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Transforming With Green Thickies – Prep With Carrie (Part 2)

Basic Green Thickie Recipe

transforming with Green Thickies prep with Carrie (part 2)Prep, prep, prep, and more prep…that is what I’m about today.

It’s Carrie here again and I’m getting ready to start my green thickies journey back to health. My planned start date is Monday (it’s always a Monday right?)

My body is craving this and I’m looking forward to starting.

I do have some major prepping to do however and I’m in the middle of that right now. It’s a complete lifestyle over-haul!

I don’t think you can decide to do something as major as this one day and jump in the next. You need to prep, and in more ways than one.

Prep 1:  I need to prep my kitchen.

Take out all that isn’t good and re-stock will all the good stuff.

I’ll be following the 7 day plan to start so week one will be easy! I’ve already started this…it takes some time!

Prep 2: I need to prep my freezer.

I have made little freezer bags of ready-made smoothies/thickies so they are available when I’m in a rush. NO EXCUSES here my friends.

I have been making freezer bags and organizing my freezer with fruits and veggies. This time of year is great to get all the fresh local stuff.

Prep 3: I need to prep my family.

I have been talking about this to my friends and family so they know exactly what is going on.

I don’t need any extra pressures at birthday parties or family dinners.

It’s great accountability too…you know they will be asking.

Prep 4: I need to prep my mind.

This is the most important one. You have to be mentally ready. I mean really ready.

I keep telling myself this is it. I’m going to do this and it is going to be great.

This time feels different too (because believe me I’ve tried to start many times). This time I feel really ready.

The 7 day diet plan also has a lot of great tips, tricks, support, and secrets to make this work for you so be sure to check that out before you start…and to keep you going when times get tough.

OK so here goes. The beginning. Here are my starting stats:

The Non-measureable:

  • Very tired all the time
  • Serious food cravings…always hungry…always wanting sugar
  • Foot pain
  • Low back pain when I wake up in the morning
  • Waking very tired daily
  • Finger joint pain
  • Almost daily headaches
  • Blood sugar levels unbalanced
  • Very slow moving, I need a crane to get me off the couch
  • I feel old…like really old

The Measureable:

  • Starting weight: 260 pounds
  • Arm measurement: 15 inches
  • Waist measurement:  50 inches
  • Hips measurement:  54 inches
  • Thigh measurement: 29 inches
  • Bust measurement: 47.5 inches
  • Minutes exercising: zero

OK so that is it…are you ready? Are you with me?

Some pictures:

Me before (August 2015) with my family in Toronto at the Blue Jays Game (I couldn’t fit into the seat, argh!)

Screenshot 2015-10-30 at 12.02.58Kale ready for the freezer (from my own garden!)

Screenshot 2015-10-30 at 12.04.56

Freezer bags of fruit and veggies:

Screenshot 2015-10-30 at 12.06.28

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transforming with Green Thickies prep with Carrie (part 2)

Katherine Kyle @ Green Thickies

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Katherine lost 56 pounds and recovered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome with Green Thickies.
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