My Raw Vegan Fruitarian Transformation

My Raw Vegan Fruitarian Transformation

I have been on a 100% raw vegan fruitarian diet twice in my life now and it has totally transformed everything in my life.

It gave me my life back when I was at rock bottom with debilitating health problems. I can’t tell you how happy I am to have discovered that something so simple would create such unbelievable changes in my life.

Today I’m going to be sharing my complete fruitarian transformation with you.

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My personal story about how I got into being a raw vegan, a fruitarian, what happened, why I went down that path, why I only eat mainly fruit now, and what it did to me, and what the results were.

So, let’s go and hear about my magical transformation.

It all started about 10 years ago, just after I got married and I got really really sick. I had chronic fatigue syndrome, I had allergies, IBS, all kinds of problems.

I was pretty much bedridden which is not a very nice way to start a marriage.

I went to a doctor who said, you’re never going to recover from these things, you’re always going to have these problems.

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And I just went home and thought no way am I going to be like this for the rest of my life! I just can’t imagine my life like this, this is no quality of life whatsoever.

So, I decided to take matters into my own hands and I started doing lots of research.

I went onto Amazon and started buying books. Once you buy one kind of healthy book Amazon recommends other ones and I got lead down a little path.

My First Steps

So the first steps I took were giving up gluten, dairy and becoming a vegan. And I did notice quite a big transformation after I took these steps.

Within about two weeks my severe asthma had gone, my eczema had gone, my hay fever and constant allergies that were just there 24/7 had completely gone overnight. All this within just two weeks!

I also had this kind of itching on my skin, probably because all the toxins must have been coming out. After my initials steps I was free of these annoyances shall we say.

Most of my health problems went away.

But I still had some problems left, like my chronic fatigue syndrome was still there, even after about a year of being vegan it didn’t go away.

What I Did Next & The Amazing Results That Followed

So, then I got reading about raw food and I realized that I didn’t have enough raw food in my diet. I didn’t have enough fruit or any leafy greens in my diet.

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As a result, I started on a raw food diet, I started a low-fat raw vegan diet, like an 80/10/10 style diet. (This is the 80/10/10 book that helped me)

With this way of eating what I had was pretty much green smoothies for breakfast and for lunch, or some other type of smoothie, or some other type of fruit, basically just fruit, or fruit with leafy greens for my first two meals of the day.

And then I might have some more fruit later on as a snack and then for the evening meal I would have a salad.  Just a raw salad with salad leaves, cucumbers, tomatoes, vegetables and some tender little fat, like some nuts and seeds.

Basically a raw vegan healthy, low-fat lifestyle.

I went through a detox that lasted about three months – a long time.

It was a hard detox because I’ve never really detoxed in my life before, I’d never really tried to go healthy, and this was the first time I’d ever really tried to go extremely healthy.

As a result, it took three months to get everything out of my system.

There was a time when I had to lie down in bed, barely being able to take a bath, I used to have to go and lie down after taking a bath because I’d be shaking that much. All my skin was allergic to everything, I was even allergic to water.

But then within three months, I had so much energy, so much that I was actually running for an hour every day. And would come home from my run and do weights after that because I just felt absolutely amazing.

I just had so much energy to burn! I used to be an energetic person but I’d never felt like this in my entire life.

Before I had chronic fatigue syndrome I used to be quite fit and healthy and would do a lot of exercises, but I had never ever experienced energy on this level, it was just crazy, it was like there was nothing that could tire me out.

It was unbelievable that it happened so fast, and on top of that, another amazing side effect of being on this diet was the weight loss.

I actually lost about five stone which is about 56 pounds!

I dropped about five dress sizes in just a few months, most of it, not completely all of it, most of it came off within just three or four months of being on this diet, which was absolutely amazing.

I can’t tell you how good I felt and how healthy I felt just all when all kinds of my health problems went away.

