How To Avoid Harmful Cleaning Products: 20 Ways To Clean Naturally With Just One Cleaner

How to avoid harmful cleaning products p

Every time I go out to a restaurant with my kids I cringe when they start spraying their harmful cleaning products all over the place without any consideration that the toxic ingredients may be going straight on to our food and directly into our lungs. Learn how I learned to clean EVERYTHING with just one natural, healthy cleaner.

Two Fruits Pack The Biggest Antioxidant Punch For Disease Prevention and Longevity

Two Fruits Pack The Biggest Antioxidant Punch For Disease Prevention and Longevity

Two Fruits Pack The Biggest Antioxidant Punch For Disease Prevention and Longevity While eating an apple a day could keeps the undertaker away, a cooked tomato may be the biggest source of a powerful antioxidant to prevent disease. Eating tomatoes can help reduce the risk of cancer, osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease. Not only that, but […]

The 5 BEST Smoothies For Clear Skin – Get That Magic Glow

5 best green smoothies for clear skin

Yes, you can use green smoothies for clear skin and they work a whole lot better than beauty products. My acne and eczema went when I started drinking green smoothies. Add one of these green smoothies to your diet daily for amazing looking skin.

14 Of The BEST HIIT Workouts To Get You In Shape FAST!

14 of the best HIIT workouts to get you in shape fast

We are all so busy now, it can be hard finding the time to go to the gym or do a long, drawn-out workout when there could be something else that needs doing. That is where HIIT workouts come in. HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training and is now the hottest way to lose […]

At last! My new Green Thickies recipe book has arrived!

Green Thickies Recipe book

Over 80 Green Thickie recipes: Over 80 filling, healthy, meal replacement green smoothie recipes that help you lose weight and feel amazing! Replace your breakfast with one Green Thickie and notice the difference!

10 Of The Best FREE Detox Diets

10 of the best free detox diets

 Are you feeling sluggish? Have all your New Year good intentions hit the dust already?  Are you ready to  get healthy and slim in time for a summer beach body? Well, never fear, here is some inspiration for you. I’ve selected ten of the best free detox diets which promise to get you lean, healthy […]

Who wants to try Young Living essential oils – free!

If I sent you some samples of Young Living essential oils would you use them?

We’ve all heard about how good Young Living essential oils are – they are the world leaders for a reason! But sometimes it’s nice to try the oils for ourselves before we invest in them. If you are ready to start to use powerful natural solutions for your health needs, we are ready to help you! . My Young Living team is offering free samples and free wellness consultations to anyone who is not already a part of Young Living! We want to let you try the essential oils, because we know the quality of the oils will speak for itself! You will be amazed at just how effective they are.

5 Ways to Lose Weight Now With Natural Juices

5 ways to lose weight with natural juices

Juicing is another way of eating fresh fruits and vegetables. Juices are usually low on calories and contain more fibre, hence they are ideal for weight loss. Here are 5 great ways to lose weight by consuming natural juices.

10 Best Healthy Detox Smoothies

10 healthy detox smoothies

At the start of a new year many people are still feeling the effects of the toxins they ingested through too much unhealthy food and drink over the holiday period.  If you’d like to kick start your healthy lifestyle, check out the 10  best healthy detox smoothies I’ve found. These should help you get back […]

Join me for a weight loss tea challenge

Join me for a weight loss tea challenge

Start the new year the healthy way – join me for a weight loss tea challenge. Let’s do this together! Are you with me?

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