12 Ways To Cut A Mango

12 Ways To Cut A Mango

Everyone has their own favorite way to cut a mango. You wouldn’t believe how many different ways there are to cut a mango, but I wanted to show you 12 of the best ways to cut a mango in this video so you can choose your favorite way. 

I actually ended up including 3 extra bonus methods for you too! 

Which is your favorite way to cut a mango?

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1. Using A Peeler

12 Ways To Cut A Mango

The first way we’re going to cut a mango is by using a peeler.

The benefit of using a peeler to peel a mango is that there is zero wastage unlike when you use a knife where you end up taking off too much of the flesh, and therefore wasting the mango.

  1. Get your mango and dig your peeler in. Make sure it actually gets underneath the skin.
  2. Stick it right in and peel off the skin. (You might have to dig it in quite hard to get all of the skin off)
  3. Get all of the skin off, peeling right to the very tip of the stem.
  4. Now your mango is free to be eaten.

You can just eat it like that, or you can cut it further using one of the methods I’ve listed below.

2. Peel & Cut


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Now that you’ve removed the skin, there are several different ways in which you can slice it.

One way is:

  1. Simply slice off what’s called a cheek of the mango.
  2. To slice the cheeks of a mango, put your knife right in the center where the stem is because the stem comes out of the pit. (So, wherever the stem is, that’s where the pit is!)
  3. And then move your knife about half an inch over to one of the sides, and then start to slice.
  4. If you hit something, if you feel resistance, you’ve hit the pit in the middle, so just move your knife over very slightly away from it, and you’ll be able to continue cutting.

12 Ways To Cut A Mango

Once you’ve cut off the cheeks you can cut them further in whatever way you want.

I’ve mentioned some great ways below that you can use to cut your mango cheeks. You can simply cut beautiful mango slices length-ways, you can dice it, or you can just throw it straight in the blender if you are making a smoothie.

So that’s one method of slicing a mango.

3. Diagonal Display

This is another handy way of cutting a mango without having to slice off a whole cheek first and then cutting it.

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  1. Cut down the cheek using diagonal cuts.
  2. Then slice off the cheek and this way you get diagonal slices at once.

Arrange the mango slices on a plate, so it looks really fancy. It looks much more appealing for people to take a little slice of mango like that.

After cutting the slices finally what is left is the pit but with a lot of flesh on the sides of it.

So cut that off too so that you don’t waste any of the delicious mangoes.

You can cut down and if you hit the pit just move your knife over to the side a little bit continue cutting the outside of the pit. There is a lot of flesh there that can be used here.

Turn the remaining mango pit around and try to cut off as much of the leftover flesh as possible so that you won’t waste it.

But make sure to be very careful and keep your fingers well out of the way of the knife when you’re doing this last bit because this can be the most unstable and slippy part of cutting a mango. This takes a bit of practice to perfect.

You are finally left with the mango seed and you can either throw it away, or you can actually plant that.

4. Hedgehog

Fresh organic mango

Here is another cool technique that you can use for cutting mangoes.

  1. First, cut the cheeks off from both sides.
  2. Make cuts lengthwise and then horizontally. Make sure you don’t cut through the skin at the bottom!
  3. When this is done, just use your thumbs and fingers to press underneath and push the flesh up.

12 Ways To Cut A Mango

You can serve it just like that or cut off the square pieces of mango into a bowl. To do that all you do is you push your knife along the bottom of the mango and get all pieces of mango off.

This couldn’t be easier!

5. Skin Off Slices

12 Ways To Cut A Mango

Another one of the ways to cut a mango is by making slices with the skin still on.

  1. Cut the cheeks off.
  2. Cut slices out of the cheeks with the skin still on. (Cut down only one way, not both ways unlike with the hedgehog method.)
  3. Then take a slice, push it up slightly from the bottom and cut through with your knife, slicing the skin off and leaving the flesh behind.

6. Small Spoon Scoops

12 Ways To Cut A Mango

This is another really safe way to eat mangoes.

  1. Cut off the cheeks of the mango individually.
  2. Then simply take a spoon and dig into the flesh, make little circles with the spoon and scoop out the flesh.
  3. Now just enjoy it like that! Do the same again, just keep scooping and eating the mango.
  4. You can do the same with the side pieces of the mango as well. Just take your spoon and then slide it into the skin.
  5. The flesh comes off really easily!

It’s actually easier to use a spoon than it is to use a knife and is also safer because you don’t risk hurting yourself. This would be an ideal way to let your kids cut into their mangoes.

7. Large Spoon Scoops

12 Ways To Cut A Mango

This is another one of the ways to cut a mango which is just a little bit different from the previous method.

You can use this method if you don’t need to make a pretty display, for instance, if you need to make a mango smoothie.

