How I lost 5 pounds and dropped a dress size in 7 days: My Green Thickie Challenge (Pt 2)

My 7 day Green Thickie Challenge No.1 (Part 2):  Final Results

My Green Smoothie Challenge (Part 2) How I dropped a dress size in 7 days

UPDATE: Join our the all new Lean Green Smoothie Challenge.  

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Last week I completed a Green Thickies challenge which involved drinking nothing but filling green smoothies (Green Thickies) for 7 days to see how I would feel and to see if I could drop down a dress size.  After already dropping 5 dress sizes, this is the very last hurdle in my weight loss journey.  It was a very interesting week and has confirmed to me how healthy green thickies actually are.

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You can read my mid week observations and reasons for starting this challenge here.  Today I’m going to give you my final results, talk about detoxing, digestion, protein, give you a breakdown of another day’s meals on the challenge and there will be a chance for you to participate in your very own Green Thickies challenge coming very soon.

Final Results and observations

Find out My 7 Day Green Thickie Challenge Results Part 2At the end of the 7 days drinking nothing but Green Thickies, here are my final results and observations on this diet:

  • I lost a total of 5 pounds.  I was really impressed by this as I wasn’t counting calories and ate to my hunger levels.  It’s great for me to know I can lose weight without having to feel hungry at all. I didn’t have much weight to lose to remain in my healthy weight range so I’m also impressed it came off so easily as it’s normally very difficult to lose the last few pounds.
  • I dropped down half a dress size.  I’m so happy as I’ve been stuck between 2 dress sizes for ages so I finally got down to my ideal dress size and managed to get myself a pair of jeans, which funnily enough are actually a bit too big!  Yay I can buy clothes again.  I haven’t been this dress size since I was 17 years old.  Yay yay and yay again!
  • My Body fat percentage dropped by 1%.  I’m also very happy about that as my body fat percentage is in the lower end of the athletic range.  This is good as even slim people can carry an unhealthy amount of body fat on their bodies.  My body fat percentage is actually lower than when I was on the raw food diet, but I think it would have still continued to decrease on that diet had I not become pregnant.
  • Measurements: I forgot to measure myself until a few days into the diet and also forgot straight afterwards, but I think you generally need a longer period of time than just 7 days to notice differences in your measurements.  I actually think this is a much better way of noticing dietary improvements rather than weighing yourself as it is a true measure of whether you’re actually getting slimmer.
  • I found sticking to the diet very easy.  Even towards the end of the diet, I didn’t get any cravings for anything.  I did fancy chewing something but it wasn’t an overpowering urge.  I think the key is to eat when you’re hungry.  As I didn’t try and restrict my calories I gave my body exactly what it needed so there was no need for any cravings, plus my usual diet is pretty clean anyway so I didn’t have any major withdrawals from any foods.  However as soon as my husband got back from his trip at the end of my challenge, I found myself craving my normal food again.  I think it’s because I associate the pleasure of eating with enjoying company too.  When you eat your meals on your own, you can’t get as excited about a tasty meal.  But there are so many reasons why we eat the food we do, we eat because it’s a social and entertaining activity, not just to keep us alive and healthy.  I do think it’s important to strike a balance between the two though.
  • Needed a lot less sleep: For a few days my baby kept me from having a good night sleep and I coped just fine during the day, and on the other few days I actually found I didn’t actually need much sleep anyway.  One day I went to bed at 10pm and got up at 4am as I was wide awake and couldn’t get back to sleep.  I felt fine all day on just 6 hours sleep.  I used to need at least 8 hours sleep to feel good the next day, but it makes sense that I would need less sleep on this diet. When you blend your food the body doesn’t require much energy to digest it freeing your body up to get on with healing and helping you feel more energetic.  Ann Wigmore, who is the original inventor of green smoothie was reported to only need 2 hours sleep a night as she blended all her food.  Wow, I would get so much more done if I could get away with only 2 hours sleep a night.
  • Improved digestion: I used to suffer extremely badly from IBS even to the point where I’d end up in hospital.  After I become a vegan my symptoms dramatically improved and went away totally on the raw food diet.  However they often come back when I eat my normal cooked vegan meals.  On this green thickie challenge while I was drinking green thickies I didn’t have any digestive trouble whatsoever.  However one day I fancied something savoury so made myself a savoury green thickie soup and immediately had digestive problems.  I’ve no idea whether it was the peas, onion or garlic but it was one of the three.
  • I needed different calories on different days: As I was eating to my hunger levels and logging how many calories I’d consumed, it was interesting to see that the calories I consumed varied greatly every single day.  That also makes a lot of sense to me as not all days are the same and we expend more energy of different days.  That’s why it’s very hard to still to a calorie controlled diet as some days we just need to eat more food.
  • I ate at totally different times of the day: I also noticed that I didn’t get into a pattern with my meals at all.  I was hungry at different times of the day for different amounts of food.  I think this is also the key to eating more intuitively, to eat only when we are hungry.  Unfortunately we can’t do that as our meal times are too social and have to fit in with work, school and other activities.
  • I started Detoxing.  This actually came as a total shock to me.  For some reason I didn’t expect to start experiencing detox symptoms.  Maybe because the last time I detoxed I was on a raw food diet, and as was still eating cooked food during this green thickie challenge (Oats are pre-cooked and quinoa) I didn’t think it would be that different from my normal diet.  So when woke up on about the 4th days with a headache, runny nose and tiredness it was a bit of a surprise.  I usually don’t get those symptoms and I recognised the way I felt from my last detox.  I guess I was probably detoxing salt, fat, wheat and the vast number of foods I normally eat.  Plus blending all your food really does free up the body’s resources for other things.  I also know it was a detox as the moment I went back to my normal food the symptoms completely stopped.
  • My skin became softer and my complexion improved which was nice.

