason they are safe to eat long term as they aren’t a fad or very low calorie / fat. There is a lot more information along with nutrition content and a basic green thickie recipe here.

  17. I’ve been drinking green smoothies for breakfast for two weeks now and am so stoked for your challenge! i’m going to do two a day (breakfast and supper….since i’m home to make them and i don’t like them cold so keeping one in the fridge at work for lunch won’t do). I have 55 lbs to lose and I know this is the key as I will be getting good solid veggies/fruit and no THINKING required! I hate counting calories! This makes it easy as I only have to think about one meal (which means I can still go out to eat with my gf’s as long as I make healthy choices!) :)

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