10 Best Blender Bottles (To Suit All Budgets)

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10 Best Blender Bottles (To Suit All Budgets)

So what is a blender bottle?

One might say it is a bottle that blends something inside the bottle, for example powder and liquid.

But I have another definition of a blender bottle,

It is a bottle that is used to store your blended food, for example smoothies.

I prefer to make my blended meals (Green Thickies) in the evening, pour them into blender bottles, or smoothie bottles and store them in the fridge overnight.

Then in the morning I simply grab my blender bottle, and leave the house, and drink my liquid meal when I get hungry.  No mess, no fuss.

So what are my requirements for the perfect blender bottle?

The main requirements are:

  1. It has to have a wide enough hole to drink from to ensure the smoothie can actually leave the bottle and enter my mouth – without any hassle.
  2. It has to be leak-proof.  This should go without saying but many smoothie accidents have made this a firm criteria now
  3. It has to be large enough to put my complete meal smoothie in, i.e. not tiny
  4. It has to be robust, last a long time and not break after the 2nd use

So with this criteria in mind, I have put together this list of my 10 best blender bottles.  All the bottles in this list match my criteria, and in addition to this they all have their own unique and fun characteristics.

Hope this helps you to select the perfect blender bottle for your needs.

Also I just wanted to let you know, I previously produced a list a few years ago of smoothie cups, so if you want to see my previous blog post – click here.

10 Best Blender Bottles (To Suit All Budgets)

1. Green Leaves Watercolor Smoothie Bottle

10 Best Blender Bottles (To Suit All Budgets)

This is a personalized bottle which means you can take out the existing watercolor art and insert your very own designs over and over again. This is a great way to advertise your art work as you travel! Or if your child is proud of their drawing, put it inside their very own water bottle to take to school and impress their friends!

And this is leak-proof to ensure your art work and your possessions stay dry and safe. Plus the plastic is BPA free, is food grade and contains no heavy metals to keep you and your family safe.

2. 3 Layers Protein Powder Shaker Bottle

10 Best Blender Bottles (To Suit All Budgets)

What makes this bottle special? It has 3 Separate compartments to store your powders or vitamins. And also has a large capacity to store a full meal replacement smoothie (green thickie) plus added extra ingredients. The stainless steel blender ball in it will evenly mix the powder into your liquid, or just to give your pre-blended smoothie another blend.

And this is leak proof so you don’t have to worry about spillages on your clothes or bag and BPA free to keep you healthy!

3. Glass Smoothie Bottle With Bottle Bag

10 Best Blender Bottles (To Suit All Budgets)

This is toxic free; contains no plastic, and has a stainless steel cap and silicone ring to protect your health from toxic plastic leaching into your water Plus this is hard wearing; the thick glass and a protective bag protects your bottle from breakages. You can use this as a smoothie bottle, juice bottle or water bottle!

4. Vintage Mason Jar Mug with Handle, Lid and Straw

10 Best Blender Bottles (To Suit All Budgets)

This mason jar comes complete with a handle, lid, and 2 straws so you have everything to drink your smoothies on the move. Choose from green, blue, pink or orange to compliment your personal style. Plus its hard wearing, so this jug should last you a lifetime!

5. Electric Automatic Protein Blender Shaker (Smart Mixer)

10 Best Blender Bottles (To Suit All Budgets)

This smoothie bottle automatically mixes your smoothie or your protein powder for you! This seamlessly blends up powders and liquids with no clumping and froths up milk making it light, fluffy and more pleasant to drink.

It has a large volume to give you enough space for a healthy meal replacement smoothie and is also suitable for a range of temperatures from -20 to 100C so you could even store a warm drink or soup in here if you wanted to. Plus its BPA free to protect your health!

6. Stainless Steel Protein Powder Shaker Bottle

Stainless Steel Protein Powder Shaker Bottle

Travel with your smoothies, the non-toxic way with this stylish stainless steel blender bottle. This has a large capacity to store a large filling smoothie. Plus the cap is made from BPA free plastic to keep you safe.

7. Unbreakable Portable Leak-proof Candy Cane Smoothie Bottle

10 Best Blender Bottles (To Suit All Budgets)

Carry your smoothie or your water in style with this long lasting break-proof, smoothie bottle that won’t let you down. 

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8. Mini Portable Rechargeable USB Electric Fruit Juicer Smoothie Maker/Blender

10 Best Blender Bottles (To Suit All Budgets)

This portable USB blender allows you to make smoothies or juices wherever you are. This mini blender is suitable for chopped fruits, soft vegetables and liquid. You can use any USB charger cable with this USB blender.

Truly portable and convenient, blend and drink from the same bottle. Enjoy your fruit juice or smoothie anytime and anywhere. A best gift for your friends and yourself, great ideal for home or accessory for traveling!

9. Green Thickies Smoothie Bottle 500ml Portable

10 Best Blender Bottles (To Suit All Budgets)

This bottle is perfect for getting Green Thickies quickly from the bottle to your mouth as it is nice and wide! No more stuck thickies! This bottle also has an extra attachment to turn it into a regular water bottle with a smaller hole. The choice is yours! Plus this is heat-resistant, freezer safe, leak-proof and drop-resistant!

10. Insulated Leak Proof Stainless Steel Smoothie Bottle

10 Best Blender Bottles (To Suit All Budgets)

There’s nothing more annoying than a smoothie bottle that leaks all over your bag! Not only is this stainless steel completely 100% leak proof due to the special O design ring on the cap, but it also doesn’t sweat or accumulate condensation on the outside, so you can put it inside your bag and know that the contents of your bag will be safe.

This bottle is one of the strongest on the market meaning it doesn’t get broken if you drop it. It is also lightweight and won’t add extra weight to your drink.


Which one is your favorite?  Leave a comment below.

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