The great protein debate

The great protein debate started with my 7 Day Green Thickie Challenge I started out trying to explain the protein consumed during the week on this challenge but it got far too long and technical so I’ll be publishing it on it’s own post.  A lot of people ask a vegan ‘Where do you get your protein’ so it is important that I do address this on this website.  I do think it’s quite important to take a good look at it though as it can be very damaging for your health to consume too much protein.  I am in agreement with Dr. Douglas Graham’s advice in his The 80/10/10 Diet book.  Dr. Graham recommends we try and stick to no more than around 10% of our calories from protein.  This book helped me totally transform my health and the book makes a lot of sense to me and I’m sure it would do to you too as he explains it all very well.  You might also be thinking that 10% is a bit low but it is actually in line with government guidelines. I explain all this in more details in my protein article which you can read when I publish it this week.

Exercise and body shape

Chocolate Chili with Lime Green Thickie: Eat whatever green thickie you fancy on the 7 day green thickie challenge.So what happens when you reach your ideal weight, your perfect dress size, you’ve got your health back but you’re still not happy with the way you look?  That’s where I’m at now, and for me the problem is I don’t do anywhere near enough exercise.  I feel like I’ve got the diet part of my life sussed now.  I just need to do more exercise.

Also when you step up your exercise you shouldn’t really pay much attention to the scales but more attention to your measuring tape or body fat percentage if you still want to become slimmer.  Muscle does weigh more than fat and a lot of people find they actually slim down while putting on weight so you really need to be aware of it.

Also when you ramp up your exercising you will need to eat more calories, otherwise you’ll not have the energy to make it through the day.

During my challenge I ate an average of just over 2000 per day (over the whole week) which is supposed to be the amount for a woman to maintain her weight.  I was advised by MyFitnessPro to eat only 1200 calories per day. I still lost 5 pounds eating this number of calories.  It was the same when I was on the raw food diet too, I ate around 2000 calories and lost 56 pounds, so this is another reason I don’t believe that all calories have the same effect in your body.

The best measure of all is your eyes though, do you like how you look and the way your clothes fit?  If not, I’d suggest a Green Thickie Challenge to kickstart your weight loss, and then start an exercise regime for toning, sculpting and overall health.

What I ate in one day on the challenge

This has again ended up being another long post, but I hope you’ve gained some insight into the benefit of this Green Thickie challenge.  I’ve also shown you another day of Green Thickies that I ate during this 7 day challenge.


