14 Delicious Ways To Fix Your Blood Sugar With Natural Sugar Fixes

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14 Delicious Ways To Fix Your Blood Sugar With Natural Sugar Fixes

If you struggle with blood sugar issues, you are going to love this…

A lot of people will tell you that you need to give up all sweet foods including fruit to be able to balance your blood sugar – but it’s just not true.

Did you know you can balance your blood sugar by continuing to eat sweet food?

I know, great news isn’t it?

I do the same myself. At least 1-2 of the meals I eat every day are sweet, so I do completely satisfy my sweet tooth, but I do go out of my way to avoid refined sugar which is a major cause of blood sugar issues.

It’s time to find your natural sweetness

It makes sense that we have the desire to eat sweet foods. Almost all humans have some degree of a sweet preference.

In fact, we are actually born with an automatic positive response to anything sweet.

That’s because we have more sweet taste buds in our mouth than any of the others.  

Fascinating isn’t it?

So don’t deprive yourself!

Just make sure you are consuming the right kinds of sweets foods and you’ll be good to go.

Here are 14 Ways To Fix Your Blood Sugar With Natural Sugar Fixes

  1. Make a fruit sorbet with your favorite frozen fruit – berries, peaches etc.
  2. Frozen berries and cherries are great snacks
  3. Dates stuffed with almond butter or other nut butter
  4. Roasted root vegetables with coconut oil and cinnamon. Think sweet
    potatoes, squashes and carrots.
  5. Organic dark chocolate chips or carob chips
  6. Fruit salad sprinkled with ground flax seed, chia seeds or shredded coconut
  7. Apple or pear slices with almond butter or another nut butter
  8. Coconut butter on anything! Divine!
  9. Dried fruits and nuts or homemade granola with your choice of ingredients
  10. Celery with peanut butter and raisins
  11. Goji berries and coconut flakes in coconut milk yogurt – add raw honey
  12. Sweet herbal teas with coconut milk and your favorite natural sweetener
  13. Fresh or dried figs stuffed with coconut butter or some other nut butter
  14. Replace your meals with Green Thickies  

Here’s an extra special tip: Cinnamon is very powerful for regulating blood sugar – put it on
everything you can!

All of these tips (apart from number 14 – I couldn’t resist sneaking that in) are taken from the Fix Your Blood Sugar Protocol which is a great program you can use to fix your blood sugar issues for good.

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