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280 Pound Woman Loses Half Her Body Weight After Son Draws Her As A ‘Blob’ At School

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280 Pound Woman Loses Half Her Body Weight After Son Draws Her As A ‘Blob’ At School

I just read a story that really hit home with me.

The story was about a lady called Meryem who was 20 stone (280 pounds) and lost half of her body weight after her son drew a picture of her.

The picture showed all of her other family members as stick people, but her son had drawn her as a big round blob.

She said her kids would call her fat because they couldn’t fit their arms around her when giving her a hug.

She would start her day with sugary cereal and toast with lashings of butter, and then binge eat chocolate in secret.

Even after doctors gave her a severe warning that she was at risk of a heart attack, she still wasn’t able to stop her comfort eating.

She wasn’t able to play with her kids and could barely walk. She was desperately miserable.

The final straw was when her son drew the picture of her as a blob, that she realised how her kids saw her.

“I was eating myself into an early grave and I refused to let my kids be ashamed of their mum.”

Meryem’s story struck a chord with me because it reminded me of a couple of times when I had felt the same way.

The first time was before I had kids but I was babysitting for other people’s children. I was at my heaviest weight and they kept pointing to my stomach and asking me if I was having a baby. When I told them no, they asked me if I was fat.  

It’s pretty humiliating because kids are often brutally honest. They don’t mean to be horrible, they are just curious as to why we have different body shapes and sizes.  

But they say what they see. They say what other people are thinking.

Another moment I felt like that was quite recently with my own kids. In the last couple of years I did become about 19 pounds overweight. I wasn’t really big, but big enough for them to notice.  

My 5 year old daughter poked me in the stomach and said ‘fat belly’ in a cute little voice.  

I then had to have a talk with her about how people will get upset when you do that, and never to say that to anyone again.

My 3 year old son was also fascinated with my stomach and kept asking if I had a baby in my tummy and asking me repeatedly if I had 3 tummies!

When we were at the swimming pool he also wouldn’t stop pointing at a very large man and kept shouting ‘who is that? Who is that daddy? Why does he look like that? Has he got a baby in his tummy?’

Talk about humiliating…

Those moments with kids when you want the ground to open up and swallow you!

Having them telling me I was fat was a big motivator for me to lose weight too.  

We all want to be good role models for our kids and sometimes it is the trigger that will work when nothing else will.

Have your kids ever commented on your size?

How did it make you feel?

Here’s a photo of me before I had children and after I had lost my baby weight.

Before After HealthSo how did I lose the weight?  

It’s pretty simple really.

I just drank a complete meal smoothie (Green Thickie) for breakfast and another one for lunch and then made an unprocessed real food dinner.

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