On the Thursday of the week I drank half of my Spicy Plum Smoothie that I had left over from the previous day.  I’m going to post this recipe soon as it’s gorgeous.  It’s got some spices and ginger in it along with some optional cayenne pepper which gives it an amazing kick.  It’s just started to turn really cold here in the UK (did it ever actually get warm?) so this is a perfect smoothie to warm you up if you’re feeling cold.

This Spicy Plum Smoothie was a great addition to My Green Thickie Challenge


For lunch I tried a smoothie that I’d created a long time ago and had all the ingredients to give it another go.  This gorgeous citrus green thickie was just as gorgeous the second time around.

I drank this Gorgeous Refreshing Citrus Smoothie during my Green Thickie Challenge


For dinner I thought I’d try again at an attempt to make a raw green soup.  I made a gorgeous mint and peas no cook blender soup.  My previous attempts at raw green soups have all been disgusting but after being inspired by Carrie on Vegan’s Avocado and Peas blender soup and realising I actually had this in one of my Dr. Furhman’s recipe books, Eat for Health, I thought I’d give this one a try.  I added oats to it to make it into a filling green thickie soup and not only was it gorgeous and fresh tasting but it actually filled me up all night long too.

 Try this amazing no cook Mint and Pea Green Thickie Blender Soup

Returning to normal food

When I changed my diet back to what I normally eat, I did have some digestive upset again.  I also had something with a small amount of sugar in it too and immediately got tooth ache.  I also think I’ve been needing a bit more sleep each night again, but all in all I don’t feel too bad off my challenge as I know I mainly eat very healthily anyway.

Now it’s your turn to start a Green Thickies Challenge

Soon it will be your turn to take the 7 Day Green Thickie Challenge. Are you ready?Would you like to join me on a Green Thickie challenge?  I know some of you have been so inspired you’ve already gone off and started a challenge.  This is so encouraging and I can’t wait to find out how you got on.  So next week I’m going to officially invite you to start your own green thickie challenge.  You will have various options such as choosing to replace only 1 meal, 2 meals or all your meals and snacks with Green Thickies.  I am so excited about this and can’t wait for you to begin your green thickie challenge next week.

Do you want to try a Green Thickie?  This basic Green Thickie Recipeis the perfect starting point.

[tweetherder]During my 7 day Green Thickie Challenge I lost 5 pounds, dropped down a dress size, lost 1% body fat, needed less sleep and more…[/tweetherder]

Have you ever gone on a detox?  How did you cope? Did you have any detox symptoms?  Have you taken part in any other challenges? Comments always put a smile on my face, so please take a minute to say hello below.  Many thanks.

UPDATE: This post was so popular that I created a green smoothie challenge that you can join and get the same results. Join my brand new Lean Green Smoothie Challenge.  

Click here to join


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My Green Smoothie Challenge (Part 2) How I dropped a dress size in 7 days


  1. Congratulations on loosing the 5 lbs hunnie. How exciting <3

  2. Sounds like a good challenge. I may consider giving it a try. Your recipes sound very tasty!

    • Wow that’s great you’d consider giving it a try. That’s the great thing about it is that the recipes are so delicious that I’ve really enjoyed all my meals and not been craving anything at all. I hope you join us again next week when I post details of the challenge. Many thanks for visiting.

  3. Great post and thanks for the mention, Katherine! Your story is really inspiring and I love all the personal details you shared from this week.

    • Hi Carrie, thank you, and thank you for sharing that amazing soup recipe. I really loved it, so fresh and tasty. My first green soup success! I do get a bit carried away sometimes with details, and my posts end up being so long but I always have SO much to say!

  4. Hello,
    I thought I might as well share my ventures in the Green Thickie challenge. I’ve been drinking green smoothies pretty frequently for awhile now, although not every day. More like every other day. I find my biggest problem with weight gain is my lack of portion control, since I do try to eat mostly healthy, whole foods, but I just tend to eat way too much in general. So I thought trying the challenge would be good, because I wouldn’t have to worry about over indulging. I’d like to thank you for sharing your story and some wonderful recipes! This is one of my favorite websites. Okay, well, I didn’t really last all week on the challenge, and I did slip up a few times, but over-all I felt really good about it. Here’s what I ate.

    *Wednesday, August 29: Today was good. I really enjoyed the smoothies.

