10 Best Yoga Workouts For Deep Sleep

10 Best Yoga Workouts For Deep Sleep

When you think of yoga, what image comes into your head?

A room full of flexible women throwing themselves into crazy positions one after another?

Sounds pretty energetic – and not very sleep inducing?

Well did you know that there are actually so many different types of yoga – some are intense and energetic – and others are peaceful and relaxing.

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Well today I’m bringing you the most peaceful and relaxing yoga workouts that I can that are specifically designed to help you drift off into a long peaceful sleep.

I do this myself in my bedroom.  

I leave my yoga mat in my bedroom and do about 10 minutes of very gentle stretching and breathing and before long I’m really ready for sleep.  

This also has the added benefit of helping me wake up in a great mood full of energy.  

Why not give one of these routines a go?

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1) 20 Minute Yoga Practice For Good Night Sleep

Yoga For Bedtime – YUMMY sleepy time yoga. This gentle practice is a great remedy to anyone feeling stress, anxiety or tension in the mind or body. Use this relaxation practice to decompress, prepare for a good night’s rest or simply use this yoga sequence any time of day to remedy imbalance. Put on something comfy Yoga to the rescue! Enjoy. 

2) 5 Minute Miracle Yoga For Sleep

This 5 minute miracle class will help you clear your head calm the body and let go of any tension or stress that you’ve been carrying through your day. This is a beginner yoga class that will release tension from the hips, back and shoulders and it can be done anywhere even in your own bed. 
Do you suffer from sleepless nights? Do you feel like your mind won’t shut off when it’s time for bed? These are common problems we all experience living in our culture and society. Our minds are constantly engaged… thinking, working, over analyzing everyday problems. Taking 5 min out of your evening and winding down before bed time is one of the best ways to shut the mind off and allow your body to have the full rest it deserves. 

3) Bedtime Yoga Routine For Beginners To Help You Sleep & Stress Relief

Relaxation or Bedtime Yoga Routine For Beginners To Help You Sleep & Stress Relief 
In this beginners at home yoga class, Jen Hilman shares yoga stretches designed to help you relax or help you sleep. These yoga poses will also relieve stress. This is an at home yoga workout for both men and women and is yoga for beginners level. 

4) 20 Minute Bedtime Yoga for the Ultimate Sleep

Welcome to your solution to the ultimate sleep!
This 20 minute bedtime yoga routine is the answer to your bedtime woes… or at least one of the answers.
If you’re someone who struggles to find that deep sleep (like me), tosses and turns, and wakes up not rejuvenated – then this is the bedtime yoga class for you!
You can practice this yoga sequence in bed or on a mat, the choice is yours! Enjoy yogis & wishing you deepest of sleeps and the sweetest of dreams!

5) 5-Minute Yoga Routine for a Good Night’s Sleep

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Sometimes you have to actively unwind to truly rest up, and a bit of mellow yoga could be your ticket to more restful sleep. This 5-minute sequence, created for us by Chelsea Kruse of Exhale Spa, is designed to relax your body and quiet your mind so you can drift off easily to the land of nod. Put on your PJs, press play, and get ready to chill out

6) Relaxing Total Body Yoga for Stress Relief and Better Sleep

This Video is from FitnessBlender. This video will teach you an Amazing Yoga workout that will give you a relaxing mind and DEEP SLEEP.

7) 7 Minute Bedtime Yoga For Deep Sleep

This 7 Minute Bedtime Yoga is designed to help you wind down, stretch out and feel good. This short and gentle mindfulness practice will help you calm the nervous system and prepare for a healthy night of rest. Prepare to feel relaxed and loved! 

8) Yoga for Relaxation & Sleep, Flexibility Stretches for Stress, Anxiety & Pain Relief

This Yoga workout video gives you 30 minute routine for sleep, deep relaxation, stress relief and anxiety. These gentle stretches will help you fall asleep and relieve pain and tension throughout the full body. This free yoga class will resolve your trouble sleeping fast!

9) Routine for a Deep Sleep | The Yoga Solution

Get a better night’s rest and wake up more refreshed by doing this calming deep sleep routine

10) Bedtime Yoga For Deep Sleep

Here are a few bedtime Yoga poses you can do, while in your bed to relax the body and mind and to have a restful sleep. This practice will be very beneficial after a stressful day or as a relaxation after a Yoga workout. For people who suffer from insomnia I would recommend to try out this practice. 

I also just wanted to let you know about a new online fitness service that I’ve been using called Somafit.  I have never seen anything like it before and it suits me perfectly.

Basically, they have an abundance of short workouts between 5-15 minutes long, and you can log into the site and just do whichever workout you feel like and what you’ve got time for.

They have workouts for everything under the sun but they are designed to get you moving away from your desk at regular intervals.

Best thing about these?  You don’t have to change your clothes!

These workouts will not get you all hot and sweaty and that means you can do them at work, at home whenever you are aching from the computer – just pop one of these workouts on.

I have been doing them every day and now I wouldn’t miss a day without them as my body feels much less stiff, my energy is improving and I feel so chilled.  If I get stressed I put one of these on and 5 minutes later it’s pure bliss again!

Get started with Somafit FREE by clicking here.

Which one are you going to try?  Let me know how it goes!

Katherine xxx

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