Healthy Vegan Friday 68: Best Vegan Recipes Roundup

Healthy Vegan Fridays

Healthy Vegan Fridays is a weekly blog hop hosted by myself, Carrie @ Carrie on Vegan, and Gabby @ The Veggie Nook.

It is a collection of the best healthy vegan recipes from across the web.  Please scroll down to check out this week’s healthy recipes and articles.  If you are viewing this early on Friday there may not be many there so check out last week’s Healthy Vegan Friday to see the best vegan articles shared.  Last week we had 58 entries!

Recap of last week:  Most Popular Submissions

These were the top 3 most clicked on posts from last week

Pumpkin Cookie Dough No-bake Bars by Egginon


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Hi, My Name is Chasity and I’m a Food Addict – My Healthy Chef

I just wanted to add my own personal note here.   This is a very personal story which I (and I’m sure lots of people) can relate to.

I recently read a book called The Diet Cure which actually convinced me that my obsession with food and cravings were not because I was weak willed – just because I had an amino acid deficiency.  I started applying some of the suggestions in the book for the last few weeks and my cravings have totally gone.  I now only eat when I’m hungry and don’t think about sugary food at all.  The book isn’t a vegan book but it does give you lots of advice you can take without changing your diet.  Have a look here.  
It’s actually a really hard thing to struggle with (my husband is often telling me that I just need to learn moderation – but had not been able to do this at all no matter what I tried) and I really hope you are able to find something that works for you.

Hi, My Name is Chasity and I’m a Food Addict

Healthy Snack Idea – Low Calorie Chocolate Chip Brownie  by Easy to Cook Meals

 Healthy Snack Idea – Low Calorie Chocolate Chip Brownie

My Favourites from Last Week

 I just adored these fabulous posts from last week

10 Ways To Sneak More Green Veggies Into Your Diet by Made To Glow

10 Ways To Sneak More Green Veggies Into Your Diet 2

Creamy Paleo Pumpkin Soup – Dairy Free by Tessa Domestic Diva

Creamy Paleo Pumpkin Soup – Dairy Free

Pumpkin-Infused Refried Beans by Taste Space

Pumpkin-Infused Refried Beans

2-ingredient Creamy White Bean Milk by Yup It’s Vegan

2-ingredient Creamy White Bean Milk

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  1. This is my favorite link up of the week! I love the recipes I find on here!!! Thanks for hosting this!

  2. Thanks for featuring my white bean milk :). I really want to try those pumpkin refried beans, too!

  3. Thank you so much for hosting :)

  4. Hi Chasity!! Thanks for hosting! I’m sharing Pasta with Pesto Alfredo Sauce!
    I hope you have a great week!

  5. I use seed milk as a base for my smoothies. I am also a big fan of coconut oil. It’s my all-purpose oil now.
    So today I shared “A Passion for Pumpkins: How to Make Your Own Pumpkin Seed Milk” as well as
    “10 Great Reasons To Go Crazy for Coconut Oil”. Thanks for hosting Healthy Vegan Friday!

    Try it. You may like it.

  6. I just came across this article and wow! I’m loving the delicious vegan recipes!!! Those choc chip brownies though… drool :P
    For any others with a bit of a sweet tooth, check out this easy recipe for refined sugar free Carrot Cake Bites. All the deliciousness without the guilt :)
    Would love to hear your thoughts!

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