How I Got Cured Of My Sun Allergy

I had a list of my health problems and the list had 50 health problems which were a crazy number.

And at one point I when went to the doctors, and he just said, “I just don’t have time to deal with all this stuff. We just don’t know what’s causing all these things.”

One of the problems was a severe sun allergy.

Being out in the sun for just five minutes would burn me, plus I would get sunstroke, heatstroke, a banging headache, and feel dizzy like I was going to pass out.

After being out in the sun I’d have to go and lie down for the rest of the day. I’d get like that every single time I went out in the sun.

After being on the raw diet for just about a few weeks to a month, we had a lovely hot spell in the UK and I was sitting out in the sun all day long for an entire week. And I thought, “Wow I can not only tolerate the sun, I feel amazing in the sun, It just feels right, I feel really good.”

I’d go out with my husband and my friends and they’d all be too hot and sweltering and saying things like “oh I feel like I’m going to pass out”, “I feel really hot.”

But I, on the other hand, would be just amazing, feeling like I could run in the sun and I could do anything I wanted, and I never felt that same way again in the sunshine.

I could probably write a book about how many benefits I actually received after changing to this raw vegan lifestyle.

What Happened When I Stopped That Diet

I never ever planned to come off this lifestyle, and unfortunately, I did come off the lifestyle and diet.

What happened was I went on a holiday, like a packaged vacation, with my family.

It was the first time I’d ever been to one of these all-inclusive type beach holidays and I didn’t really know what to expect.

But people had said, that there’s always loads of fruit there, that they have all these buffets with fruit on them and that I’ll be able to keep eating my diet no problem. And I thought that sounds great.

But when went there and it turned out that there wasn’t really any fruit. There were a few little tinned fruits in syrup, some dates covered in glucose, and there were a few little items with fruit dotted around and when I bit into them all they were all rotten. I tried very hard to find fruit.

We were on the island of Gran Canaria and I remember speaking to the hotel manager who said that the nearest place I can buy fruit was an hour’s walk away. So, I walked to the market, bought all this fruit and I thought “great I’m stocked up now”.

And when I got back to the hotel room, I started kind of chopping it up and preparing it and making it into smoothies and stuff but it was all rotten inside as well.

I spoke to the manager again and he said that that’s all the quality of fruit they got there, even though they actually grew all the fruit themselves. They get the worst stuff because they import it all to other countries like ourselves in the UK, leaving nothing good for the locals there.

That was really disappointing considering I was in the place where they were growing the fruit, and I just couldn’t figure out how to get any more fruit.

And as a result of that, I just kind of gave up at that point and started eating the buffet food, all the junk food that was on the buffet, and of course I got really ill. I had stomach bug type symptoms, for the last two days of the holiday.

I had enough fruit that I’d brought over with me that lasted quite a few days which was good but then the last two days I was really ill eating this unhealthy food and as soon as I started to eat the junk food I got immediate cravings which I hadn’t had the whole time I’d been raw vegan.

I got immediate cravings for more junk food and I kept shoveling it in, I just couldn’t seem to stop myself, I got out of control. So, I was really, really ill and then just felt so low and so depressed after. It was a horrible, horrible feeling.

I went home still feeling ill, had a bit of a family bust-up at that time as well, which was really really unpleasant and so my state of mental health was really really low.

I was so so depressed and when I got home I did think, right I’m going to go back to the raw food diet again because that’s what I need since I’m so ill, I’m and so down.

So, I tried really hard, I made smoothies and I forced them down but I felt funny. I just didn’t feel the same, I felt like no food was going down.

I couldn’t stomach healthy food and just the sight of my green smoothies was making me feel nauseous and I’d never felt like that before about my green smoothies, even just normal smoothies I just could barely stomach them. I just couldn’t really stomach any food at all.

This went on for a couple of months, two or three months, and then I finally figured out that I was actually pregnant, so that was the reason why I was feeling so nauseous. And I’d actually been pregnant on holiday and not realized it.

