Peach and Orange Juice Smoothie and Fasting (Green Smoothie/Green Thickie)

Peach and Orange Juice Smoothie

Simple Seasonal Save: Green Thickie Thursdays

Peach and Orange Juice Smoothie Green Thickie Thursdays

Tired, hungry and feeling weak.  Is fasting a good idea?  I will update you about my experiences with fasting so far.  And if you’re in need of something refreshing even if the sun isn’t shining on you at the moment, this Peach and Orange Juice Smoothie will definitely put you in a summery mood.


Why I decided to try fasting for the first time

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Green Thickie Thursdays: A new Green Thickie every Thursday along with Green Smoothie of the week on Tuesdays

When I came back from my holiday visiting family, I was feeling so good as we’d had constant sun while we were away and I hadn’t seen any sun all year at all.  (Since then it has gone back to grey, cold and rain again)  I know I keep going on about the weather but that’s what us Brits do best, and I really think it does completely change your mood.  So bear in mind my mood was so positive and I was really determined to get healthier and healthier at this point.

One of my resolutions was to start fasting once a week.  I’d never felt able to fast previously due to ill health so I thought it was a perfect time to try fasting again now that I’m feeling better.  I wanted to improve my health further, to try and clear up niggling  health problems that I have remaining and use it as a good time to pray and reflect and to see how dependant my body was on regular meals as I never miss a meal normally.

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My first fasting experience

Simple Seasonal and Save: Green Thickies

Simple Seasonal and Save: Green Thickies

The first time I tried fasting for a day it actually went a lot easier than I thought it would.  I fasted a day on the weekend so my husband could help with our baby in case I wasn’t feeling well.  I just drank water all day and didn’t eat anything.  I felt very tired and ended up sleeping for a couple of hours during the day and when I woke up I did get an agonising stomach ache which lasted for about half an hour, but after a lie down that went away.  I did feel very weak and was lacking in energy all day but I was fine when I was sitting down.  I felt a bit hungry but not too bad and I didn’t get any cravings at all which surprised me.  The next morning I woke up feeling absolutely starving and very weak.  I broke my fast with a traditional green smoothie (Citrus Cooler) followed by a green thickie and with each mouthful I felt more energy returning to me.

Green Smoothie Recipes: Citrus Cooler

Green Smoothie Recipes: Citrus Cooler

Did I continue to fast once a week?

My baby girl takes up too much of my energy for fasting

My baby girl takes up too much of my energy for fasting

The next weekend my husband was away so I didn’t think it was a good idea to fast while I had to look after my baby as it requires a lot of energy that I didn’t think I would  have.  So this day I just ate raw food, just fruit and salad and green smoothies.  I felt really good all day, not hungry at all.

Since then I’ve fasted one more time and ended up sleeping for a while in the afternoon again.  I’ve also had one more raw food fast day too which is much easier.

Spiritually I didn’t feel much difference.  Life continued to be as busy as it always is with a baby so I didn’t get much time to pray, read or reflect. I did however feel much less dependant on food, and it was really helpful for me to know that I could go a whole day without food and I wasn’t going to keel over straight away.  A lot of people in other countries can only afford to eat one meal a day so it helped me focus on people who don’t have as much as we do and I felt very blessed for what I’ve got.

Will I keep fasting?

My fasting has unfortunately stopped recently.  I totally think I would have seen major benefits in my health and well being if I had continued but at this stage of my life I’m not sure how practical it is.  I could only fast at the weekend as I wouldn’t have enough energy to look after my baby when my husband wasn’t there.  However it doesn’t feel right wasting a whole day of our weekend being too weak and tired to do anything.  We only get 2 days together when he’s not working away so I can’t really justify spending one day not well enough to enjoy it as a family.  I think family needs to come first at this stage of my life.  I would definitely like to return to fasting though at some point.

Are there any alternatives to water fasting?

Try a Raw Food Fast for one day each week for improved health

Try a Raw Food Fast for one day each week for improved health

I need to remember that I can still give my body and digestion more of a rest one day a week by just eating raw fruit and veg.  I have enough energy but I’m not indulging in anything rich and I can focus on other things apart from tasty meals.

Peach and Orange Juice Smoothie

Peach and Orange Juice Smoothie: Green Thickie ThursdaysThis smoothie is light, sweet and refreshing.  It is perfect for summer or any time of year if you can get hold of frozen peaches.

Peaches are one of my favourite fruits.  The quality of fruit in the UK supermarkets isn’t the best so I’m not surprised people don’t eat so much of it.  A lot of it is tasteless, and I’ve had to hunt far and wide to find a good source for my peaches, but now I have found the most gorgeous peaches, the sweet taste that I remember from my childhood fruit that I didn’t think I’d be able to find again has returned.  So I’m happily chucking peaches in all my dishes left right and centre here at the moment.

Have you ever tried a smoothie that used fruit juice for the liquid base instead of water?  It totally changes the flavour of the recipe and makes it much sweeter.  It is actually healthier too as the liquid now contains vitamins and minerals and is a live fresh food so it’s much better for you.  I don’t include many recipes with a juice base as it takes a bit longer to make the juice, however with a recipe this simple, it won’t add on much extra time.

What type of fruit juice should I use in a smoothie?

I wouldn’t recommend any store bought fruit juice.  It has been pasteurised so the heat will have destroyed the nutrients.  If you buy a carton of orange juice from the shop it’s basically just sugar water, not much healthy left in it apart from some vitamins that have been added in later.

