25 Green Smoothie Hacks

25 Green Smoothie HacksSo you love green smoothies, you’ve noticed that you feel better when you drink them and hopefully they’ve even been helping you manage your weight.  Congratulations on making green smoothies a regular part of your daily diet.  Now here’s 25 green smoothie hacks to help you speed up, save money, get healthier and enjoy the process a little bit more!

  1. Freeze your greens to make them last longer 
  2. Freeze all of your smoothie ingredients so you always have ingredients on hand.  
  3. Make big batches of green smoothie and freeze the whole smoothie in individual servings.  Just defrost the smoothie the previous night in the fridge and give it a quick blend if necessary.  
  4. Use frozen fruit instead of ice to cool your smoothie down.  It won’t add any extra liquid to your smoothie. 
  5. Keep a stock of green powder on hand for when you run out of fresh greens. 
  6. Soak your hard ingredients overnight which makes them easier to blend and easier to digest. 
  7. Grind nuts, seeds and grains in a coffee grinder or blender before adding them to your smoothie.  It makes them easier to blend.  
  8. You can also use a coffee grinder  to make your own vanilla powder from vanilla beans.  This is healthier than buying vanilla extract and tastes amazing in pretty much all smoothies. 
  9. Add beetroot to your green smoothie to turn it pink.  This makes it more appealing to children (and adults).
  10. Use tea instead of water as the base for your green smoothie.  This doesn’t add any extra calories but it does add more taste and additional health benefits.  I use green tea as the base for my weight loss smoothie for an extra metabolic boost.  
  11. Turn your smoothie into a complete meal by adding a healthy filler.  This saves you time making another meal.  It also helps you to lose weight.   See all 20 fillers here.  
  12. To avoid fruit, make your whole smoothie out of veg instead.  Use a whole cucumber as a base from your smoothie (it creates the liquid) and add your desired veg.  
  13. Thicken your smoothie by adding more bulking ingredients such as banana, avocado, chia seeds and flax seeds.  
  14. Use nut butter or seed butter instead of whole nuts or seeds to make the smoothie easier to blend and add a nicer taste. 
  15. Blanch greens by dipping them in boiling water before adding them to your smoothie if you can’t tolerate raw greens.  
  16. Liven up a boring smoothie by adding mint, ginger, cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg or cloves.  
  17.  Did you know that you can also add therapeutic essential oils to your smoothies for extra health benefits?
  18. Up the protein content of your smoothie with either a protein powder, seeds, coconut, eggs, nuts or nut butter.  
  19. Add ice last to cool down your smoothie so the blender doesn’t heat the ice up while blending. 
  20. To avoid tasting the greens in your green smoothie, make sure your smoothie consists of 60% fruit and 40% or less of greens
  21. Make your smoothie the night before.  Put it in a smoothie cup so in the morning you can just grab it and go to work.  
  22. If you are missing a sit down meal with something to chew, add your smoothie from a bowl with a spoon, and add a smoothie topper to the top for some crunch.  
  23. Rinse your blender out immediately to save you time having to scrub it later.  You can add some water and some cleaner and put it back on to blend for a few seconds for a quick clean.  
  24. Sneak more veggies into your smoothie. You won’t taste them.  Kids won’t eat carrots?  Throw one into the smoothie!
  25. Pour your green smoothie into a popsicle mold to make a green smoothie ice lolly.  

What is your favourite green smoothie hack?  

I know you may not have time to digest all this right now, so I wanted to give you a handy print out of this blog post so you can stick it on your fridge to help you on your journey to optimal health.

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25 Green Smoothie Hacks


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