What 10 Months On A Raw Food Diet Did To Me (And Why I Stopped)

What 10 Months On A Raw Food Diet Did To Me (And Why I Stopped)

Today I’m sharing What 10 Months On A Raw Food Diet Did To Me (And Why I Stopped).

I actually never thought I’d ever quit being a 100% raw foodist. So I’m actually surprised at myself.

In this video I explain why I had the sudden change of heart.

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It’s all change again for me and my diet haha!  

I stayed on the raw vegan fruit based diet for 10 months.  I had a great detox which I feel this diet is brilliant at giving your body a gentle detox.  I feel I needed it after my celiac damage. I then started to feel really good.

Then we had an unusual very long spell of hot sunny weather here lasting several months and during that time I spent a lot of time in the sun and felt absolutely amazing.  Full of energy, so happy I could burst, I started running again and felt great.

Then the hot weather left us and the weather went back to very cold again very suddenly and my energy dropped about 50% at that time and my mood slipped.  So perhaps it was the sun more than the diet, I’m not sure but I do feel amazing in the sun.

I was then struggling to eat cold raw food all the time and got a bit bored with it.  I still felt fine apart from being freezing all the time, I had my heating on constant, 4 massive blankets/duvets on my bed, one of them was heated and still I couldn’t warm up.  Also my overactive bladder got a lot worse, as it did last time due to the increase in water rich food. That got very restrictive in terms of my lifestyle and prevented me from even taking short trips as I was constantly looking for a toilet every 5 minutes.

I then decided I was going to join a gym as I no longer wanted to run as it was cold and dark now.  

So I wanted to focus on getting very strong and building a lot of muscle.  

I started following a Youtuber called ‘Bobby’s Perspective’ who was a raw vegan for a while and a bodybuilder and he shed so much scientific light on a fruit based diet in terms of building muscle.

I learned so much from him and I realised that the diet I was on was great for healing but now that I was healed I was starting to go downhill because I wasn’t getting a wide range of nutrients as salad stopped appealing to me, and whenever I got high protein sources I also got a lot of fat.  (Basically as a raw foodist you are pretty much restricted to nuts and seeds which are high in fat).

Bobby said that a fruit based diet led to being ‘skinny fat’ which is definitely where my body was. I could have gotten all my nutrients from a raw food diet if I had tried hard enough doing loads of veg juicing, eating massive salad, and sprouting beans and lentils to get more protein.

But I also had continued teeth problems during this time leaving me unable to chew properly so I mainly just ate soft fruit which is not a fully nutritious diet.

So I made the decision to go back to a cooked vegan diet again, but unprocessed and focusing heavily on making sure I’m getting all of my nutrients every single day.

So things are going well.  I’ve built a lot of strength very quickly and feel much more energised, feel very happy and content and I’m really enjoying my food.  

My body heat has improved and I’m not half as cold as I was and my overactive bladder has also improved.

The only major downside for me is my digestion. It is awful right now. I’m eating a lot of beans, pulses and tofu and I’m getting so bloated.  

I really love the protein that it gives me but if things don’t settle down I’m going to have to go on a low protein diet again as I can’t carry on with this long term.  

I have always been bad with pulses but never as bad as this before.  

I am much better eating potatoes and veg but that won’t help me make as much improvement in the gym.  

So I’ll just keep trying things for my digestion for now. I’ve got a plan so I’ll let you know if I get my digestion sorted out enough to tolerate beans in my diet.

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