    Breakfast: Green smoothie with almond milk, frozen grapes, frozen kiwi, frozen nectarine, an apple, frozen spinach, and chia seeds.

    Lunch: I made too much too finish in the morning, so I had the leftovers in the afternoon.

    Dinner: Green thickie with almond milk, frozen banana, spinach, rolled oats, peanut butter, dates, spices, and lemon juice. Yum.

    *Thursday, August 30: Today I tried a few new recipes, and I think I didn’t get them quite right. They didn’t turn out very good, and I felt pretty sick all day.

    Breakfast: Green smoothie with almond milk, spinach, banana, frozen blackberries, ground flaxseeds, sunflower seeds, vanilla extract, and dulse flakes. Didn’t care for this one at all.

    Lunch: Green smoothie with apple juice, spinach, walnuts, peanut butter, vanilla extract, spices, cucumber, apples, and avocado. Tasted okay, but the consistency was way off… and not very pleasant.

    Dinner: Green smoothie with almond milk, spinach, frozen mixed berries, chia seeds, shredded coconut, cocoa powder, maple syrup, and banana. This was okay, but I wasn’t able to enjoy it, because my stomach was uncomfortable.

    *Friday, August 31: I slipped up here, taste testing cookies… they were healthy ones, though. And I had a craving for hummus, for some reason.

    Breakfast: Green smoothie with almond milk, frozen spinach, frozen mixed berries, chia seeds, cocoa powder, frozen banana, and dulse flakes. A nice sweet/tart taste from the mixed berries.

    Lunch: Green smoothie with water, frozen spinach, swiss chard, raisins, almond butter, mixed berries, and frozen banana. Yummy!

    Then I made cookies for a friend and ended up taste-testing a few. They were made from rolled oats, banana, applesauce, almonds, flaxmeal, shredded coconut, cinnamon, salt, vanilla extract, and raisins.

    Dinner: Green thickie with almond milk, frozen mixed berries, frozen spinach, cocoa powder, rolled oats, almond butter, shredded coconut, frozen banana, an apple, flaxmeal, cinnamon, vanilla extract, and raisins. I tried to base this one off the cookie recipe, with some added ingredients, and it turned out pretty good!

    *Saturday, September 1: Pretty good day, although I did snack on some garden fresh tomatoes at a friends house.

    Breakfast: Green smoothie with frozen zucchini, frozen spinach, frozen mixed berries, almond milk, banana, and cocoa powder. This one had too much cocoa powder, but after I added extra banana and berries to sweet it, it tasted really good!

    Snack: A few fresh tomatoes.

    Lunch: Green thickie with almond milk, mixed berries, frozen banana, sunflower seeds, raisins, and raw broccoli. This one tasted too much like raw broccoli (which I don’t really care for, although I do love the steamed stuff). But after I added extra berries, oats, and raisins, it was pretty enjoyable.

    Snack: Snack smoothie with almond milk, cocoa powder, frozen banana, maple syrup, vanilla extract, rolled oats, and peanut butter. So good!

    Dinner: None, I started a short fast for religious reasons.

    Sunday, September 2:

    Breakfast: None, still fasting.

    Lunch: Green smoothie with almond milk, flaxmeal, cocoa powder, dulse flakes, frozen spinach, frozen blueberries, and frozen banana. This is my usual green smoothie recipe, that I have time and time again and still my favorite! Something about blueberries and chocolate… Yum!

    Dinner: Raspberries, peas, tomatoes, and plums. I visited my relatives and their wonderful garden, and ending up eating more than I should have. Fresh produce is always the best! I don’t feel too guilty, since it was all healthy, good-for-me foods, but I was too full to have a green smoothie on top off it all!

    *Monday. September 2: Isn’t it funny how holidays can just ruin a good eating plan? Ah, well it happened to me. Labor Day. This pretty much ended my green smoothie challenge. I went back to eating ‘normal’ food.

    Breakfast: Green smoothie, just my usual recipe. I wanted to throw together some quick and easy, without trying to come up with something new, in case it didn’t turn out good. So I stuck with the tried and true.

