5 Best Oster Blender Reviews In 2019

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If you are going to make smoothies or thick shakes, you need a good blender. There are plenty on the market, and it can be hard deciding which one will serve you best. I realize when shopping for a blender, it’s important to know what you’re getting. That’s why I’ve compiled this list with reviews of the best Oster blenders available to help you decide if any of the Oster blenders are right for you.

5 Best Oster Blender Reviews In 2019

Oster makes some of the best mixers. Oster blenders or Osterizers are claimed to be the first mainstream liquefying blenders to be sold.

Oster 6684 12-Speed Blender, Black

5 Best Oster Blender Reviews In 2019; woman pouring smoothie into jar from blenderThis blender is versatile and durable. It’s made for completing various kitchen tasks.

This Oster blender has a 450-watt motor and the signature all-metal drive.

The jar holds up to six cups of liquid. The glass is thick and comes with a leak-proof lid.

You can use the stainless steel blade at multiple speeds with just a touch of a button.

There are six low and six high-speed choices, which you can alternate between with a switch. The low settings allow you to whip, cream, mix, chop, puree, and easy clean.

The higher function settings are excellent for ice crushing, grating, grinding, shredding, blending, and liquefying.

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Similar to the Pro 1200, you can get a three-cup food processor attachment as well.

You can’t go wrong with 12 speeds. This blender has a setting for every job you need to do in the kitchen, which is why it is so versatile.

My Score

This blender offers a lot and deserves an 8.7 for versatility.

Check out the customer reviews and see the current price over on Amazon.

Oster 4093-008 5-Cup Glass Jar 2-Speed Beehive Blender

This is a sleek, compact blender and highly rated on the market. It has a classic look, which adds a retro touch to your kitchen.

It has 600 watts of power and a sharp blade that can crush ice. So, not only can you make smoothies but frozen drinks as well. The edges work well for all sorts of foods.

The pieces of the blender connect with All Metal Drive, which makes it extremely durable. It functions at a professional level.

It comes with a 5-cup glass jar that is Thermal Shock tested and it’s dishwasher safe.

Ordinary glass might shatter with a sudden change from a hot or cold liquid, but this jar can withstand it.

Although this blender only has two speeds, it has a high-power motor that does exactly what you need it to do. It has a simple look but it’s no simple machine.

My Score

I give this blender an 8.3 because it’s simple and gets the job done.

Check out the customer reviews and see the current price over on Amazon.

Oster BLSTMB-CBG-000 Pro 1200 Blender

This blender has two exciting features: the Smart Settings Technology and Dual Direction Blade Technology.  

The Smart Settings has three pre-programmed settings and seven speeds.

The Dual Direction Blade has 3.5-inch extra-wide blades, which allows it to blend in two directions, fast. It has a smooth design and often found in brushed nickel.

The blender comes with a Boroclass glass jar which can hold up to six cups. It is BPA-free, and its square base offers durability and support.

Like other Oster blenders, it has Duralast All-Metal Drive with a metal-to-metal connection to break down the toughest of ingredients.

There is also a five-cup food processor attachment that gives you two appliances in one.

This blender is top-notch. It can break down any ingredients you put into it and with the food processor attachment, you can do so much more than mix foods with its extra durable blades.

My Score

I give this blender 9 and consider it one of the best on the market.

Check out the customer reviews and see the current price over on Amazon.

Oster 6812-001 Core 16-Speed Blender with Glass Jar

5 Best Oster Blender Reviews In 2019; Healthy Fruit in a BlenderThis blender is compact and will easily fit in any kitchen. It has a 700-watt power motor and ice crushing power of 450 watts.

The blade has four points that allow for easy and complete pulverization. It has Duralast All-Metal Drive and 16-speed control that varies from low to high settings.

In the low environment, you can mix, stir, chop, whip, blend, and puree. With the blender’s variable high settings, you can get a frappe, crush ice, liquefy, grate, mash, blend, grind, and shred.

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The mixer is so versatile that you can prepare just about anything. There is a single-touch button that allows you to control the pulse feature.

It has a sturdy 5-glass Boroclass glass jar, which has a design that’ll make it easy to fit in all your ingredients. It is thermal proof and can be used right out of the dishwasher.

Of all the blenders on this list, this one has the most powerful motor. It’s simple to use but not simple in its functionality. It doesn’t take up much space but does the job of a larger blender.

My Score

I give this blender a 9 because the 16 variable speeds are desirable.

Check out the customer reviews and see the current price over on Amazon.

Oster BLSTPB-WPK My Blend 250-Watt Blender with Travel Sport Bottle

This blender is unique, in that the blender jar is also a 20-ounce sports bottle that has a carry hook and lid.

After you’ve blended your beverage, you can take the jar out from the motor base, remove the blade and place on the lid. It’s a very convenient feature.

With the 250-watt motor, it has no problem crushing frozen fruit or ice. If you’ve ever had problems with overestimating how long to blend, then you know it can damage the motor with time.

The My Blend has a built-in resettable fuse that kicks the engine back to life if it overheats from blending too long.

The base of the blender wipes off with a rag, and the jar/bottle is dishwasher-safe.

If you have small counter space, the single-serve My Blend will be ideal.

This blender is so unique. With the jar also being a travel bottle, you save on space and have less to clean up. The resettable fuse will help protect the equipment and you’ll get plenty of blends out of the machine.

My Score

Because of it being so compact and convenient, I give this blender an 8.5.

Check out the customer reviews and see the current price over on Amazon.

5 Reasons To Eat A Blended Food Diet

5 Best Oster Blender Reviews In 2019; 5 Reasons to eat a blended food diet

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Here is a summary of this review to help remind you what the 5 best Oster blenders are and my scores for them.


Oster blenders are reasonably priced and perform exceptionally well. You can’t go wrong with any of the blenders mentioned in this list.

They all have their own unique features to make them stand out — whether you want something with more blending options or something with fewer controls to deal with, one of these Oster mixers has you covered.

I hope these reviews will help you pick out the mixer for your needs. You’ll have perfect smoothies every time.

And, after reading this, if don’t feel like an Oster blender is for you, why not check out my best blenders for smoothies review where I tell you about the other blenders that I use every day and adore just as much as the Oster blender.

If you enjoyed these 5 Best Oster Blender Reviews please let  me know your thoughts in the comments.

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5 Best Oster Blender Reviews In 2019

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5 Best Oster Blender Reviews In 2019
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