Oven Baked Pancake Bars Recipe (Clean Eating)

Oven Baked Pancake Bars Recipe (Clean Eating) 2Woo hoo! Today is my favourite day of the year!

I love this day more than Christmas or birthdays…

It’s pancake day!

Seeing as pancakes are my favourite food (apart from Green Thickies of course) I just adore pancake day – also called Shrove Tuesday.  

Now depending on where you live in the world you might not have a clue what I am talking about, so let me explain.

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Pancake day is celebrated in the UK and many other countries all over the world (sometimes called Mardi-Gras). It is the day before Ash Wednesday.

Ash Wednesday is the start of Lent, and for Christians that means 40 days of fasting or giving something up before Easter which is 40 days after Ash Wednesday.  

So before this time of fasting people would use up the eggs, fats and sugar in their house as they would be giving up anything indulgent during lent.

So the best way to use up eggs, fats and sugar is to make pancakes!

In the UK the types of pancakes that we make are like French crepes. They are big, filling the whole frying pan with batter, but they are also very very thin.

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It is traditional to cook the pancake batter on one side and then flip the pancake over by throwing up the pan to make the pancake flip over and land the other side down without even touching the pancake.

It’s really funny to watch, especially when you have pancake failures that end up in other places of the kitchen or a crumbled mess. It’s all part of the fun of pancake day.

And the best thing is eating the pancakes covered in more sugar and lemon juice. Yum!

Well, now that I am a clean eating fanatic, there isn’t any sugar or white flour to be found in my house.

I have a rule that I eat what I want out of the house as I eat out occasionally, but in my own home, I eat healthy.  

But I can’t possibly go my whole life without pancakes, that would be too tough.

So I actually eat them every single weekend.

But with 2 young kids always wanting something whenever I’m cooking, making crepes in the pan is a lot of work and often leads to burned pancakes.

So I found an easier way to make delicious pancakes, and that is what I’m sharing with you today.

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I am giving you my delicious, healthy Oven Baked Pancake Bars Recipe.

Yes you heard that right – not only do these pancakes bake in the oven, meaning you can set and forget them, but they are made into the shape of bars, which means kids absolutely adore them.

And best of all, the mixture is made right inside your blender and it takes just 2 minutes to throw together this recipe. Yay!

I’m assuming you already have a blender (as you are already making your Green Thickies right? You are aren’t you?)

So the only thing you need to buy is a mold for pouring your pancake batter into.  

I got myself a bar mold as I really love this shape.

You can get a bar mold here.

But that’s not the only shape you can get – you can get round molds, pyramid molds or even… Waffle molds!

My kids also adore the waffle molds and the texture seems to make them taste better for some reason.

kid 1






The best thing about this recipe is that it is flour free, refined sugar free and it is so so delicious, you’ll definitely be wanting seconds, so you might want to double this recipe!

This batch will fill approximately 2 molds depending on the size.

Silicone molds are great because they are non stick so it’s very easy to get your pancakes out of them.  

They are also non toxic so you don’t have to worry about any toxic chemicals leaching into your food like you do with traditional non stick baking trays.

If you don’t have any silicon, just grease any baking tray you have and pour the batter it in. As long as it’s not more than about an inch height it will cook in any container.

You will also need a set of measuring cups – but seeing as I use cups to measure all of my recipes, I am hoping you already have these.  

If you need to get some measuring cups, you can get a lovely set of measuring cups here. It’s so much quicker than weighing everything!

Oven Baked Pancake Bars Recipe

Oven Baked Pancake Bars Recipe (Clean Eating) Full Ver 2


Oven Baked Pancake Bars Recipe

Oven Baked Pancake Bars Recipe (Clean Eating)
  • Author: Katherine Kyle
  • Prep Time: 45 minutes
  • Total Time: 45 minutes
  • Yield: 4 servings 1x



  • Pre-heat the oven to 200C/400F
  • Add a small amount of coconut oil (about 1 teaspoon) to the mold and put it in the oven for a few minutes until it’s melted.
  • Remove the mold from the oven and spread the oil all over the inside of the molds to grease them. You can use a silicone brush like this to spread out the oil. If you use avocado oil you don’t have to melt this first as it’s already liquid.
  • Add all of the ingredients (apart from the oil) to a blender and blend for about half a minute slowly until mixed together
  • Pour the pancake batter into the molds. Leave a small gap at the top of the tray so that the pancakes can rise and won’t over spill.
  • Bake for 20-30 minutes until the mixture is set and has started to turn brown.
  • Remove the pancakes and serve with fruit and your favourite pancake sauce. Click here to get my pancake sauce recipe.

Sneaky Green Sweet Berry Pancake Sauce RecipeThat’s it, simple isn’t it! All you do is blend, pour, bake and put your feet up. Yay!  

You’ll have a happy family if you make this recipe at the weekend.

Let me know what you think!  

Have a great pancake day!

Katherine xxx


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