But my whole pregnancy was really really hard.

I felt really ill throughout the whole period. I couldn’t function properly.

I don’t know what would have happened if I had to have stayed raw instead of eating the cooked food but I couldn’t get back too.

I tried really hard though.

I did eat a lot of raw food but I couldn’t really get back to it, and then a whole series of mishaps, of trauma, one thing after another happened and my mind just completely went off the raw food diet. I was too consumed with getting through every day, scraping through every day and through it all feeling awful.

Then, after I had the baby I managed to after really struggling with not having time to make healthy food I managed to devise a smoothie which I call the Green Thickie.

A green thickie is a really filling green smoothie. It’s like a complete meal because when I had a baby I was really struggling to get enough calories and so I drank these green thickies, and I drank loads of them.

I would start the day with a green thickie for breakfast, and then I would have a green thickie for lunch. And for my dinner when my husband got back, I would make like a vegan cooked meal and put that on top of the salad but it was always very healthy.

Just cooked vegetables, no vegan junk food or anything like that but all very unprocessed, cooked-from-scratch and very healthy cooked food.

I managed to feel amazing eating this kind of diet.

I lost all my baby weight and I piled back on the weight I’d lost. I lost it all again and I felt amazing. Even though I was really sleep deprived I managed to have just enough energy to look after my baby and it made me feel really happy doing that.

That went really well and then when I got pregnant with my second baby, my son, and my health plummeted immediately. I had a really bad pregnancy, just like I had the first time around as well.

At that point my diet had changed slightly, I’d kind of got into bread making.

I was making a lot of bread from home, and I was the only one who seemed to eat it because nobody else seemed to like my home-made bread.

I was trying to make healthy bread. Rye bread, and wholemeal bread and stuff like that but nobody liked it so I always ended up eating it all and a lot of my diet ended up being bread-based instead of the healthy fruit-based.  I’m not sure how that happened but that’s what happened anyway.

I became really really sick, I got anemic, I felt dreadful, and I went to the doctor had to take iron tablets because the iron content in my body was so low.

My Paleo Phase

At the time I was friendly with a lot of people who were into a paleo lifestyle and they managed to convince me that my vegan lifestyle that I’d been following was the cause of my illness. And that I was deficient in something, that I’d been vegan for too long and I was now seeing the negative effects of the deficiencies of the vegan diet.

I did actually believe them at the time which I really wished I hadn’t because even though I gave birth I still carried on feeling really bad for about a year after I’d given birth. I didn’t kind of spring back to being healthy as I did the first time around, so I was inclined to believe that something had changed and that something was a bit different at this point.

So, I actually went onto a paleo diet even though I really really didn’t like it, I never have liked eating meat and I still don’t like eating meat.

I ate a lot of eggs and forced down a little tiny bit of meat in the evenings and I really didn’t enjoy any of it whatsoever.

I felt slightly better than I had been because I wasn’t eating any bread anymore because the paleo diet doesn’t contain grains. Because of that, I felt a tiny bit better and I wasn’t anemic anymore but still, I felt very lethargic, very tired and I just wasn’t feeling that good.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Again!

This continued for the next four or so years. I continued with this way of eating, a kind of paleo diet. But I did start to have my green thickies again so I’d have my fruit and my leafy greens for breakfast and lunch at least I would have that, and then dinner would be some kind of paleo stew or something like that, which I’d end up picking all the meat out anyway because I really didn’t like it.

But unfortunately, my health gradually went downhill, I’d have ups and downs and gradually my health deteriorated to the point where I ended up with chronic fatigue syndrome again, four years later.

I went back to the doctor again and they did a different kind of test on me this time, they did a test for coeliac disease.

Coeliac disease is a bit like an allergy to gluten, so an allergy to any kind of bread products, cakes, pizzas, or anything that’s got gluten in it. It’s like an allergy but it’s also an autoimmune disease supposedly, so any gluten ingested will destroy your small intestines and then you can’t absorb any nutrients from the food of your general level of health just plummets.