    Lunch: Pizza party at a friends house! Homemade dough, with homemade tomato sauce. On my pizza I had swiss chard, bell peppers, tomatoes, and a few other veggies thrown on. I’m vegan, so skipped the cheese and meat. For a pizza, it was pretty healthy.

    Snack: Fresh tree-picked plums and some walnuts and apples and peanut butter.

    Dinner: Pita pocket with lettuce, sweet garden tomatoes, vegetarian refried beans, garbanzo beans, and avocado. And a side of steamed, garden fresh swiss chard. Yum.

    Well, I really enjoyed the green smoothie challenge experience. Even though I did slip up, and didn’t last the whole time, I lost around 7-10 pounds! I felt light and energized the entire time, except for the one day that the smoothies didn’t sit quite well with me, but that might have been due to the discomfort I experience during PMS. Also, I felt good that I wasn’t depriving myself, didn’t have to be hungry all the time, and didn’t even have to worry about counting calories! This has been great motivation and I’d really like to have another go at it and stick to through the end! Also, I’m not very active right now, but I’ve been wanting to get ‘back in the game’, and I think some moderate exercise would also improve my results. Thank you , Katherine, for sharing your experiences and inspiring people to live a healthier, happier life!

  5. Congratulations on losing 5lbs. You’ve inspired me to take the challenge. I am definetely in. I drink 1 green smoothie a day right now so I think I’ll try it for all the meals. I want to try the Spicy Plum Smoothie sounds great and maybe I’ll even try the Mint & Pea soup.

  6. I actually started reading your post, and then made a green smoothie:) You can’t beat how healthy and refreshing they are! I cant wait for the plum recipe

  7. Woo hoo Katherine you are just awesome! So inspiring and you saw some amazing results. :)

  8. You are inspiring my friend, I wish I had your kind of control :D
    Loving it!

    Choc Chip Uru

  9. What a great result, I think I would love to join your challenge but just replace my breakfast lunch & snacks with green thickies( perhaps I wont need to snack) I would like to maintain my regular night time vegetables with the family.
    Congrats on getting down that dress size, what girl wouldnt be wrapped with that!!!

  10. It might be too much work but I was wondering if you could make a compiled list of all the green thickies you made while doing your challenge. I actually tried one of your recipes this morning and I am hooked. I just need a list with all the ingredients so when I go to the store I can get all that I need. I don’t have most of this at home:(

  11. Hi Kristina!

    Congrats again on completing your challenge and celebrating the details with us! I love to hear that women can be eating 2000 calories a day without killing herself in the gym and lose 5 lbs in a week!!! So inspiring. I’m right there with you girl. I just started the RAW challenge, which has been going pretty well, but I would love to start incorporating more green smoothies, and or thickies into my daily consumption. I think the public challenge is a GREAT idea!

    I also wanted to comment on one of your statements:
    ” I think it’s because I associate the pleasure of eating with enjoying company too. When you eat your meals on your own, you can’t get as excited about a tasty meal. ”

    I think it is SOOOO true. When I started this RAW challenge, I was going great until I had a friend suggest dinner and then my partner the same on a different day. Until they suggested dinner, I had no cravings to eat cooked food (in this case). WE DEFINITELY eat as a social thing as much as we eat for health. I think that may be a main culprit to our society as whole continually gaining weight and failing on diets – PEER PRESSURE :) lol

    Looking forward to the post on plums and I’m constantly trying to find more savory and soup ideas, so I’ll be back.


    • Thank you Lia, that’s very kind of you. I’m so glad you like the idea of a public challenge.
      Yes there is so much pressure on us to eat junk, from advertising to enticing smells pumped out in food shops, to friends and family getting excited about having treats and wanting us to share the fun with them. It’s very hard to resist it all as it’s lovely to share a nice meal with people. I guess that’s why I couldn’t permanently be on a raw food diet so that I can occasionally share fun meals with people. I’ll always be vegan but there’s still a lot of food I can share with others, but when I was raw I found socialising extremely difficult.
      I’ve now posted the Spicy Plum smoothie recipe as I had so many requests for it so here it is for you:
      I’ll have to start experimenting more with some green soups. I have some lovely recipes for raw soups that I make for my baby but not so many green soup recipes.

