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Katherine Natalia @ Green ThickiesHi, I’m Katherine.  Pleased to meet you. I am recently a Mum to a beautiful little girl.  I transformed my own life by overcoming debilitating illnesses.  Read how I overcame Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in 6 months here.  In the process of turning my health around I also lost 56 pounds through healthy living and  a green smoothie diet.

I invented Green Thickies as a healthy new drink that would also fill me up.  When I had my baby I realised I didn’t have time for making as much food as I was used to, so every bite mattered to ensure I was getting enough nutrients.  Now a Green Thickie can fill me up from one meal to another and I still get all the health benefits of a regular green smoothie.  Green Thickies have also enabled me to lose my baby weight.

I Invented the Green Thickie as a filling Green SmoothieI’m passionate about helping people overcome their health problems and lose weight.  I have helped many people turn their lives around and I can help you too.  Just say hello, or ask me any question.  I’m happy to help with anything health or weight related.  I also just generally love talking health and am always looking for more friends I can share this exciting journey with.  To find out more about Green Thickies, have a look at some great articles that I’ve highlighted below.  These will help you get started with Green Thickies.  My motto is, make healthy changes that will last.  It’s better to do something fairly healthily all the time rather than extremely healthy some of the time.

Help a Healthy Habit Stick, Make your Green Smoothie Thick!

Help a healthy habit stick, make your green smoothie thickI started this blog to provide you with an abundance of recipes so you always have gorgeous new recipes to choose from every morning.  I share at least 2 recipes each week.  One Green Smoothie of the week (Green Smoothie Tuesdays) where I take a popular green smoothie recipe and turn it into a Green Thickie.  I also share another fabulous recipe on Green Thickie Thursdays.

I also write articles that will help you to improve your health, lost weight, and anything related to food and all things healthy.

Once a month I share monster articles that will give you all the information you’ll ever need about green smoothies, green thickies, oats and many other topics in the future.

 Thank you so much for visiting and look at some of the highlighted articles below for more information about Green Thickies.

Katherine Natalia


Green Thickies

What are green thickies exactly?  Read all about these luscious green drink recipes here .

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Discover the amazing green smoothie benefits.

You can find out how to make a green thickies with an abundance of free recipes for you to try.

Do you want to try a Green Thickie?  This basic Green Thickie Recipe is the perfect starting point.

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Learn how green thickies can be suited to any special diets, how they are especially suitable to people with intolerances or allergies.  You will also find each recipe is labelled for allergy information.

If you want to know how to dramatically improve your health, find the 5 steps to health here.

Do you have questions about green smoothies in general?  This Guide to Green Smoothies will give you the answers.

Do you want to know the secret of making the perfect Green Thickie?  Click to find out.

Are you confused about what type of oats to use in your smoothie?  Find out here along with the many benefits of oats.  Sign up to receive the Green Thickies 12 day green smoothie e-course now.


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