  1. Get a spoon and run it right next to the skin under the flesh.
  2. And take off all of the flesh this way.
  3. Now you can just pop the scooped out mango flesh in your blender for your smoothie etc.
  4. You can simply take out all the skin in one go, and that leaves just the skin.

8. Fruit Scooper & Slicer

12 Ways To Cut A Mango

This is a method using a tool that makes eating a mango very, very fast. This would take you seconds, especially once you’ve had some practice and if you’re in a rush and you don’t have much time to waste.

  1. Get your mango and slice off the cheeks first.
  2. Then get your mango tool (which has these little ridges in it) and simply dig it into the flesh of the cheek.
  3. Drag the tool through the flesh.
  4. This scoops and slices the mango both at once so you can just place that in a bowl and eat it!
  5. It’s a very, very quick way to cut a mango.

It took me just seconds!

And this tool can also be used for other fruit as well, like avocado and papaya. I like to eat mango and papaya at the same time in a bowl. I think the combination is just beautiful.


9. Gripper Slices

12 Ways To Cut A Mango

This is another one of the very easy ways to cut a mango.

This method is perfect for kids because you can easily get a grip on the mango slice when you eat because it’s not going to slip out of your fingers.

  1. Cut off the cheeks from the mango.
  2. Then simply slice the cheek with the skin still on.
  3. Serve it up on a plate just like that with the skin still on.

10. Skin Off Slices

12 Ways To Cut A Mango

If you like to eat mangoes slices without the skin on this is a great way for that.

  1. Slice the mango (with the skin on like in method 9).
  2. Then simply run a knife under the flesh and take off the flesh that way.
  3. Do one side, turn it around, then do the other side (this way is safer as you won’t cut your fingers)

11. Wacky Wedges

12 Ways To Cut A Mango

This is another one of the cool ways to cut a mango. This is quite a beautiful way to present a mango.

  1. Take your mango and cut down lengthwise from top to bottom with the skin still on.
  2. Then move over a little bit, about half an inch, and cut lengthwise again creating a wedge.
  3. Do this all the way around, cutting to create big wedges out of your mango until you get back to where you started from.
  4. Then simply pull apart the wedges leaving the pit.
  5. There you go, now you just take a wedge and enjoy it!

12 Ways To Cut A Mango

12. Fleshy Thumb Pusher

12 Ways To Cut A Mango

If you’ve managed to cut wedges, and you decide that you actually want the flesh off separately, try out this method after you follow method 11 above. 

  1. Simply push your fingers right underneath the flesh and push the flesh off.
  2. The delicious mango flesh comes off very easily leaving the skin behind. (It comes off easily when your mango is ripe.)
  3. This way you can take off all the flesh from the wedge in one go without using a knife. (So this is also much safer!)

It doesn’t matter what size the mango is! You can use this method with mango wedges, or just the entire cheeks or with the hedgehogs too, to get the luscious flesh off without a knife.

I often do this instead of using a knife.

This way when you’re touching the food you really connect with your food as well.

This does get a little messy though since you’re using your fingers, but it’s really fast.

Bonus Method 1. Mango To Go

12 Ways To Cut A Mango

Here is another way to eat the mango which you can do either using your fingers or a knife.

Using Your Fingers

Say if you’re out and about and you just want to eat a mango but you don’t have any way to chop it? Then you can use your fingers!

  1. Just dig your nails in and then simply peel off the skin.

Using A Knife

Or if you’re at home you want to give mangoes to your kids, this is a good way for that.

  1. You can slice crosses on the top of the mango with a knife.
  2. And then peel (rip) the skin down halfway, not all the way down.

And then you can give it to your kids. This way they can hold it from the bottom and bite it along the top and then when they get a bit further down they can just peel it a bit more as they go.

Or just peel off the entire skin if you want to!

The skin comes off really, really easily in ripe mangoes. I don’t even need a peeler or a knife!

Bonus Method 2. Peel & Square

12 Ways To Cut A Mango

This is a quick way to cut a mango once you’ve peeled it.

  1. Get your peeled mango and slice checkerboards into it (create cuts horizontally and vertically).
  2. Then you can just cut it all off in one go like you would cut off a cheek.

The riper the mango, the more difficult it is to grip on to though. So, if you want to chop nice squares that don’t look mushy then make sure your mangoes not overripe. (Click here to learn how to find out if a mango is ripe.)

Bonus Method 3. Mango Splitter

12 Ways To Cut A Mango

Here is another cool tool that you can use to cut your mangoes.

This is a bit like an apple wedger, only this a mango wedger. So, literally with one push, you can the mango cheeks with this without using a knife. So it’s safer too.

  1. Get your mango, and line the mango splitter on the top, line it up with the middle section in line with the stem.
  2. Then simply push down.
  3. This cuts both the cheeks of the mango in one go and no knife required!


12 Ways To Cut A Mango; Mango Health Benefits

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