  12. I just stumbled across this. I have been having problems with choking on my food. I have seen the doctor and i need to go have more tests done but im thinking this will be great for me to try because i love raw veggies, i just cant swallow them. I can also stand to lose 50 to 60 pounds. I am going to go get some ingredients tomorrow to try it and i may take the 7 day challenge.

  13. Katherine God Bless You greatly for being a Major inspiration to me like I told you am on a 30 day green smoothie / Thickie challenge and stumbling across your very well put together website has made my trip effortless.

    I sure did a little experiment here and there, I made a green smoothie ice cream with
    Ginger (very lilltle)
    Lime (plenty love the sour taste)
    Blend all and freeze with less than 35cl water
    The taste is awesome

    I also added special k (2oz)(220cals) to my thickies and there was still a 1ilb loss the next day

    My Results So Far :
    10 ilbs since Sept 2
    I’ve not (CHEATED) had any cooked meal for a second except oats.
    My Skin is Glowing!!!!!!!!!!
    No Digestive Problems whatsoever,am soooo energetic and happy no mood swings @ all.
    My stomach has shrunk twice its normal size
    Am sooo Happy

    Am still on my journey would give a feed back again when am done .
    Thank You Katherine!!!!!!!!!!

    • Correction:
      I sure did a little experiment here and there, I made a green thickie ice cream

    • Wow Thank you so much for sharing your results so far. I’m so glad you are getting some benefit and inspiration from my website as it inspires me when I hear stories like this.
      Wow that ice cream sounds gorgeous! Did you stir the ice cream once it was in the freezer? I have an ice cream maker but rarely get round to using it. I love the fact you’ve made a GREEN THICKIE ICE CREAM! That is even more appropriate for my website than my green smoothie ice cream. I’m really going to have to make this!
      Wow your results are phenomenal! 10 lbs so far, well done, that’s amazing work. I’m so glad you are feeling so good and you’re getting so many health benefits from this challenge.
      I would love to copy this comment on to my testimonial page (when I publish it) but let me know if you don’t want me to do that.
      That’s amazing that you’re still going strong on the challenge. Well done! I’m sure you will inspire so many people to also get these great benefits for themselves.
      I will really look forward to hearing your feedback when you’ve finished. Have you had an detox symptoms so far?

  14. After I had sent in my results I fit into six of my Size 16 jeans and they fit perfectly ,down from size 18.

    By all means use the reports I have you thank for the info, I’ve been for over 3 months prior to having only smoothies and thickies didn’t detox much just a dizzy feeling and tiredness from counting calories (1,200 dats my intake,I go over some days not more 1,500 though)

    Ild update after 30 days, thanks a bunch

    • Wow Congratulations on dropping a dress size. Woo hoo! That’s such an amazing feeling isn’t it!
      Thank you so much. That’s great you didn’t have too much of a detox and interesting to hear that counting calories is working so well for you. I’ll look forward to the next update…

  15. Katherine,
    I am really enjoying reading your info on the Green Thickie diet and I’m sure my readers are too. Thanks so much for sharing all this wonderful info at Creative Thursday.

  16. I am keen to try this as I also suffer with something which may or may not be CFS (the Drs cant decide!) and I have a few pounds left to lose… But it sounds too good to be true! The smoothies I have tried are delicious but I worry if I drank enough to fill me up I would be way over the calorie allowance. I know you say it is a different type of calorie but I am just worried I will pile the weight on!

    • Sorry to hear about your CFS. I had that too although like you doctors couldn’t really find out what was wrong with me. I’m so glad you’ve been finding the recipes delicious so far. If you are worried about putting weight on, why don’t you set up an account with and you will be given a guideline to the number of calories recommended then you’ve got something to work with. If you find the number too low you can eat more but at least you’ll have a guideline.

  17. I can’t understand why the links to the citrus smoothie and the soup don’t work for me. They just take me back to this page in an infinite loop. I’d love to have these recipes if you can send me the links directly.

    • Hi Loraine

      Yes sorry that post was just highlighting what I had eaten that day but I didn’t have recipes posted for those 2 just yet. However I am posting the spinach soup on Friday so check back then for the recipe and hopefully I’ll get the citrus smoothie out in the near future.

