Sneaky Green Sweet Berry Pancake Sauce Recipe

Sneaky_Green_Sweet_Berry_Pancake_Sauce_Recipe_3Do you want to know what my absolute favourite food in the world is?  (apart from Green Thickies of course)…


They bring back lovely memories of my nan who made me massive batches of pancakes when I went to see her.  

She made crepes with lemon juice and sugar and I adored them.

She couldn’t cook them as fast as I could eat them!

Now as an adult I still adore pancakes and I make them almost every weekend for brunch for my family.

I alternate between crepes, American pancakes and oven baked pancakes (so easy!).

And of course I am obsessed with healthy eating and providing the healthiest options for my family – that still taste good.

Sneaky Green Sweet Berry Pancake Sauce RecipeSo all of my pancake recipes are nourishing, clean, wholesome and made with real food.

So while I am waiting for my pancakes to cook I often whip up a topping that is either a fruit compote or a fruity sauce.

Today I am sharing my fruity sauce with you as it’s so quick and easy, and it will literally transform your pancakes into something gourmet and extra delicious.

And of course because I am obsessed with leafy greens and how they do miraculous things for the body, I just had to sneak some leafy greens into this recipe.

As we are not drinking my Green Thickies today, I had to find another way to sneak some leafy greens into our meals.  

And a berry sauce is the perfect place to sneak leafy greens in because the berries are dark purple in colour which is the more dominant colour. So the sauce neither looks or tastes at all green.  

My kids won’t touch any green vegetables yet they devoured this sauce.

It’s so easy, you just literally throw the ingredients into your blender and serve.





The best thing is this sauce is raw so it retains all of the nutrients – just like a smoothie!

This sauce needs to be thicker than a smoothie so we’re not using much if any water for this recipe.

Sneaky Green Sweet Berry Pancake Sauce Recipe

Sneaky Green Sweet Berry Pancake SauceIngredients


  • Add all of the ingredients to a high speed blender and blend until smooth for about 1 minute.  If you don’t have a high speed blender you might need to add a small amount of water to get this to blend easily.  If your blender can’t handle blending harder ingredients like dates, you can replace the dates with ¼ cup maple syrup or raw honey – or to taste.
  • Pour the sauce into a jug and pour on pancakes to serve

You can replace the fruit with any other fruit of your choice, but bear in mind, this sauce might turn green if it doesn’t contain dark berries.  

Of course you can always leave the leafy greens out. This won’t affect the recipe, but you won’t get those added nutrients.  

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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