How The “Outlander Diet” Gives You Energy And Good Health

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How the “Outlander Diet” gives you energy and good healthI was just saying yesterday that I am getting right into the TV series, Outlander.

Have you seen it?

In case you have no idea what I’m talking about, Outlander is all about a girl called Claire who is an army nurse in 1945.  She walks through a stone in a stone circle in Inverness, Scotland. She is transported back in time to the year 1743 and because she is English, she is an ‘outlander’.  

I am finding this series fascinating, not only because the story is gripping, beautiful, and romantic but also because I’m actually learning about the country in which I live.

My kids were born up in Inverness as little Highlanders, so I have an attachment to this area. We now live on the outskirts of Edinburgh.

I was never very interested in history in school, and even as an adult I had found history a bit dull, but after watching a series like this where history comes alive and you really feel like you’re part of the story.

Now when I go on local trips I am fascinated by the history imagining I am there living the story myself.

Here I am at a stone circle just round the corner from my house.  

Nobody really knows the purpose of these stone circles which were erected over 10,000 years ago. People think they were used for religious or ceremonial purposes.

But now, when I see these, I imagine Claire being transported back in time through the stones.

Stone Circle

Another trip we went on lately involved visiting a local stately home and we wandered into the old kitchen.

I noticed they had a book for sale, ‘Outlander Kitchen’.

Outlander Kitchen

I find it so interesting finding out what they ate hundreds of years ago.

They tended to eat a lot of broths, soups, meat, fish, oats and they did some home baking too.

One thing is for sure, they didn’t eat any processed food.

Because they ate so well they had lots of energy for all that fighting (and loving)!

Speaking of processed food, there is one time in life where we tend to eat processed food more than any other….

When we are living away at university (college).

Rhonda is one of our Leaf System testers and she was finding herself eating far too much processed junk food when she was living away at school.  

“After starting the leaf system I lost about 7 lbs!

I was happy about this, but even more happy about the way I was feeling. It felt great to be finally eating healthy after a semester away at school where I felt like I didn’t have enough time to make myself healthy meals.

After a whole semester of eating microwavable ramen noodles and rice, I started to feel very run down.

I was excited about the leaf system because the recipes seemed fairly quick and easy to make–especially the smoothies! I started trying out the meals on my winter break from classes, and once I started I was really motivated.

The smoothies tasted great, much better than I was expecting from a “smoothie diet”. The meals were really tasty too. I noticed how much more motivation and energy I had, and that my mood started changing, I felt much more positive about the healthy choices I was making and it made me feel great.

I loved the facebook group too, everyone was SO kind, motivational, and helpful. It was nice to see other peoples feedback to meals, and ideas & tips. It was also great to keep me on track. I was a pretty active facebook member and the notifications and comments in the group kept me going knowing other people were doing this together with me.

Even throughout the busy holiday season I couldn’t go very long without craving a thickie. I am excited to carry my healthy habits over into the next semester at school and see more positive results from the leaf system!”

Do you find yourself eating too much processed food?

If you would like to join Rhonda losing 7 pounds and more eating healthy unprocessed food that won’t take hours to make, why not join The Leaf System?

The Leaf System is my weight loss system where you get monthly calorie counted healthy meal plans based on green smoothies for breakfast and an abundance of delicious meals made from real food.  

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The leaf system on a phone


Katherine Kyle

p.s. and if you’re already a member, just head over to the members area and access this recipe as part of the October meal plans.  And enter the giveaway in the members Facebook group.

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