20 Ways To Declutter Your Life For Better Calm and Focus

20 Ways To Declutter Your Life For Better Calm and Focus

Clutter can come in SO many different forms.

It’s not just all the junk on your desk or the stuff laying around your house you don’t have a place for.

Our routines can also be cluttered and unorganized. I won’t go as far to say that people are clutter, but when you simplify your life and spend time with the right people you will find you are much calmer and more focused to live the life you want to live.

Here is a list of ways to declutter and simplify your life for better calm and focus.

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  1. Make lists- Having a to-do list is one of the best things you can do to stay organized and reduce stress. When you have a list you don’t forget things.
  2. Clean your computer out- Our work and home computers can become really cluttered with stuff. It makes it hard to find the files or photos we really need. Take some time to delete old files and you will notice your stress go down when you use your computer.
  3. Clean off your desk- If you are one of those people that stacks everything on their desk, now is the time to clean it off. Decluttering your desk will lead to less stress in the workplace.
  4. Tackle each room in your house and simplify- Get rid of stuff that just sits around or goes unused in your home. Have a garage sale or donate stuff to the thrift store.
  5. Go through your Facebook friends list and reduce it- I like to keep my friends list a bit smaller. I especially like to get rid of “friends” that post negative stuff. Once you eliminate the amount of people in your feed you will find you are left with more quality information from more people you really care about.
  6. Get rid of negative influences- This goes for all negative influences but especially those on-line. Stop clicking on the comments section of the articles as they  are one the most stressful and time wasting activities you can do. Get rid of the negative pages on Facebook too.
  7. Stop watching the news- Taking the nightly news out of your routine will declutter all the negative thoughts in your head leaving you more relaxed throughout the day. The media tends to focus on the negative or sensationalist stories. If you really want to stay informed go online and choose media outlets that are reputable and not just after ratings.
  8. Set up an organized system for your bills etc- If you have a place to put everything when it comes in the mail your home will be less cluttered. If you pay your bills online you can set up a calendar with reminders of when things are due. Late bills always clutter up your day and cause stress.
  9. Reduce your commitments- Too many commitments leaves time for very little else in your life. Learn how to say no and make sure you are caring for yourself before caring for others.
  10. Rethink your routines- If your routine is getting old or just not that efficient, figuring out a new routine can help simplify your life.
  11. Meditate- Meditation is the best way to declutter your mind. Once you are calmer and more focused everything else will flow more easily.
  12. DelegateLearn to ask for help! You don’t have to do everything yourself, you just think you do!
  13. Clean out drawers- Do you stash everything in a drawer to be dealt with later? If so, then you should clean all your drawers out. Even clutter we can’t see can cause stress because you still know it’s there.
  14. Clean out cupboards and throw away all old food and supplements and food that is bad for you- When we are busy stuff can get pushed to the back of the cupboards. I once found three packages of baking soda in the back of my cupboard. I kept buying new ones!! Make sure that the food you have access to is healthy and not out of date.
  15. Stop hanging out with people that are negative or not really your friends- People that are in your life but are often negative can make you very unhappy. Decrease the drama and see how much simpler your life becomes.
  16. Clean out your closets- When we have room in our closets our subconscious “doer” can relax knowing that things are in order and not “hiding in the closet” for later.
  17. Organize your child’s belongings- If you have kids you know the clutter can increase fast. Put in an organizational system in your playroom or child’s room. Get them to help put stuff away. It teaches them to declutter as well.
  18. Have a designated place for everything If you know where stuff goes, it’s easy to find. For instance, put your keys in the same place every time you walk in the door.
  19. Keep a journal-When you write a journal it gives you a way to go back and review your life. Sometimes we don’t know what needs decluttered until we review what we have written.
  20. Eat a cleaner diet- When we eat healthy and clean, meaning whole real food without chemicals, it affects our mood,focus and clarity.

A clean diet isn’t just good for our bodies it’s good for our mental health too, it’s all connected.  

This is the best tip in this list because when you clean out your diet, your mind will naturally becoming cleaned out and you’ll find success in so many different areas of your life as a result.  Click here to get my FREE meals plans to give your mind the best clearout possible.

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