It turned out that I actually got diagnosed with the coeliac disease much to my surprise but I was actually relieved because at least I had a reason. I had an answer.

My Raw Vegan Fruitarian Lifestyle

So, then I started looking back and realized that that was the reason I was so sick during my second pregnancy because I was eating all this bread and I was allergic to it, so no wonder my health plummeted. I thought it wasn’t the vegan diet after all, so I immediately went being vegan again and I stayed vegan for a year after I was diagnosed.

I was drinking my green thickies for breakfast, lunch and a cooked vegan dinner, and I did feel an immediate improvement.

I felt an immediate improvement in my energy and my vitality, and then what would happen was I’d stick to it for maybe a couple of months and then I’d maybe have a little treat, something processed. Like a vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free cookie. I’d have one cookie and then I would end up flat on my back again.

I think I was allergic to something in the processed food because it didn’t matter which type of processed food I ate, this was always the result.

I was getting so annoyed with it, and then finally I just thought, my health is still suffering and I’m going to go back to raw vegan again. And I’m going to stick with it this time, no more pregnancies, nothing to drag me down. No more gluten, no more bread and no more holidays that I haven’t researched.

Nobody that’s going to encourage me to get off this lifestyle because I know that it works really well, it works for me, it works well for hundreds and thousands of other people who are following it.

So, the proof is in the pudding as they say, so if you do something and it works for you then stick with it. So that’s what I did, so I have gone back to my raw vegan, fruitarian kind of diet now.

At the time of recording this video, I have been doing it for about four and a half months.

Again, I went through about a three-month-long detox, during which I had colds and flu and was just feeling exhausted, achy and in pain, and those kinds of things.

It got to the point where I was thinking, this is never going to end, am I actually going to recover this time, I’m not sure.

But then all of a sudden, I felt amazing, just overnight I felt amazing again. I have started running again, I’ve got my old energy back, my old vitality back and I just feel so, so good.

So that is where I am up to now and I never ever plan to quit this lifestyle because it works for me and I just feel so so good. There is no cooked food that is ever worth me being flat on my back, unable to look after my kids, unable to be a good wife and unable to have a good quality of life.

Just having such an unpredictable life and not knowing whether I’m going to be well, or if I wake up in the morning, or whether I’m going to feel like I’m dying, or whether I’m going to feel so depressed that I just don’t want to be here anymore.

These are the things that I was feeling before, and now I just feel alive, almost every day I feel so so good and if I don’t it’s probably just because I haven’t had a good night’s sleep but I can still get through the day. I’m still fine, I can still go for a run even if I’ve not had a good night sleep, whereas before it would ruin me for a week if I didn’t sleep for one day.

So, it’s all good, it’s all looking up.

And so I really really want to encourage you, if you have never started this kind of lifestyle before then I would love to help you more. So, I’m producing videos that help you to learn everything you need to learn about fruit and fruity recipes and sharing my own stories with you so that you can help to transform your life in the same kind of way.

Also, I have lost weight again the second time, I didn’t have as much weight to lose the second time but I’ve definitely lost about 14, 15, 16 pounds so far and I’ve still got more weight that keeps coming off. It’s coming off quite slowly, at a rate of about one pound a week.

So that’s pretty good, I’m happy with that, I’m patient since I know I’m going to be doing this for the rest of my life now so I have got the time to wait and it’s all going well.

I also have a free recipe book, the Magical Life of Fruit recipe book where you will find the kind of meals that I eat and you can get my recipes so that you can start leading this lifestyle immediately. No time to waste.

I really want to encourage you to go and make your own magical life of fruit and let me know how it’s going.

Leave a message in the comments, tell me what stage you’re up to in your journey and I can’t wait to connect with you. So, take care. See you soon.

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