How To Heal Your Body With Ozone Therapy

Here’s a shocking fact for you…

The oxygen levels in the world have dropped from 35% to just 21% today.

Did you know that humans need at least 20% oxygen for good health, but in cities oxygen levels can drop as low as 15%!

So clearly getting enough oxygen into our bodies is a big problem.

In this video I show you a device that I use in my own home to get more oxygen into my body and into my food every single day.

Top 10 Body Weight Workouts

Check out these top body weight workouts and start incorporating them into your week to really notice a difference in the way you look and the way you feel. The best resistance exercises I found were ones where I used my own body as a weight. They are so much easier than having to worry about buying a range of weights. And they can actually make you stronger as you can move your body in so many different way to increase muscles you never knew you had!

Ultimate Cravings Buster Quiz

So if you’re really curious right now, I can give you a sneak peak to a quiz that changed everything for me…

3 Steps To Reducing The Sugar In Your Smoothies Without Noticing

The reasons I’m giving you 3 steps to reducing the sugar in your smoothies without noticing is because most people eat far too much sugar. And if you have cut out refined sugar, you might be ready to move to the next stage which is to reduce the amount of natural sugar in your diet. It’s better to take this one step at a time so you don’t shock the body and end up giving up entirely.

10 Best Nicecream Recipes

Here are my 10 best nicecream recipes for you! So what on earth is nicecream? It is healthy, but delicious ice cream made from frozen bananas. Even if you’re not a fan of bananas, believe me, frozen bananas taste completely different, very creamy and mild – quite like normal icecream. You are going to love it!

10 Yoga For Weight Loss Workouts

Here are my favourite 10 yoga for weight loss workouts. I’ve now given up aerobics and intensive workouts but I still love to do exercise that will build muscle and keep the weight off. Yoga is perfect for this as it gets the energy flowing around the body and prevents blockages that can stop you losing weight.

Why You Should Forget About Weight Loss When You First Go On A New Diet

We all know that the number one reason most people start a new diet is to lose weight. But most people fail to stick to a new diet even for just 1 week.   In today’s video I explain the reasons why people struggle with new diets and why you need to shift your focus […]

My Experience With Biofeedback Therapy

Today I went for biofeedback therapy for the first time! I had never heard of this before but the results were pretty incredible and very accurate.

Plus I had no idea that along with providing feedback about the condition of the body, this actually helps to heal the body. Wow!

Does Natural Hair Dye Work? (My Henna Hair Dye experiment)

You may have heard that natural hair dye is so much better for your health, but are you reluctant to try it? I was until yesterday and I wanted to share my henna hair dye experiment with you!

How To Warm Up Your Raw Food Without Destroying It

We all know that raw food is the healthiest food we can put in our bodies as it has all of it’s nutrients and enzymes intact and your energy levels go through the roof!

But the problem is that most people don’t want to eat cold food for each meal so that they can eat raw food meals.

So what’s the solution? Warm up your raw food! In this video – I welcome you into my kitchen where I demonstrate how I do this every day!