How to make Coconut Cream with one ingredient (Paleo, Vegan, Gluten Free)

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How to make coconut cream with one ingredient

I’ve been trying out a few more gorgeous creations lately because I just bought myself a Magic Bullet.  I already have a Vitamix which is brilliant but it’s not so great for making really small batches of things such as this Coconut Cream.

So now that my baby boy is starting eating solid foods and I am trying something different to exclusive baby led weaning that I did with my little girl, I needed something to make him small batches of sloppy stuff.

So of course I’m taking advantage of my great new kitchen gadget and literally whipping up all sorts of things.  There is actually a whipping attachment with this Magic Bullet and the container is so small that you don’t end up wasting any food which also makes it so quick to wash up.  I LOVE it!

Anyway – this is a recipe that I rarely make but it’s going to start seeing more of an appearance in my house now.

You don’t actually need to use a blender for this recipe, you could quite easily use a hand mixer, just a hand whisk or even just eat the coconut cream as it is!

How to make coconut cream (paleo, vegan, gluten free)

How to make Coconut Cream

This recipe is so simple and it’s only got one ingredient!  Of course you can jazz it up with a variety of different flavours and I’ll give you a few suggestions in the recipe.

You can serve this cream anywhere you’d normally use cream.  The simplest and healthiest is just to serve it with fruit.  I actually made Chocolate Orange Puddings topped with this Whipped Coconut Cream.  I’ll be sharing this gorgeous recipe with you in a couple of weeks so stay tuned for that.

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How to make Coconut Cream with one ingredient (Paleo, Vegan, Gluten Free)

How to make coconut cream (paleo, vegan, gluten free)

This one ingredient coconut cream tastes amazing either plain or with added extras.

  • Author: Katherine Kyle




  1. Leave the can of coconut milk in the fridge overnight. This allows the cream to separate from the coconut water.
  2. Either turn the can upside down, open it and pour off the water (keep and add it to a smoothie or drink it)
  3. Or open the can and spoon out the cream from the top of the can
  4. Now whip it either giving it a quick blend in a blender or use a hand mixer, whisk or just simply eat it as it is.
  5. Add in some of the optional extras for different flavoured cream.

What is your favourite kitchen gadget?

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  1. I’m interested in your experience with the magic bullet. I too have a vitamix and I bought a magic bullet to make salad dressing because the vitamix is so big I had to either make a huge batch or make a small one which was a nightmare to get out of the bottom of the vitamix. But when I tried the bullet it just swirled my seeds around and didn’t blend them. So I returned it.

  2. Awesome! I knew it would be a simple thing to make coconut cream, but honestly had never thought to do it! Thanks for showing me just how easy it is! :) Bookmarking for future reference.

  3. Pinning this for the upcoming holidays ( or maybe tomorrow!lol!). I am going to share this on my Adventures In Mindful Living FB page too!

  4. Thank you for all your tips. I’ve been following you since a while now on fb and have tried many of your recipes. Love them simple and so nutritious! Keep up the good work xoxoxoxo

  5. Wish brand is better some doesn’t separate

    Thanks !

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