Why You Don’t Need A Health Coach

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Why You Don't Need A Health Coach

Can I tell you something?

There’s something that I didn’t realize when I first started working one-on-one with people who want to make their health and wellness a priority, people who are sick of feeling less than amazing, and people who are confused about who to listen to for advice.

Here it is: Most of us already know what we need to be doing to improve our health!

There is a lot of information (and mis-information) when it comes to the foods we eat.

Just look at the variety of books in the ‘diet’ or ‘health’ section of your local bookstore.

But when it comes down to it, we still know the basic things we should be doing to improve our health.

In fact, when I ask my clients “What are three things you think you could be doing, to improve your health?” I get similar answers each time:

Be more active

Stop eating _______ or stop drinking ________ (or stop smoking!)

Eat more vegetables.

We intuitively know how to make ourselves well.

But when it comes to following through? That’s where we fall apart.

I know!! I have done it, too. I still do it.

I might be a health coach, but I’m still human! I eat chips, I drink wine, and sometimes I don’t eat as well as I know I can.

For the next week, I’d like you to think about the obstacles that are stopping you from living your healthiest life. Think about it, journal about it, reflect on it.

What obstacles are standing in your way?

Maybe you work long hours and cooking a healthy meal seems too time-consuming, or maybe you feel that the price of healthy food is too high.

Perhaps you will discover that you aren’t sure if you really deserve to feel amazing.

Your job for the next week is to simply think, reflect, and journal on these obstacles.

Knowing your obstacles, habits, and patterns will help you figure out how to work around them!

And if you do decide you do need a health coach to help you stick to a plan, finally lose that weight and get the best health in your life, then I’d love to hear from you at greenthickies@gmail.com. 

Not ready for a health coach yet?  Why not try my FREE 7 day Lean Green Smoothie Challenge?  You’ll be feeling and looking amazing by the end of it.  No time like the present to drop a dress size in a week.  Click here to join the FREE challenge.  

I would love to hear your comments below. Tell me what is stopping you! Let’s work it out together!

Have a great day


Katherine xx


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Why You Don't Need A Health Coach

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  1. Amazing diet plan. I will soon try this Thanks for sharing :)

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