100 Best Green Smoothie Recipes for unbelievable energy and weight loss

Here is a list of 100 of my favourite green smoothie recipes to help you increase your energy and lose weight today. You are never going to run out of green smoothie recipes again!

10 Reasons To Fall In Love With Avocado

I have always been a huge avocado fan.

I love how it just makes everything taste rich and creamy.

I love to put it into my kids smoothies to make them thick like a dessert pudding.

Do you enjoy avocados as much as I do?

Is Sugar And Fruit Bad For Us? (I Reveal The Truth)

Is something as delicious as fruit really bad for us? Are some sugars better than others? I reveal the truth about sugar and fruit that can help you get healthier and shed weight without sacrificing taste!

5 Foods To Improve Your Mood (And Help You Lose Weight)

Learn how to eat higher vibrational foods to increase your life-force energy and increase your vitality and radiance.

Avocado Super Smoothie Recipe

This amazing smoothie is so fantastic for your health, it is full of healthy vitamins and minerals, reduces inflammation, provides immune support and much more!