Get Started with Green Smoothies

Get Started With Green Smoothies

It can be confusing knowing where to start sometimes so I have put together a collection of articles for you to read that will help you get started.

Before you start – I thought I would explain the difference between a green smoothie and a green thickie:

A green smoothie is a drink made with fruit and leafy greens

A green thickie is a type of green smoothie.  It is a more filling meal replacement green smoothie that contains more filling ingredients such as extra carbs, protein and healthy fats.

I suggest drinking traditional green smoothies as a healthy snack and green thickies to replace a meal.  I would suggest replacing your breakfast with a green thickie to start with.  I often have a green thickie for breakfast and another for lunch and then a healthy dinner.  If you would like a full meal plan to help you lose weight and get healthy click here.

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Here are some great articles to get you started with Green Thickies.

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