100 Best Green Smoothie Recipes for unbelievable energy and weight loss

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100 best green smoothie recipes

Who would have thought this would happen?

That simply adding some leafy greens to a smoothie would take off like an unstoppable force.  

Green smoothies are all the rage and there is no stopping them now.

You may already be drinking them or maybe you’re wondering what all the hype is.

Green Smoothies changed my life beyond measure which is why I had to start this blog to get the word out.  

Green smoothies gave me my life back because they gave my my health back.  And without health we have nothing.  So I’m grateful for every single day that I now feel better than I’ve ever felt in my life.  My energy is sky high and I never feel the need for coffee or have afternoon energy slumps. 

And not only that – but they also helped me lose 5 dress sizes and get a physique that I’d not seen had I was a teenager.

Green Smoothies are the best way to pack lots of nutrition into your meal and for those of us that struggle with getting at least 5 servings of fruits and veggies and leafy greens into our day they are a perfect solution for increasing these important foods.  

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And the best thing about them is that you can’t taste the leafy greens, they are truly delicious (I promise)

There are many wonderful green smoothie recipes so you will never get bored and you can hide the greens so your kids will love them too!

I am so passionate about helping people getting their daily leafy green goodness that I wanted to create the ultimate resource so you are never without a green smoothie recipe again.  

So here are 100 best green smoothie recipes for you. I hope you enjoy them.

100 Best Green Smoothie Recipes

1. 4 Ingredient Green Smoothie Recipe by Cait’s Plate:

Ingredients: Spinach, Bananas , Strawberries

2. 5 Ingredient Creamy Banana Green Smoothie Recipe by Roxy’s Kitchen:

Ingredients: Banana, Avocado, Spinach, Apple, Yogurt

3. Green Tart smoothie by Simple Green Smoothies:

Ingredients: Kale, Celery, Grapefruit, Cucumber, Pineapple

4. Tropical Green Smoothie By Averie Cooks:

Ingredients: Mango, Pineapple, Banana, Almond milk, Spinach

5. Collard Greens Smoothie With Mango and Lime By Real Simple:

Ingredients: Mango,Lime, Collard Greens

6. Strawberry Blueberry Spinach Smoothie by Simple Green Smoothies:

Ingredients: Strawberry, Blueberry, Spinach, Banana

7. Basic Green Smoothie by Green Thickies:

Ingredients: Greens such as spinach, Fruit, Filler

100 best green smoothie recipes

8. Vegan Mango-Coconut smoothie by Kitchen Treaty:

Ingredients: Mango, Coconut, Spinach and Banana

9. Green for life smoothie by Raw for Life:

Ingredients: Kiwi, Apple,Avocado

10. Strawberry pomegranate green smoothie By 3 boys Unprocessed:

Ingredients: Strawberries, Pomegranate and Spinach

11. Green Warrior Protien smoothie by Oh She Glows:

Ingredients: Apple, Celery, Cucumber, Kale

12. Peanut Butter and Jelly Green Smoothie by Cupcakes and Kale:

Ingredients: Berries, Peanut butter, Greens

13. Creamy Citrus Fat Burner by Green Thickies:

Ingredients: Avocado, Lemon, Coconut and Grapefruit

100 best green smoothie recipes

14. Spinach, Grape, and Coconut Smoothie By Real Simple:

Ingredients: Spinach and Grapes

15 Ginger Peach smoothie By Martha Stewart:

Ingredients: Peaches, Ginger, Spinach

16. Clean Breeze by Eating Well:

Ingredients: Kombucha,Yogurt, Cucumber, Kiwi, Cilantro

17. Cucumber Mint Apple Cooler by Cooking Light:

Ingredients: Cucumber, Mint, Apple

18. Healthy Apple Pie Smoothie by Green Thickies:

Ingredients: Apples, bananas, pecans

100 best green smoothie recipes

19. The Green Drink by The First Mess:

Ingredients: Peaches, Greens, Coconut, Lime

20. Detox Green Smoothie by Running to the Kitchen:

Ingredients: Kale, Cucumber, Mint, Ginger,Parsley

21. Hide your Kale Smoothie by Minimalist Baker:

Ingredients: Kale, Hemp, Berries, Pomegranate

22. Kale and Banana Smoothie By Women’s Health:

Ingredients: Bananas, Kale

23. Orange Kiwi Kale by Incredible Smoothies:

Ingredients: Oranges, Kiwi, Kale

24. Chocolate covered marzipan smoothie by Green Thickies:

Ingredients: Mango, Carob, dates, Spinach, almonds

100 best green smoothie recipes

25. chocolate Green Smoothie by Greatist:

Ingredients: Cacao, Greens

26. Snickerdoodle Green Smoothie by Rabbit Food For My Bunny Teeth:

Ingredients: Cinnamon, Almond milk, Avocado, Vanilla, Spinach

27. Leprechaun Protein Smoothie By Keto diet:

Ingredients: Avocado, Mint, Pistashio nuts

28. :Strawberry Basil Smoothie by Greatist:

Ingredients: Basil, Swiss Chard

29. Tropical Collards by Smoothie Handbook:

Ingredients: Collards, Pineapple

30. Pear and Arugula Smoothie by NY Times:

Ingredients: Walnuts, Pear, Arugula, Ginger

31. Peppermint Patty Green Monster by Oh She Glows:

Ingredients: Peppermint, Banana

32. Arugula, Orange, Strawberry, Apple Green Smoothie By Health is Happiness:

Ingredients: Arugula, Orange, Strawberry, Apple

33. Lean Green Smoothie by Serious Eats:

Ingredients: Arugala, Lemon, Ginger, Mango

34. Natural Protein Smoothie by Green Thickies:

Ingredients: Pumpkin Seeds, Almonds, Mango or Peach

100 best green smoothie recipes

35. Pineapple Green by Eating Well:

Ingredients: Chia Seeds, Pinapple, Spinach

36. Spirulina smoothie by Deliciously Ella:

Ingredients: Sprulina, Blueberries, Spinach, Kale

37. Banana Island Spirulina Shake by Healthy Happy Life:

Ingredients: Bananas, Spirulina, Watermelon

38. Pear Wheatgrass smoothie by Incredible Smoothies:

Ingredients: Pears, Wheatgrass, Grapes, Pineapple

39. Wonderful Wheatgrass Smoothie by Symptom find:

Ingredients: Strawberry, Apple, Orange

40. Strawberry Peach Refresher by Simple Green Smoothies:

Ingredients: Bok Choy, Strawberry, Peach

41. Super Skin Bok Choy Smoothie Recipe by Superfood Profiles:

Ingredients: Bok Choy, cucumber, flax, Kiwi, Avocado

42. Coconut Bok Choy smoothie by Good Girl Gone Green:

Ingredients: Coconut, Bok Choy

43. Baby Bok Choy Smoothie by Green Smoothie Habit:

Ingredients: Pear, Bok Choy

44. Prize Pineapple and Parsley Smoothie by Green Thickies:

Ingredients: Parsely, Pinapple, Oats, banana

45. Refreshing Parsley Smoothie by Choosing Raw:

Ingredients: Parsely, Avocado, Orange, Coconut

46. Banana Apple Parsley Smoothie by Wishful Chef:

Ingredients: Banana, Apple, Parsley

47. Grape Parsley Lemonade Green Smoothie By Blender Girl:

Ingredients: Grapes, Parsley, Avocado, Stevia, Wheatgrass

48. Red Cabbage Smoothie by According to Ella:

Ingredients: Cabbage, Blueberries, Banana, Yogurt

49. Yummy Chocolate Cabbage Smoothie by Smoothie Handbook:

Ingredients: Cacao, Banana, Cabbage

50. Green Pina Colada by Meghan Telpner:

Ingredients: Spinach, Cucumber, Beet, Pinapple

51. Matcha Pear Green Smoothie by Life by Daily Burn:

Ingredients: Matcha green tea, Pear

52. Orange Spinach Smoothie by Savvy Sassy Moms:

Ingredients: Spinach, Orange, Banana, Hemp

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53. Orange Kale Protien Green Juice Smoothie by Life by Daily Burn:

Ingredients: Kale, Orange, Spirulina, Protein powder

54. Ginger Orange Green Smoothie Recipe by Bridgid Gallagher:

Ingredients: Spinach, Orange, Banana, Ginger

55. Strawberry Shortcake by Green Thickies:

Ingredients: Strawberry, oats, greens

100 best green smoothie recipes

56. Spring Detox Green Smoothie by Hello Natural:

Ingredients: Cilantro, Green tea, Cucumber

57. Flax and Oats Smoothie by Kath Eats Real Food:

Ingredients: Spinach, Oats, Flax

58. Honeydew Mint Smoothie by Will Cook For Friends:

Ingredients: Honeydew Melon, Mint, Coconut milk

59. Peachy Green Protein Smoothie by Life by Daily Burn:

Ingredients: Peaches, Kale, Pineapple, Protein powder

60. Kale Pina Covado Smoothie by Delicious by Dre:

Ingredients: Kale, Pineapple, Avocado, Protein powder

61. Coconut Orange flu buster Smoothie by Green Thickies:

Ingredients: Orange, Ginger, Coconut, Chia

100 best green smoothie recipes

62. Banana Spinach Smoothie by Fantastic Foods:

Ingredients: Banana, Spinach

63. Blueberry Smoothie by Alaska from Scratch:

Ingredients: Yoghurt, Banana, Blueberries, Strawberries, Spinach

64. Spinach and Fruit Smoothie by Honey We’re Healthy:

Ingredients: Mixed fruit, Spinach

65. Debloating Smoothie by Peanut Butter and Peppers:

Ingredients: Bananas. Strawberry, Coconut milk

66. Key Lime pie by Green Thickies:

Ingredients: Lime, Vanilla, dates, Bananas, Sunflower seeds

100 best green smoothie recipes

67. Vanilla Lime Green Smoothie by Kitchen Treaty:

Ingredients: Lime, Vanilla, Yogurt, Banana

68. Spinach Smoothie by Nosh and Nourish:

Ingredients: Vanilla, Yougurt, Honey, Chia, Spinach

69. Beginning Green Tea Smoothie by Jeanette’s Healthy Living:

Ingredients: Green tea, Grapes, Spinach, Bananas

70. Avocado Green Smoothie by Alida’s Kitchen:

Ingredients: Avocado, Pinapple, Spinach

71. Almond Grape Smoothie by Ultimate Paleo Guide:

Ingredients: Almond milk, Spinach, Grapes

72. Emerald Kale and Mango Smoothie by Eat Drink Paleo:

Ingredients: Mango, Kale, Kiwi

73. Green Strawberry Banana Smoothie by Skinny Mom:


74. Ginger and Spinach Smoothie by Love and Olive Oil 

Ingredients: Spinach, Ginger, Mango

75. Chocolate Peanut butter Smoothie by Green Thickies:

Ingredients: Coconut, Carob, Peanut-butter, Spinach

100 best green smoothie recipes

76. Coconut Peach Smoothie by Simple Green Smoothies:

Ingredients: Spinach, Coconut milk, Peaches

77. Avocado Coconut Smoothie by Chew Out loud:

Ingredients: Avocado, Greek yoghurt, Honey, Coconut milk, Spinach

78. Green Booster Smoothie by Greatist:

Ingredients: Spinach, Apple, Hemp, Green Pepper

79. SuperFood Power Smoothie by Sally’s Baking Addiction:

Ingredients: Strawberry, Flax, Apple

80. Limeade Smoothie by Bake Your Day:

Ingredients: Spinach, Yogurt, Cucuber, Lime

81. Tropical Green Smoothie by Recipe Girl:

Ingredients: Coconut water, Chia, Pinapple

82. Elixar of life by This Rawsome Vegan Life:

Ingredients: Kale, chard, Cucumber, Celery, Lemon, Lime

83. Citrus Green Smoothie by This Rawsome Vegan Life:

Ingredients: Lemon, Orange, Chard, Cucumber

84. Green Goddess Smoothie by Raw Guru:

Ingredients: Coconut water, Kiwi, Mint

85. 4 ingredient smoothie by Pinch of yum:

Ingredients: Dates, almonds, spinach, banana

86. Tropical skin cleanser by Simple green smoothies:

Ingredients: Pineapple, Coconut water, Spinach, Avocado

87. Melon Cucumber by Incredible smoothies:

Ingredients: Cantelope, Cucumber

88. Blueberry watermelon by Incredible smoothies

Ingredients: Blueberry, Watermelon, Spinach

89. Detoxer by Lookbook cookbook:

Ingredients: Apples, spinach, flax, wheatgrass

90. Probiotic Matcha Green Smoothie Bowl by Windy City Organics:

Ingredients: Matcha, Maca, banana, spinach

91. Tastes like caramel by the Blender Girl:

Ingredients: almond milk, vanilla, mango, peach,spinach

92. Chard black and blue by the Blender Girl 

Ingredients: Blueberry, blackberry, Chard, lemon

93. Honeydew, mint and baby bok choy by Shape 

Ingredients: Honeydew, Mint, Bok choy

94. Almond milk smoothie by Green Thickies 

Ingredients: Peaches, oats, apricots, kale

95. Cucumber Dill smoothie by Greatist:

Ingredients: Dill, Cucumber, pistashios

96. Mojito Smoothies by WonkyWonderful:

Ingredients: Lime, Mint,

97. Blueberry Mint Green Smoothie by The Merry Thought:

Ingredients: Spinach, Kiwi, Blueberries, Mint

98. Pineapple, Kale, Coconut oil smoothie by Simple Green Smoothies:

Ingredients: Pineapple, Kale, Coconut oil

99. The Glowing Green Smoothie by PopSugar:

Ingredients: Apple, Pear, Cilantro, Romaine

100. Chia Kiwi Spinach Smoothie by Joy the Baker:

Ingredients: Chia seeds, Kiwi, Spinach

With all these fabulous smoothie recipes you can drink a different smoothie every day and never get bored!

Drinking a smoothie for breakfast can help you lose weight and keep it off.

I invented the Green Thickie as a filling complete meal green smoothie to replace your breakfast, lunch or both.

The number 1 question I am asked by Green Thickies readers is ‘what else should I eat for my other meals to help me lose weight?’

This is the reason I created my 7 day diet plan to answer this question. If you would like to lose a dress size this week by drinking green smoothies and for one or two meals per day and a healthy delicious dinner, click here to read more about my 7 day diet plan.

Katherine xx

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100 best green smoothie recipes

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