How to make Orange Juice

I would only recommend juice straight from the fruit.  Don’t worry you don’t have to get out a juicer just to make a cup of orange juice.  If you don’t have a Citrus Juicer, you can just use your hand to give the oranges a really good squeeze.  I do have an Electric Citrus Juicer which was very cheap but I wouldn’t bother with it for such a small amount of juice.  I actually used this Juice Squeezer which is actually for lemons, but a lot of the oranges I use are small enough to fit in it, or I cut them into quarters.  I use it for limes too.

This is the fastest method I know with the least amount of washing up.  You just put the orange in the press, press the handle together and out comes the juice.  Its’ as easy at that. There is actually a Juice Squeezer specifically for oranges if you use regular sized oranges.  It is one of the handiest kitchen gadgets I’ve ever bought and one of the most used.

So do I feel disappointed that I didn’t continue fasting once a week like I planned?  No not at all.  I love just trying new things, and I couldn’t tell if it was suited to me until I tried it.  I’m glad I tried it because now I know it’s not as hard as I thought it was going to be and I’m motivated to do it again when the time is right.

I hope you enjoy this smoothie now that peaches are plentiful and low in price.  Let me know how you get on with it.  Did you sign up for the Smoothie Challenge over at Colourful Palate?  If you missed my round up of all the smoothies I’ve been drinking in the first week of the challenge you can have a look here.  Or Catch Up on all Green Thickie posts you have missed here.

Have you had any experiences with fasting?  How do you make your fresh fruit juice?


Peach and Orange Juice Smoothie and Fasting (Green Smoothie/Green Thickie)

Peach and Orange Juice Smoothie: Green Thickie Thursdays

Adding an orange juice base to this orange juice smoothie takes it to another level of gorgeousness.

  • Author: Katherine Kyle
  • Prep Time: 2 minutes
  • Total Time: 2 minutes
  • Yield: 2 Servings 1x
  • Category: Green Thickie
  • Method: Blender
  • Cuisine: Drink


  • 1 Cup Orange Juice (I used 5 small oranges)
  • 1 Cup Water (If you are drinking this straight away use a cup of ice instead)
  • 5 Peaches (If you can’t get hold of peaches you could use mango)
  • 1 Cup Spinach, tightly packed or 2 cups loosely packed. (Or any other mild greens)OR if you run out of fresh greens, add 2 scoops of Amazing Green Powder for an extra healthy green boost.
  • 2 Tablespoons Flaxseeds/Linseeds
  • 1 Cup Oats (If you don’t have a powerful blender and want the smoothie very smooth you can soak the oats for an hour before blending)


  1. Blend the ingredients in the order listed.
  2. Add more water if required to thin it out.
  3. Substitute any of the ingredients for whatever you already have.
  4. If your smoothie is too warm, you can cool it down in the fridge.


  • Serving Size: 550 ml/20 oz /1 pint

Nutrition info

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  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on fasting! I have been thinking about doing it once a week lately too…although I’m not sure I would go the all water route. But I like the idea of giving my digestive system a break to do some healing once in a while. I think I might do the raw foods/only blended food thing. I agree with you in that having one day a week where you’re just exhausted isn’t very practical.

    That smoothie sounds delicious by the way!

    • Yes I think it’s a great idea you are thinking of doing that too with the raw foods. A day of just fruit and salad veg really helps. I think it’s manageable once a week but a water fast is hard, it’s a shame life is so busy for us. Thank you.

  2. I’ve been thinking about fasting once a week a lot lately, but I am not sure If I should be doing it because I still breastfeed. I do get very bad headaches when I feel hungry so I’m really sceptical about starting it.
    Maybe, instead of fasting I should just make a day of drinking homemade juices and snacking on spinach or kale chips… something very light… I feel like I really need to do something with my diet because I do not like they way I eat these days and the way my body and mind feel.

    • I am also still breastfeeding but not exclusively as my baby is 1 year old now. I found mixed views about whether to fast while breastfeeding, but I think with some people it can affect your milk especially if your baby isn’t eating solids yet. I think a day of just eating fruit or vegetables or the juices is a good rest for your body. For major health improvements I would recommend the 80/10/10 diet. I totally transformed my health by following that diet and felt amaazing after an initial detox.

  3. Your smoothie looks great! I have pinned it to my smoothie board.

  4. Delicious and healthy smoothie, I need to loose some baby fat too. This one looks perfect. Thanks for sharing with Hearth and soul blog hop. I am highlighting this recipe on todays’s hearth and soul blog hop.

    • Thank you. I find the weight drops off a lot quicker when I drink smoothies (or Green Thickies) for breakfast and lunch and don’t snack in the evening! Easier said than done though. Thank you so much for highlighting it on the hearth and soul blog hop.

  5. Thanks for sharing your experience. Sure the first few days when you start fasting are the toughest ones. Your body doesn’t know what’s going on. The first time I went on fasting all I felt was hunger and tired. I too slept straight for two hours in the afternoon (I guess that’s because I became so tired) and woke up lightheaded. But after a few days (not continuous fasting – I mean one day a week) my body started to understand and adapt.

    • Thank you so much for sharing your experience. That’s really helpful for me to hear and encouraging as I don’t know anyone who fasts so don’t know what’s normal. I’m definitely going to try fasting again once I’ve had my baby and they are a little bit older. Many thanks.

  6. Tiffany Mabe says

    How many servings do your receipes make?

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