  18. So very neat! I have been trying to do more smoothies and thickies but I need to DO IT! :) I love this post, that is some awesome will power! Thanks for linking up at our Gluten Free Fridays party! Its awesome bloggers like you that make our party wonderful! I have tweeted and pinned your entry to our Gluten Free Fridays board on Pinterest! :) See you next Friday! Cindy from

    • Hi Cindy. Yes smoothies are healthy but not on everyone’s list of a breakfast they crave. Thank you. It was easier to stick to that week as I didn’t have anyone around to tempt me into eating other foods. Thank you so much for tweeting and pinning my post. See you next Friday.

  19. I just finished a 15 day fruit and veggie smoothie fast on Tuesday night. yesterday and today I’ve eating some solid foods, and Wow! My Stomach is very uncomfortable. I’d be very willing to have another go at it. However, I don’t know that I will do it for all 3 meals a day for 7 days again. I may just do some meals.

    • Wow that’s great Jasmine. Well done for lasting so long on your fruit and veggie smoothie fast. Did you experience any benefits of it? Yes it is a shock to the system going back to solid foods again after it. We are starting the challenge this week so feel free to join us for as many meals as you are able to.

  20. I did lose weight and my digestion was much better. I actually have blown it pretty bad this last week since stopping, but I plan on starting it again today. Thanks for hosting this.

  21. Greetings Everyone
    How you doing Katherine
    Am done with my 30 day green smoothie/ thickie  challenge,and I must say its been a wonderful experience,I did pig out a couple days(5days to be precise )with cooked food which stalled my progress,but here is the final results from 2nd sept to 30 sept

    2/09/12 – 240

    30/09/12 – 224.5

    Am light in complexion naturally but am lighter now with very visible velvet skin

    Went from a Size 18 to Size 16(which is big now not shopped for new clothes yet)

    All form of digestive problems gone

    Surreal Energy 

    Excellent State of Mind 24/7

    The beautiful thing is am so used to smoothies and thickies  now I can barely chew a quarter cucumbers, so I still blend all my meals which are obviously RAW. 

    Thanks everyone thanks Katherine . God Bless You.


    • Hi Ojay

      Thank you so much for sharing this. Congratulations on completing your 30 day smoothie challenge. You’ve done amazingly well to stick to it for so long even if you did pig out a couple of times. You’ve had such inspiring results, lost loads of weight, a dress size and it’s great to hear you’ve got such great energy and state of mind. You’re also very inspiring to me personally. I think this kind of fast is beneficial from time to time especially if we can’t face doing a water only fast.
      I’m so glad you’re going to continue with your smoothies. Do you mind if I share your results? I think others would massively benefit from hearing this.






  22. Hey, I was wondering if you could give more of an idea of what you eat normally (when not on any challenges)? I was thinking of doing the challenge and then going onto a similar diet to yours (I’m already vegan but interested in what your typical day is). thanks

    • Hi yes no problem. I’m currently pregnant so my eating is all over the place but when I’m not pregnant I usually have green thickies for breakfast and for lunch if I’m in a rush too. In the summer when I have more time I might have a big salad for lunch with hummus and rice cakes or oatcakes and in winter I might have a big bowl of soup. For dinner I have a variety of vegan meals but normally a small portion on top of a massive green salad. I snack on kale chips, fruit ice cream, or more smoothies but I do try out new foods all the time. The main thing for me is that I try and make everything from scratch and eat a lot of fruit and veg especially raw (but I find that a lot harder in winter) I’m hoping to share more of this in the future.

      • Hey thanks for replying! I have another question if you don’t mind. For about a week now I’ve started having a green thickie for breakfast and lunch and then just my regular vegan dinners, and I have been very bloated (more than normal) and gasy. I was wondering if you had any thoughts on this? Could it be that I’m just not used to the extra fiber maybe? Do you think it will eventually get better/ go away? Thank you so much!

        • Hi Jocelyn, yes it probably is the extra fiber but it might also be that the combination just doesn’t work for some people. It also depends what you eat for the rest of the day too. I’d try just having them for breakfast and see if it eases off and then gradually increase the amount you have.

  23. I am looking to start the 7 day challenage. I am not sure what smooties to drink or do i choose any smoothies from your recieps page. Please help. Great job on your weight loss.

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